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SFB7 Running Diary III

Snapshots from the late rounds of our staff's Scott Fish Bowl VII discussion

Yes, #SFB7 has been dominating your Twitter feed. If you're involved, or merely following the action, you know it's Scott Fish Bowl 7 (SFB7) that we're all discussing. With 13 of us individual Footballguys participating, it was only a matter of time until we started talking SFB7 heavily at the e-watercooler. And the floodgates have opened; Scott Fish's never-boring format has us FBGs joining brains and poring over the wild scoring/lineup requirements, as well as the wonky ADPs that it creates. In the process, we've churned out a lot of interesting overall (non-SFB) discussion, and we wanted to pass as much of it as we can manage along to all of you.

  • See Part I of our discussions here, and Part II here.

On Late-Round Options and Strategies

Ryan Hester 3:47pm

I really wasn't sure I'd be asking this question, but James Conner or Rex Burkhead...go.

Daniel Simpkins 3:53pm

I took Conner over Burkhead at 16.01, Ryan. I felt that I have enough higher floor guys to take a shot at a season winner. I don't think Burkhead offers that kind of potential whereas Conner does if Le'Veon Bell goes down again.

Jason Wood 3:55pm

Ryan Conner for me. Burkhead has so many ways he could never see the field, whereas Conner you know is a binary thing. Bell = healthy, Conner is a zero shot. Bell = hurt, Conner is a potential league savior. 

Ryan Hester 4:16pm

I got Devontae Booker (who I had a little ahead of both) and Marv Jones instead. I forgot I had pre-drafted a bunch of picks last night for this turn, and it got to me before I could re-shuffle. Oh well, still happy with it.

Devin Knotts 4:23pm

Hate Breshad Perriman, but took him 16.1

Ari Ingel 6:19pm

Devin I'm debating grabbing Perriman over Wallace right now. In best ball, I would go Wallace all day, might be silly, but swinging for the fences 

Justin Howe  6:20pm 

FWIW I can't imagine a scenario in which Perriman outdoes Wallace

Ari Ingel 6:22pm

The scenario would be that he is the WR1 they hoped he would be .... dude is a 95% SPARQ freak of an athlete, he stands 6’2 212 pounds and ran a 4.26 forty. 

Daniel ... sneaky move ... take Gallman and Vereen in those late rounds. I think Perkins flops, if so, you got the guy

Daniel Simpkins 6:23pm

Vereen gone, but Gallman is still there.

Ari Ingel 6:24pm

He would be the man ...

Daniel Simpkins 6:37pm

I kind of like Zenner if Abdullah fails again as well.

Devin Knotts 6:49pm

100% agree Ari, wallace went before perriman in mine

Justin Howe  7:26pm 

We just keep expecting Wallace to fall off but he's always there, a WR3 around 120 targets.

Devin Knotts 7:50pm

Typing this to remind myself to draft Crockett Gilmore

Daniel Simpkins 7:50pm

Really stuck at this pick, especially with Shepherd and Sanu now off the board. Josh McCown, Trubisky, and Mahomes still around. Higbee is about the only starting TE left.

Justin Howe  8:04pm 

Could do a lot worse than Higbee. If McVay is indeed bringing over his WAS offense it'll go through the TEs.

Daniel Simpkins 8:09pm

Think I'm going Gallman and Higbee here.

Just took Rishard Matthews at 17.12 and Ben Watson at 18.01. I know Justin would approve of that first pick.

Justin Howe  8:35am 

That's a tremendous fall for him.

Ari Ingel 11:39am

Debating DeandreWashington/Richard stack right now (Washington shouldn't even be there) or a Washington/Vereen grab

Justin Howe 11:41am 

Vereen definitely shouldn't be there

Ari Ingel 11:59am

Do I dominate the Oakland backfield or scoop up the passing guys from oak and NYC that's the question

Justin Bonnema 12:00pm

For what it's worth, I've noticed that a number of FF analysts on twitter are quite hot on DeWash. I think it's a good direction to go. Will be targeting him late.

Ari Ingel 12:01pm

You saying grab Oakland backfield (minus lynch) or vereen and Washington ?

Justin Bonnema 12:02pm

Oh, sorry, I would go Vereen and Washington. But I get the argument for the Oak backfield and wait out injuries/production to see who rises. I've personally never been a Vereen believer. 

So to clarify, in my opinion, definitely Washington. Who you pair him with is kind of a wash for me. On one hand you get diversity, on the other you get monopoly. 

