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All of the tools you need for your fantasy football team and your league

Footballguys subscribers are afforded a wide array of tools for your team and for your league. Below are links to them all.

Drafting Lists, Projections, Cheatsheets, & ADP

Sometimes, you just want a list of players. If so, this is the place for you.

  • 6,750 Cheatsheets - check through a few options to get a cheatsheet just for your league
  • Top 300 Players (PPR Scoring / non-PPR) - our ranking of the top players
  • Average Draft Position (PPR Scoring / non-PPR) - combines draft data from popular sites around the Internet
  • Footballguys Draft List (PPR Scoring / non-PPR) - a list that combines our Top 300 with ADP

We also have several experts providing projections for this season. These guys have close to a hundred combined seasons of doing projections. They know what they are doing.

And of course, we have Expert Rankings from multiple people. And we don't just let anyone offer rankings to you. The people on these pages have proven to us over time they merit the privilege of providing rankings to you.

Footballguys Drafting Applications

In other situations, you might want to use a drafting program to help you during your draft. We have you covered there as well. Here are the links to each PC- or MAC-based draft-related program offered by Footballguys.

Footballguys Draft Dominator

Our latest, most powerful drafting app that can work right in your browser, and it is also available for purchase on your mobile device. It can be used simply as a draft tracker. It can be complex enough to make countless background calculations and predictions which change with every pick in your draft. It is capable of being used in multiple scoring systems with each saved league.

Footballguys VBD App (Excel)

The original Excel application from Footballguys. Input your scoring system and get a custom cheatsheet. Save multiple copies for multiple leagues.

  • Find the VBD App here - included with your Season Long or All Pro access

The Draft Dominator Classic

The classic draft program returns. While not as powerful as the updated Draft Dominator referenced above, DD Classic is a robust drafting tool.

Used in concert with the DD Classic is the Projections Dominator. This Windows app allows you to create custom projections and even blend them in with multiple staff projections.

Another DD Classic add-on is the MyFantasyLeague Import tool. It allows you to quickly import your league settings into the DD Classic. It only works for leagues hosted at

  • MyFantasyLeague Import Tool - included with your Season Long or All Pro access (coming soon)

Managing Your Team

Once you've drafted your team, you'll need to manage it to a championship. Our Rate My Team tool can dig deep into your strengths and weaknesses, and our MyFBG page will be your home through the NFL season. There you will be able to manage every team you have this season.

  • Rate My Team - the most in-depth look your roster will ever get
  • MyFBG - included with your Season Long or All Pro access
  • MyFBG Classic - if you've been around for years, this is the MyFBG page you're comfortable with

Fantasy Football Schedule Maker

Scheduling a fantasy league can be a difficult endeavor. We have custom options available for almost every league out there.

Basic Tools

There are items you might use a single time and other you might quickly reference almost daily. We've collected these tools for you here.

Advanced Statistical Tools

For most of the world, the links above are more than enough. But there are a good number of people who absolutely love digging even deeper into statistics. We know these people exist because we have them on staff and because the tools below get a lot of use every single season. If you're a deep dive kind of player, enjoy. A word of warning, these tools require heavy lifting on your part, but if you're still reading this far, we're sure you'll be fine with that.

Data Dominator

The Data Dominator tool allows you to get custom looks at player or team statistics and go back to the 2002 season.

Historical Data Dominator

The Historical Data Dominator tool allows you to examine season-long stats back to 1960.

Game Log Dominator

The Game Log Dominator tool allows you to search the last 14 years of game logs and get custom statistical looks.

IDP Matchup Analyzer

The IDP Matchup Analyzer tool allows you to search IDP game logs back to the 2003 season.

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