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The Draft Dominator

We have an online version and a mobile version.

With the Draft Dominator, you'll get all of this:

  • An unlimited number of leagues. If you're in one league, you can use the Draft Dominator for it. If you're in a thousand leagues, you can use the Draft Dominator for all of them.
  • Our best and most-customized advice for each league.
  • The ability to import your league, which automatically imports all of your league parameters.
  • The perfect cheat sheet -- which is printable and custom made for your exact league.
  • The means to conduct unlimited mock drafts. This is one of the most powerful features of the Draft Dominator.
  • The capacity to run your real draft or auction. The Draft Dominator continuously adapts to your draft or auction as it progresses. The moves it suggests for you to follow will change based on what the other teams are doing.
  • The ability to run your draft offline, so you don't have to worry about drafting where the wifi is weak or nonexistent.

Draft Dominator Help

As you can see, the Draft Dominator is a robust tool. Because there is so much that the app can do, you might have some questions. Here's some help.

Written Articles

Basic Topics

How to Import Your Leagues
The basics on importing your leagues

How to Set Up a Real Draft in Minutes
The basics of setting up a real draft in minutes

Editing Teams and Draft Order
How to edit team and draft order settings

Adjusting the Basic Settings
How to adjust the basic settings of your league

How to Enter Draft Picks
A quick overview of how to enter picks during a draft

Advanced Topics

How to Jump Straight Into a Mock Draft
Steps to immediately run a mock draft

How to Create Realistic Mock Drafts
An overview to creating realistic mock drafts for your league

Adjusting Lineup Settings
How to adjust your league's lineup settings

Customizing Your Cheat Sheet
How to create customized cheat sheets

Fine-Tuning Rankings and Exploiting SOS
A look at advanced methods of adjusting rankings

How to Run Auction Drafts
An overview of how to crush auctions

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