Daniel Simpkins 12:26pm

What would you say the chances of Mahomes getting some starts later this year? Think he has higher upside than McCown, who is still on the board at 19.12.

Phil Alexander 12:28pm

I'd put it between 0 and 5% unless Smith gets hurt

Daniel Simpkins 12:31pm

Even if they bottom out in record, Phil? I don't see them doing well.

Devin Knotts 12:32pm

I don't see any situation Mahomes gets starts this year

He's not ready

Phil Alexander 12:32pm

I guess if they bottom out maybe but they should be in the playoff mix as usual

Ryan Hester 12:33pm

Agree with Phil and Devin. Besides, even if you assume he'll start eventually, drafting him means you have a dead bench spot for 10+ weeks.

Phil Alexander 12:34pm

Granted McCown has no upside but at least he's a week one starter (I think)

Devin Knotts 12:34pm

He's a great prospect, but remember the system he's coming from which is the air raid where you don't read defenses

Daniel Simpkins 12:37pm

Those are good points, guys. I guess this late, I go McCown and hold my nose.

Justin Bonnema 12:42pm

That's the right choice. But various folks, such as Evan Silva, believe Smith gets benched this year. I don't agree at all and also don't agree that the Chiefs are going to come out and suck. 

Daniel Simpkins 12:50pm

I'm taking Zenner at 20.01. Like the potential if Abdullah goes down and the O-Line is improved.

Kupp was also tempting at that spot, but Zenner will have more impact if he hits IMHO.

Justin Howe  12:56pm 

Zenner in 20 is deep-fried gold

Daniel Simpkins 12:57pm

Hopefully not the KFC variety, Justin.

Justin Bonnema 2:05pm

Maclin ended up going at 10.08, unfortunately. Huge WR run happening in my league. 

Here's to hoping Ty Williams, John Brown or DJax makes it around to me. 

Justin Howe  4:14pm 

Whom are you guys prioritizing between Paxton and Kizer?

Daniel Simpkins 4:15pm

Paxton for me, Justin. Think that offense has the potential to do more through the air.

Daniel Simpkins 6:18pm

Robby Anderson may be there for me at 21.12. Unbelievable.

Just wondering if Kupp has more upside. Like using my late picks to try to shoot for the moon.

Daniel Simpkins 7:41pm

Kupp and Anderson both go before my pick. Oh well.

Justin Bonnema 7:44pm

Board came back a little ugly. Definitely going Ty Williams. Goff is an option. Thoughts if anyone is around?

Phil Alexander 7:50pm

I think Enunwa has a shot at top 24 in PPR

Justin Bonnema 7:57pm

I have Powell too but I suppose that's not a terrible thing.

Phil Alexander 7:58pm

I'm in that club

Justin Bonnema 7:59pm

Shepard is about the only other ones I'm tempted by

Justin Bonnema 8:10pm

And Marvin Jones Jr

My options: (a) add a QB3 (Paxton, Kizer)

(b) fortify RB (really just handcuffs at this point)

(c) add a quality WR, where I'm shallow but which doesn't matter as much (Tyrell, Britt, John Brown)

Daniel Simpkins 1:13pm

If my draft is any indication, RBs will fly off and WR lasts quite a while. Might want to go RB or QB here.

Justin Howe  1:15pm 

Thanks Daniel. Went ahead and took Kizer

Probably take the best available RB next round, then 2-3 WRs in a row

Daniel Simpkins 1:17pm

Yep, that sounds about right.

Justin Howe  1:17pm 

Hoping for West or Rawls to fall 12 more picks

Daniel Simpkins 1:18pm

I think Rawls falling that far is a pretty good bet. He lasted a long time in mine.

Justin Howe  1:18pm 

Someone (I think Bonnema) said he went 9th (!!) in theirs

Justin Bonnema 1:24pm

Not in my league. He's still available and I'm hoping he falls to me. I'll gladly take him at 13.12 if he's there. I might actually go Rawls/JC and be done with the position for a while.

Justin Howe  1:27pm 

Think I'm going Rawls at 13.07. If he's gone, I start going WR. Really want to end up with at least 2 of Tyrell/Wallace/JoBrown/Rishard

Justin Howe 2:48pm 

My WR list is vanishing fast around the 12/13 turn. Britt gone, Brown gone, still 9 picks before me. Gonna have to take Tyrell or Wallace

Alessandro Miglio 4:00pm

What do you guys make of Aaron Jones as a 20th-round pick? I am trying to choose between him, Langford, and Zenner there.

