9 Draft Dominator Features that You Need to Win

If being free wasn't enough to tempt you to try the Draft Dominator, these 9 features will.

  1. The Draft Dominator adapts to your league settings. Whatever your league is - PPR, keeper, auction, superflex, IDP - we will put your scoring through our projections, apply our value based drafting math to your roster requirements, and generate a perfect draft list just for you.

  2. Those league settings are automatically imported. You’ll get your customized list within seconds - just log in to your league host, select the league, hit Import and you’re good to go.

  3. The rankings list adapts to your draft as it continues. Whether that’s finding you high upside sleepers later on, reacting to what we think other teams are going to do, or finding you a second quarterback who pairs nicely with your first, the Draft Dominator uses information gathered during the draft to help you.

  4. Mock, mock, mock and mock again. Practise makes perfect, they say, and the Draft Dominator lets you practice. Every mock is different so you can prepare for every scenario. You can also fine-tune the app so that mocks are exactly how you think your real draft will be, no matter the tendencies of your league.

  5. Draft wherever you are. Even on a laptop, the browser version fully works offline. All your leagues and all our data is stored in the app or browser in local databases and syncs every time you get an internet connection with the Footballguys Cloud. Perfect for basements and bars!

  6. Monitor bye weeks and get alerts when you’re about to draft a player who clashes with those already on your roster.

  7. Our star system helps you with tiers at every pick. We’ll always mark the best available player with a gold star. But others close will be marked gold also; reasonable alternatives will be in silver and acceptable picks in bronze. So at a glance, you get a great idea of the strength of each available player.

  8. Almost unlimited information to research, if deep diving is more your thing. Detailed player outlooks, tags for injuries, suspensions, high upside and much more - along with rankings and comments from our entire Footballguys staff.

  9. And so much of this is completely free. Yes, the Draft Dominator is free to use. Only rankings customization and other advanced features are held back.

What are you waiting for? Check it out now!

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