FanDuel's Sunday Million Week 1 Recap

Taking an in-depth look at FanDuel's Week 1 Sunday Million Contest

FanDuel just kicked off the 2015 NFL Season with a massive Week 1 Sunday Million contest, requiring a $25 entry fee with 46,000 people getting paid out. This massive $5 million GPP tournament had 229,885 entries available for buy ins and only ended up filling to 168,162 spots creating some great overlay for the customer. Every week FanDuel will be running a Sunday Million GPP Contest and we will break it down here at and see what the keys were to having the top lineup on the week and taking home the top prize of $1 million.

Here's how Week 1 shook out.


DFS Screen Name Points Prize Money
1st jeremybronson 201.32 $1,000,000
2nd jeepers77 189.10 $350,000
3rd jeepers77 187.60 $150,000
4th migthetig 186.64 $100,000
5th redrocks 186.54 $75,000

With a contest that has 168,162 entries it is hard to believe that jeremybronson's team could win by 12.22 points over 2nd place jeepers77. That is a very impressive feat in such a big entry GPP. To do that jeremybronson had to really have a unique lineup with some highly under owned players in it. Let's take a look at his lineup and what percentage made up his team.

Jeremybronson's team was made up of six players that were less than 3.3% owned with quarterback Alex Smith 0.6%, running back Carlos Hyde 2.2%, wide receiver Percy Harvin 0.5%, wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins 3.3%, kicker Steven Hauschka 3.3%, and San Francisco 49ers 0.6%. Even after hitting on six of his nine roster spots with such low owned guys he also had Jamaal Charles at a 5.6% ownership rate and Tyler Eifert at 4.8% and the only guy he had over 6% owned was Julio Jones who came in at 30.5%. 

It was an interesting QB/RB stack that he rolled with pairing Alex Smith with Jamaal Charles -- knowing that Charles is a great receiver out of the backfield -- and it paid off, with Smith finding Charles for the passing touchdown. He had a great mix of guys in the Monday Night games as well with Carlos Hyde, Julio Jones, and the 49ers Defense to help him sweat out the $1,000,000 victory. This lineup overall was a perfect example of how to be contrarian without going too crazy off the board. 

Position Player Salary FanDuel Points % Owned
QB Alex Smith $6,600  23.22 0.6% 
RB Jamaal Charles $8,900 18.80   5.6%
RB Carlos Hyde $7,300 31.20  2.2% 
WR Julio Jones $9,000 30.60  30.5% 
WR Percy Harvin $5,600 17.30  0.5% 
WR DeAndre Hopkins $7,800 28.30  3.3% 
TE Tyler Eifert $5,000  26.90  4.8% 
K Steven Hauschka $5,100   11.00 3.3% 
D San Francisco 49ers $4,600  14.00  0.6% 
    $59,900  201.32   

Looking at the Top 10 teams in the Sunday Million and it is interesting to see the same group of core players rostered but also how Julio Jones was on every single team in the top 10. At QB there was a good mix of options that you could have put together for a solid team and no QB was selected more than twice (Taylor, Romo, Rivers, and Bradford). At running back it was Lacy rostered on 5 teams followed by Ivory on 4 teams. Charles, Hyde, and Hill were also on 3 of the top 10 teams. At receiver it was all about Julio Jones as he appeared on every single top 10 team followed by Hopkins (4), and Allen (4).

At ight end, it was Tyler Eifert that was on the top four teams and six of the top 10 overall. Kelce was the next with two teams, and Witten and Seferian-Jenkins were the other two.  At kicker ,it was McManus at minimum price $4,500 who was on eight of the 10 rosters with Hauschka and Gano as the other two. The New York Jets were the most popular choice on defense being on 4 of 10 lineups.

Finish Score QB RB1 RB2 WR1 WR2 WR3 TE K DEF
1 201.32 Smith Charles Hyde Jones Hopkins Harvin Eifert Hauschka 49ers
2 189.10 Taylor Charles Lacy Jones Hopkins Landry Eifert McManus NYJ
3 187.60 Taylor Charles Lacy Jones Hopkins Matthews Eifert McManus NYJ
4 186.64 Romo Ivory Lacy Jones Allen Williams Eifert McManus MIA
5 186.54 Romo Ivory Lacy Jones Landry Matthews Seferian-Jenkins McManus NYJ
6 186.04 Bradford Ivory Hyde Jones Allen Matthews Witten Gano MIA
7 185.56 Rivers Ivory Hill Jones Allen Williams Kelce McManus DEN
8 185.02 Ryan Stewart Hill Jones Hopkins S.Johnson Eifert McManus NYJ
9 184.16 Rivers Ellington Hill Jones Allen S.Johnson Eifert McManus STL
10 183.34 Bradford Lacy Hyde Jones Landry Adams Kelce McManus CAR

The Sunday Million will be back next week with the exact same prize pool as last week with $5,000,000 in guaranteed prizes. Head over to FanDuel now and catch the action for Week 2.

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