Devin Knotts 4:03pm

I took Langford largely because he has the most clear role if Howard goes down. Jones I think would still split with Jamaal Williams if Montgomery went down. I think he's a nice backup for Montgomery though as I think Montgomery splits with Williams. Jones reminds me a lot of Jerick Mckinnon

Daniel Simpkins 4:03pm

I know Justin is a fan, Alessandro.

Alessandro Miglio 4:08pm

Maybe I can grab both. Assuming they make it to me twice.

Justin Howe  4:36pm 

Indeed, I think Jones was a solid mid-rd guy. Think he beats out Williams, to whatever degree that might mean

Justin Bonnema 11:00am

I'm on the 13.12/14.01 turn and looking at Thomas Rawls, Sterling Shephard, Rishard Matthew, Will Fuller V or maybe Ted Ginn Jr. Or should I just jump on the grenade right now and draft DMC?

Daniel Simpkins 11:03am

I wish I had made DMC more of a late round priority now. You'll almost certainly get 2 games out of him, if not more.

I would perhaps go DMC and Rawls there if your WR corps is already strong.

Devin Knotts 11:04am

I'm biased, so I won't answer that question Justin 

Justin Bonnema 11:05am

Devin all biases welcome. 

Devin Knotts 11:05am

Ted Ginn Jr all day for me

Justin Bonnema 11:07am

I need at least one RB here. I'm thinking it should be Rawls but a lot of news could come out about DMC in the next few days before I pick again

Devin Knotts 11:07am

This is where I would be a stall if you have the luxury and see what news comes out over the next few hours about this latest incident. It doesn't seem like much but could escalate quickly

Devin Knotts 11:09am

I would take Wallace over Ginn even though I love Ginn

Justin Bonnema 11:10am

Right now I'm leaning Rawls/Wallace and just letting DMC go. 

The Zeke thing looks like nothing. The police report is so vague and there probably won't be any arrests.

Devin Knotts 11:12am

I would agree with that at this current time

Ari Ingel 11:20am

Lots of solid depth WR right there. Thielen an interesting player as well, but he is there usually one round later still. And Zay Jones fell to me at the 18.01. 

Justin Bonnema 11:21am

I pulled the trigger on Rawls and Wallace. Hope no new info comes out on Zeke and DMC falls but doubt it happens. Either way, love my WRs

I do believe Ginn will be there for me. 

Ari Ingel 11:21am

I'm at the 19.1 .... looking at Gallman / Aiken / Carlos Henderson / Barnidge and Kittle. I only have two TEs so far (Walker and Hooper) ... so debating grabbing my third here. 

Justin Howe  12:01pm 

That's depressing.. missed out on Conner and McFadden..

Think I need to add 2-3 more RB lotto tickets, a workable WR for byes, and one more piece of Reed insurance.

Justin Howe  12:21pm 

Perfect world, my next 4 round would go Lockett-Booker-Gallman-Vernon Davis

Devin Knotts 4:03pm

I'm taking a flyer on Deangelo Williams as my last pick

Ryan Hester 4:10pm

not a horrible idea

Phil Alexander 4:11pm

Calvin Johnson just went in my league 🤔

Alessandro Miglio 8:33pm

I was going to draft Kaep with my last pick but someone had the bright idea before me.

If Fleener hits, James, your team is gonna be pretty damn good.

James Brimacombe 10:30pm

Thanks Alessandro ended it with Braxton Miller and Tyler Boyd. TE is my sore spot

Ari Ingel 12:53pm

Debating Gary Barnidge myself right now or just carlos Henderson and Ardarious Stewart

Justin Howe 12:54pm 

I go Henderson

Ari Ingel 1:10pm

Love him

Justin Bonnema 1:59pm

On the clock at 15.12. Thinking Washington and Tavon. Anyone have a hot take?

Ari Ingel 1:59pm

Washington good grab and next go drums grab Richard

Justin Bonnema 2:13pm

Hurns also a good option. Maybe better than Austin

Daniel Simpkins 2:14pm

Yeah, Justin, I like Hurns slightly better than Austin.

Justin Bonnema 2:21pm

Or maybe I'll jump on Cook.

James Brimacombe 2:59pm

Stills would be my pick

Ari Ingel 3:09pm

I'd go probably with Doctson over all those guys. Perhaps Lee. Hurns has taken a back seat