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The New Reality No.99: Contending for 2018

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of dynasty fantasy football

The dynasty trade market heats up in the middle of the season as owners point towards a contending for building mindset according to their 2017 results thus far. With sample size growing for the current season, owners are more comfortable projecting roles, usage, and performance than entering Week 1 or the in the early weeks. As a result, becoming more active with bolstering a playoff-caliber roster or shifting to 2018 viable options is critical. This week's edition will look at rosters contending in 2018 with trade ideas and recommendations.


The general idea behind trading as a contending dynasty team is to add (as affordably as possible) current year producers. Many times the best deal will be on older players who serve little utility to a non-contending team. This makes the ideal match in the dynasty trade market where owners are seeking different assets and an older player for young player (or rookie pick) type construction is a simple deal to finalize.

stopgap producers

While any producer can be a target for a contending team, generally this type of dynasty team will want to acquire the production for future assets (rookie picks) or yet-to-emerge young talents. Adding quality depth is a critical element for contending teams to continue winning through bye weeks and the ability to withstand an injury (or two) while still pushing for a title.

*All listed trades have been executed dynasty trades in the past week and are the type of construction I would recommend to contending dynasty teams*


Smith has the detriment of lacking a strong track record previous to 2017, his career year in fantasy production. Plus Kansas City has Patrick Mahomes as a first round pick simmering as the future starter, a variable to Smith's longevity - at least with the Chiefs - for his current situation and production. Brady and Brees are top-10 fantasy producers (through Week 7) and lack the same trade market appeal as years ago as Brady has passed 40 years old and Brees is not far off the big 4-0.


LeSean McCoy and Mark Ingram II are the ideal trade targets for RB1-level production down the stretch. Thompson has an ideal situation as a PPR-centric option for the rest of the season (with a murky outlook for 2018+) and Doug Martin is trading for palatable prices in the trade market.



Larry Fitzgerald has the most pause of this list with Carson Palmer out of the lineup and Arizona a potential struggling offense in the near term as a result. The good news is Fitzgerald is very affordable in the trade market. Here are trade ideas from executed deals of the above wide receivers:


Brate has the uncertainty of O.J. Howard looming behind him and upcoming free agency. Witten is in Frank Gore zone of the tight end position where everything is gravy compared to his trade cost. Jordan Reed is undervalued due to a slow start (and injury) this season. Jimmy Graham and Delanie Walker are undervalued veterans paired with strong quarterbacks inside the top-12 PPR options per game (through Week 7).