A Look at Robby Anderson, Paul Richardson and Will Fuller's Value Going Forward

A Look at Robby Anderson, Paul Richardson and Will Fuller's Value Going Forward

BJ VanderWoude: Robbie Anderson, Paul Richardson Jr and Will Fuller V all had monster games on Sunday that helped owners across the board, from shallow cashes to GPP winners. Which of these three players represent the best PP$ play for GPP's in week 9? Are you concerned at all about their boom or bust potential? 

Justin Bonnema: Anderson plays on Thursday, so I won’t be using his services at all. Even if he was on the main slate, I’d still have low exposure. The Bills have allowed only three scores all year to wide receivers, and under no circumstances do I trust anyone from that offense outside of Austin Seferian-Jenkins. Richardson is an interesting option but one that I will likely avoid. His ownership is going to skyrocket after his performance last week, and he draws a much tougher matchup this week. Washington has allowed the fourth fewest yards and only four touchdowns to wide receivers all year, despite not having Josh Norman for three weeks. He’s back and will likely line up against Richardson for about a third of the game (I’m speculating). That leaves Fuller, who has a great matchup and will be one of the highest owned players of the week. I’ll definitely have exposure but for GPPs, I’ll come in lower than the crowd. 

Phil Alexander: Fuller is the guy you want of those three by a mile. Anderson was erased in the Jets Week 1 meeting with Buffalo (4-22-0), we probably just saw the best game of Richardson's career, and Fuller continues to get behind the defense for at least one huge play in every game. The Colts opponent reception rate on targets between 20-25 yards downfield is about 20% higher than league average. Touchdown regression is coming in a big way for Fuller (7 touchdowns on 13 receptions!), but this matchup should hold it off for another week. The only problem is we're finally forced to pay for those splash plays. Fuller is WR6 on both DraftKings and Fanduel.

Jason Wood: All three players have bust potential. That's exactly why they are potentially compelling GPP options. You want variance in GPP lineups, and want to avoid variance in cash lineups. So to your second question, I'm not concerned by the boom-or-bust potential, I'm excited by it. As to the three players in question, Will Fuller V is the easiest fade. He's priced up to $7,000 on DK and that's far too expensive for a GPP flier. Anderson ($4,200) and Richardson ($4,700) are both affordable and appealling. I'll have exposure to both, but for my money Anderson is the smarter play. Richardson is coming off a multiple touchdown game but he's still a low target guy on a team that loves to spread the ball around. Anderson has been the Jets best wide receiver all year, and has settled into a high target role on an offense that's much better than we expected.

Devin Knotts: I think we need to be careful on these guys especially in cash games as people are going to be drawn to them and they have the potential to kill your lineup. Will Fuller V’s price has gotten to a point that is too expensive and while he has upside, he is not someone at that price that I will have a lot of exposure to this week. Outside of last week, Paul Richardson Jr had just one game in which he had four catches or more, so he’s really touchdown dependent this season which even if he gets in the end zone, he does not have the catch or yardage upside that I typically look for. I guess by default I would go with Robbie Anderson as he has the biggest role in this offense of the three at the moment along with the price being fair. 

James Brimacombe: Will Fuller V is the name that gets over looked every week because he plays behind DeAndre Hopkins and most people playing the Houston passing game will zone in on a Watson and Hopkins stack. Fuller has played four games so far, this season and has 22 targets for 13 receptions for 279 yards and 7 touchdowns. So, basically his average is a touchdown on every 3 targets or on every 2 receptions. On a site like FanDuel you are looking for touchdowns and you can’t find a better option this week than Fuller against the Colts.

Chris Feery: Will Fuller V is the top choice from this trio, and it’s not all that close for me. He has developed an impressive rapport with the hottest quarterback in the league, and he’s been finding the end zone at a ridiculous pace. The bubble will burst in that regard at some point, but that’s unlikely to happen against a struggling Colts squad. There are absolutely no sure things when it comes to DFS, but Fuller's year-to-date production and potential upside against a leaky secondary make him too tough for me to pass up.

 Justin Howe: This one isn’t close. Full disclosure: I like Will Fuller V. Much of the fantasy world really left him in the dust when he broke his collarbone. Actually, they’d already soured on him to a degree, when he went ice-cold down the stretch as a rookie, ignoring the fact that he:

  • was the first wideout taken just a year ago
  • was absurdly productive in school
  • tested athletically as a taller Brandin Cooks
  • opened his NFL career with back-to-back 100-yard games
He’s received a lot of venom over drops, which are an incredibly wonky stat that isn’t sticky and would disqualify many of the league’s elite receivers. Fuller is a truly special prospect, and it’s no surprise he’s now both drawing volume and creating massive plays left and right. He’s dynamic in both the short and long games, he wins in the air and on the sidelines, and he doesn’t see much double coverage. There could be a slight decline from his 54% touchdown rate, sure, but he’s here to stay, and he’s a strong weekly threat for this kind of yardage production. It’s wild that he’s caught this many touchdowns, but not that he’s this good and productive.
I prefer Richardson to Anderson – moot, since I rarely use Thursday players. Both are rostered speculatively for big-play odds, but Richardson’s backseat target ceiling (7-8) comes close to Anderson’s (8-10), and Richardson plays in the better offense.

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