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Welcome to the Footballguys fantasy football statistics page, where you'll have easy access to all of our statistical offerings. And since unfamiliar pages can be confusing, we give you a brief explanation of each type of stats page we have before we send you to it. That way, you'll know what you'll find before you get there and won't need to waste time clicking on links you don't want.

Also, since abbreviations and acronyms can be confusing, we have a glossary at the bottom of this page. It covers every single abbreviation and acronym used on all of our stat pages.

Player Statistics

One great thing about Footballguys stats pages is the customization. The links below will take you to pages which are sorted by fantasy points based on our default PPR scoring. But you can sort based on any of your league profiles in your MyFBG page.

Traditional Stats

Here is the classic response when people think of football statistics. For quarterbacks, among other stats, you'll find passing yards, interceptions, etc., and you'll be able to sort each list by your preferred statistic. You can also search these stats by week and all the way back to the 1996 season.

Player Targets

Receptions are a good statistic to judge how involved a receiver is in his team's offense, but they don't tell a complete story. A more telling stat is a player's targets. In addition to receptions, targets include all of the incomplete passes thrown to a receiver. This is the better narrative on each player's involvement.

Top Fantasy Finishes by Player

Have you ever wanted to know which quarterbacks had the most weekly Top 12 finishes (using standard Footballguys scoring) last season? How about which wide receiver had the most weekly top 36 finishes in the last two years? This is the place for you. This page offers a good amount of customization. Go all the way back to 1996 if you want. Find Top 5 or Top 10 finishes. Even look at Top 50 finishes. Or, for fun, see who has had the most weeks as a Top 5 fantasy wide receiver. The links below will take you to each position's stats from the 2018 season.

Team Statistics

Many of you enjoy creating your own projections. To do so properly, you'll want to dig into the numbers a team-by-team basis. This is the place for you. You'll be able to look at game logs, target numbers, and red zone statistics as you look deep into each team's statistics.

Passing and Rushing Averages

Here, you can quickly see each team's average passing stats and rushing stats for each season since 2002. You'll find these statistics for both offense and defense.

Fumble Recoveries and Sacks

This page is a resource where you can quickly see which teams are above and below the league average in each category. You'll find both defenses and offenses on the same page.

Traditional Stats

As mentioned in the Player Statistics section, here are your normal sets of statistics. You'll see passing yards for quarterbacks, rushing touchdowns for running backs, and receptions for receivers. These go back to the 2002 season for each team.

Team Target Summary

To get a true feel for how involved each player is in his team's passing game, you'll want to check the target summary stats below. You'll see how many targets every running back, wide receiver, and tight end received each week. And you'll see this info all the way back to the 2002 season.

Target Details

To avoid adding over 100 more links to this page, here is a separate link that will take you to our Target Details page. There, you'll see Red Zone Targets, Goal Line Targets, and 3rd Down Targets over the entire season in addition to target numbers over the last three weeks. These pages are generated with the Data Dominator, which will be talked about more later on this page.

Team Red Zone Summary

How teams call plays in the red zone is extremely important. You want quarterbacks and receivers on teams that pass in the red zone, and you want running backs on teams that run. The statistics below give you the number of looks (which includes rushing attempts, passing attempts, and targets) for every quarterback, running back, wide receiver, and tight end who was involved in the game. Again, you will have access to data back to 2002.

Game Logs

If you're an old-school Fantasy Index reader, you'll remember pouring over game logs in that magazine. You could look at them for hours and get the full picture of how each team's season progressed. Luckily, we have those game logs for you right here. For people new to game logs, you'll see two lines for every player who recorded a stat that season. For quarterbacks, you'll see a passing stat line (passing yards, touchdowns, and interceptions) and a rushing stat line (rushes, rushing yards, and touchdowns). For other players, you'll see rushing stats (again, rushes, rushing yards, and touchdowns) and receiving stats (receptions, receiving yards, and touchdowns). As with the other team stats, you'll be able to look all the way back to 2002.

Snap Count Summary

Obviously, a player can't accumulate statistics if he's not on the playing field. Our Snap Count Summary shows you how many snaps a player got in each game. Plus, you'll see the percentage of possible snaps for each game. This stat page also includes the 2016 season and gives you stats for defensive players as well.

