Introduction to the new MyFootballguys (Cloud)

A look at the new custom league interface as myFBG becomes myFootballguys

Here at Footballguys, we are always striving to create innovative ways to help our subscribers win their leagues, improve as fantasy players and have the most efficient toolsets at their disposal.   We feel the new and improved MYFBG interface is a huge step in that direction.  We listened to the feedback from our subscribers and redesigned the entire MyFootballguys experience to reflect your suggestions.  Incorporating Cloud based technology allowed us to centralize all of your leagues into one user-friendly dashboard, and you can now not only change your league with the click of one button, but the content that accompanies it.  I could go on and on about how the new MyFootballguys will change the way you manage your leagues, and alleviate the time you spend on the administrative side of managing fantasy teams…but I’d rather show you.

To make the transition easier on our subscribers, you will find a screenshot of the existing MYFBG interface.  To find out where each toolset will be located in the new MyFootballguys interface, just click the corresponding link and you will be brought to that section.

10 Second Primer

Preseason Rankings

Weekly/Season Rankings

Draft Cheat Sheet

When you log into your MYFBG, you are brought to the home screen.  This is where you can access all of your leagues, as well as relevant content, articles, rankings and projections that correlate to each individual fantasy league you have imported.  Changing the league is as simple as clicking on the league name (see screenshot). 

When you click on the league name, you will be given a list of all of your imported teams.  Click on your respective team and the content and toolsets will automatically adjust to your roster. 


Click on the upper left hand corner, and you will find a navigation tab that allows you to choose between our Lineup Coach, Personalized Rankings, Team by Team Analysis, News and Articles.  


With the Lineup Coach option, MyFootballguys will correctly identify the highest scoring lineup using the scoring and roster parameters set up under your league settings.  It is important to note, we will NOT be getting rid of the 10 Second Primer that many of our subscribers have come accustomed to using over the years, The Lineup Coach is an advancement on the 10 Second Primer, but it will not replace it.

You’ll see the blue arrow on the left below pointing to two icons.  The first number represents our “experts ranking”, so you have an idea of where your player sits relative to the rest of the players at his position.  The second icon represents a player that is on the waiver wire, but is projected to outscore the options currently on your team.  This is especially useful early in the season when you may be hanging onto drafted players. The yellow arrow on the right is pointing to the week, so you can use the expert rankings to move week by week and decide whether your best option is picking up the player on the waiver wire. 


When choosing the personalized rankings, you have several options.  You can view the rankings by preseason projections, week by week projections, and you can also use the filter tool (2) to view by position and/or staff member.  You can even toggle the each staff member’s projections to weigh them more heavily, or more towards the consensus.  Each player can be clicked on, and in the right corner (2.1), player information will give you a summary as well as consensus staff rankings for redraft, redraft PPR and Dynasty leagues.  We even give you positional and overall ADP.   Essentially, we give you all the information that you would need to make your pre-draft and post-draft decisions. 


Choose a team to view all news, depth charts and updated rankings...


The News button located on the left hand navigation bar will give you all of the latest news from around the NFL. This page is constantly updated and synched within the cloud to appear on all of your devices simultaneously.


When you click Articles, you will be given a list of the most recent articles that our staff has published.  You can choose toggle the date (in the upper left corner) and scroll through articles from previous days and weeks.  You can also apply filters (2) to the articles, and search by category, author, position and team.

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