Faceoff: Chad Henne

July 26th

Chris Smith: Chad Henne got his first real taste of professional football last season, starting his first 13 games as an NFL quarterback. He had some good moments and some bad moments throughout the season but has the arm strength, leadership and talent to transcend into a top-ten fantasy quarterback. His 60.8% completion percentage was very strong and especially so when you consider the pedestrian receiver talent on the Dolphins roster last season. He was saddled with receivers that simply were not talented enough to make big plays for the offense.

This season, the Dolphins added WR Brandon Marshall to the offense and he is a player that can catch a ton of passes, shed tacklers and make big plays. He is exactly what Henne and the Dolphins passing attack needed to go from pedestrian to above average in 2010.

I expect Henne to improve in all facets of his game in 2010 and wouldn't be surprised to see his touchdown total double with the addition of a true #1 receiver to get the ball to.

He is better than most football fans are aware of right now and can be had for cheap in fantasy leagues. He finished as the 23rd best fantasy quarterback last year learning on the job. With the addition of Marshall and increased maturity, Henne will slide into the top-fifteen at worst in 2010.

Reasons for optimism in 2010

  1. Was the 23rd ranked fantasy football quarterback in 2009 despite his inexperience, playing just 14 games and having no impact receivers to speak of
  2. Henne has a great mix of size, talent and confidence
  3. The addition of a true elite receiver in Brandon Marshall will make both Henne and the other skill position players on the Dolphins better

Last Word

Every season there are players that fly under the radar due to fantasy experts and owners alike missing the signs that can be read. Henne finished as a marginal backup fantasy performer in 2010 despite his inexperience and a sub-par receiving core to get the ball to. The addition of Marshall not only gives Henne a legitimate talent to get the ball to but will make the other receivers on the roster better. As a result, he has a real opportunity to slide into the top-fifteen at his position in 2010.