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A glimpse into the 170+ page Cracking FanDuel by the Staff of Footballguys

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Cover ArtIf you're reading a book preview, you're our kind of guy—the kind who wants to know everything. You're going to love this book. Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is the biggest thing to hit fantasy football since, well, fantasy football.

DFS has exploded in popularity and has everyone in our vibrant community talking. FanDuel recorded a staggering $370 million in football entry fees for the fourth quarter of 2014 alone. It’s clearly no longer the new game in town; it’s the preferred way to play fantasy football for a growing number of people. 

And Footballguys is here to give you the edge you need to dominate. In many ways, DFS is complementary to season-long fantasy football, as detailed and accurate statistical projections are the foundation for both. That’s great news, as Footballguys has a proven track record of accurate projections, but there’s much more to consistently winning DFS than just good projections.

Just like with the season-long game, it’s not only about the projections; it’s about what you do with them. And as the game becomes more popular, the competition becomes more intense. Now, more than ever, you need an edge to win. 

With this book, we're giving you that edge. We're going to tell you in detail what we've done to consistently win in Daily Fantasy Football. 

But first, let us tell you how we got here. Since 2000, Footballguys has been instrumental in helping our subscribers win their leagues. From local leagues with modest entry fees to the highest of high-stakes leagues with hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line, Footballguys has been the go-to secret weapon for winners.

When DFS came onto the scene a few years ago, we quickly realized it was here to stay. Two years ago, I deposited $50,000 of my own money into FanDuel and set out to learn the ins and outs of DFS, knowing I would accelerate my learning curve with skin in the game.

I documented my thoughts and processes along the way on my blog: In two years, I have earned over $63,000 in profit from FanDuel’s daily fantasy football contests. 

Now we are ready to share what we have learned with you - and not just my lessons.

The strength of Footballguys has always been our team. Our staff boasts some of the best DFS minds in the game, including five more staffers added this year dedicated to the Daily games. This book is a collaborative effort from the Footballguys team, putting our heads together with one goal in mind: delivering you the keys to help you consistently dominate DFS.

Each chapter was written by two-man teams of staffers with input from another 18 staffers along the way. Two heads are better than one. In our case, 20 heads are better than two as we've cracked the code for winning and we're sharing it with our subscribers.

Why share? It’s a fair question. Will we win less playing DFS ourselves by sharing our secrets? Probably. By the same token, however, we'll be smiling ear to ear when we hear one of our subscribers just cashed for $100,000 in a big guaranteed prize pool.

Our business at Footballguys is helping our customers win. Period.

So rest assured that nothing is held back as we're laying everything we have on the table to help you win. 

That’s the Footballguys way.

The full book is 170+ pages (and growing) and will be released at the end of June.  This preview is simply to showcase what is around the corner as a Subscriber.

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