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The League Dominator

Click here for our League Dominator (formerly called MyFootballguys).

With the League Dominator, you'll get all of this:

  • League import and roster sync. Everything automates so we'll always be able to give you the best advice for your league and your roster.
  • The Matchup Dominator - the only tool that maximizes your chances of winning your matchup, not just scoring the most points.
  • Weekly Rankings with highlighted free agents
  • The 5-Second Primer: the best starting lineups for all your leagues at a glance, all on one page.
  • Roster Analysis including the value of all the players on your team, and league-wide Power Rankings and Position Breakdowns
  • Rest of Season Rankings with highlighted free agents, with support for Weekly Weights if you want to look ahead to the playoffs
  • Weekly Waiver Wire Report filtered down to the free agents available in your league.

League Dominator Help

As you can see from above, the League Dominator is a robust tool. Because there is so much that the app can do, you might have some questions. Here's some help.

Written Article

Mastering the League Dominator: The Basics

Quick Videos

Mastering the League Dominator: Full Video Playlist
Here you can find quick videos from our Lead Apps Engineer. These will allow you to master the League Dominator. Each video is also linked separately below:

If there are any other questions or issues, please check out our HelpDesk page.

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