Defensive Game Logs

Are you interested in seeing how well quarterbacks or running backs or wide receivers or tight ends did against a particular defense? Well, this is the place for you. You'll see every player who played against each team (since the 2016 season) and the statistics they accumulated.

Fantasy Points Allowed by Position

Building off of the Defensive Game Logs, our Fantasy Points Allowed by Position pages are a terrific resource. Here, you'll see the average fantasy points allowed by each team. Obviously, you want to start players matched up against teams allowing lots of fantasy points and avoid teams allowing fewer fantasy points. This is the page to find out which teams to target. This stats page is fully customizable - you can change the scoring system and search all the way back to the 2002 season.

Advanced Statistical Tools

For most of the world, the links above are more than enough. But there are a good number of people who absolutely love digging even deeper into statistics. We know these people exist because we have them on staff and because the tools below get a lot of use every single season. If you're a deep dive kind of player, enjoy. A word of warning, these tools require heavy lifting on your part, but if you're still reading this far, we're sure you'll be fine with that.

Data Dominator

The Data Dominator tool allows you to get custom looks at player or team statistics and go back to the 2002 season.

Historical Data Dominator

The Historical Data Dominator tool allows you to examine season-long stats back to 1960.

Game Log Dominator

The Game Log Dominator tool allows you to search the last 14 years of game logs and get custom statistical looks.

IDP Matchup Analyzer

The IDP Matchup Analyzer tool allows you to search IDP game logs back to the 2003 season.

Glossary of Statistical Abbreviations and Acronyms

If something below is still confusing or if you see something not listed below, please email He'll answer you and get that term added here as soon as possible.

  • ADJ - Adjusted (usually the difference from an average)
  • Ast or AST - Assisted Tackles
  • Att - Pass Attempts
  • Cm% - Completion Percentage
  • Cmp or CMP - Pass Completions
  • DefD - Defensive Touchdowns
  • Exp - Experience
  • FantPt - Fantasy Points
  • FF - Forced Fumbles
  • FG% - Field Goals Percentage
  • FGA - Field Goals Attempted
  • FGM - Field Goals Made
  • FPT - Fantasy Points
  • FR - Fumble Recoveries (on defense) or Fumble Recoveries Allowed (on offense)
  • G - Games Played
  • Int or INT - Interceptions
  • LONG - Longest Field Goal Made
  • Pass Att - Passing Attempts
  • Pass Comp - Passing Completions
  • Pass TDs - Passing Touchdowns
  • Pass Yds - Passing Yards
  • PCT - Field Goal Percentage or Extra Point Percentage
  • PD - Passes Defensed
  • PtAllw - Points Allowed per Game
  • PTD - Passing Touchdowns
  • PYd or PYD - Passing Yards
  • Rec or REC - Receptions
  • Rec% - Reception Percentage (receptions divided by targets)
  • RecTD - Receiving Touchdowns
  • RecYd - Receiving Yards
  • Rsh or RSH - Rushing Attempts
  • RshTD - Rushing Touchdowns
  • RshYd - Rushing Yards
  • Rush Att - Rushing Attempts
  • Rush TDs - Rushing Touchdowns
  • Rush Yds - Rushing Yards
  • SACK - Sacks Made
  • SCK - Sacks Made (on defense) or Sacks Allowed (on offense)
  • SpTmTD - Special Teams Touchdowns
  • T/G - Targets per Game Played (this includes only games the player played in)
  • Y/R - Yards per Rush or Yards per Reception
  • T/TmG - Targets per Team Game (this includes every game the team has played whether the player played in it or not)
  • Targ or TARG - Targets
  • TD - Touchdowns
  • Tkl or TKL - Solo Tackles
  • TM - Team
  • WK - Week
  • WK1, WK2, etc - Week 1, Week 2, etc.
  • XPA - Extra Points After Touchdowns Attempted
  • XPM - Extra Points After Touchdowns Made
  • Y/Att - Yards per Pass Attempt
  • YD - Yards
  • YdAllw - Yards Allowed per Game
  • YPA - Yards per Pass Attempt

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