FanDuel's Sunday Million Week 17 Recap

Taking an in-depth look at FanDuel's Week 17 Sunday Million Contest.

FanDuel was back at it again with their massive Week 17 Sunday Million contest, requiring a $25 entry fee with 10,655 people getting paid out at least $40. This massive $1,100,000 million GPP tournament had 51,764 entries and this is back to back week's that the contest has been listed at the $1,100,000 million mark.  While the overlay has been great in previous weeks for the consumer it probably hasn't been the best for FanDuel itself and every week there is overlay this particular contest seems to get smaller and smaller. Each week FanDuel will be running a Sunday Million GPP Contest and we will break it down here at and see what the keys were to having the top lineup on the week and taking home the top prize of $200,000.  

Here's how Week 17 of the Sunday Million shook out.


DFS Screen Name Points Prize Money
1st bfriedman171 218.54 $200,000
2nd ocdobv 207.50 $100,000
3rd jeremyc1524 203.34 $50,000
4th rayofhope 201.64 $25,000
5th mskidd2 201.50 $15,000

The winner of FanDuel's Week 17 Saturday Million was bfriedman171 who put up a huge score of 218.54 points beating the second place team ocdobv by 11.04 points to take home the $200,000 1st place prize. The Winning lineup was simple as it had a heavy New Orleans and Atlanta game stack with Matt Ryan and Devonta Freeman from the Falcons and Mark Ingrm and Micheal Thomas from the Saints. Ryan was one of the top quarterback producers on the slate as he was priced high at $8,700 and put up 29.44 FanDuel points at 13.8% ownership. Pairing him with his running back teammate Freeman seemed to be optimal this week as both were able to put up big fantasy numbers. Freeman was priced at $8,000 and came with a high 26.3% ownership and scored 26.20 points.

Mark Ingram II was the RB2 at a discount price tag of $6,100 it was good for 22.20 points on a 13.3% ownership rate. Michael Thomas was the other half of his Saints stack and he was modestly priced just like Ingram as he was $6,700 and 13.5% owned and scored 26.60 points. The other wide receivers on the team were the popular 21.5% owned Mike Evans who was priced high at $8,400 and scored 15.00 points. Julian Edelman was the lowest owned player on the team at 4.8% owned as he scored 27.70 points at a soft salary of $6,800. 

The last three positions are often three of the hardest spots to predict week to week and he did just enough to help him get the win. At tight end he went with the best pick of the weekend with Zach Ertz who had a monster game scoring 32.40 points at a low salary of $5,900 and 12.7% ownership. He went with Steven Hauschka at kicker at $4,700 and he scored 13 points while the chalky defense of Arizona was $4,700 and scored 26.00 points on 18.1% ownership. Overall the team was built very well and there was no real off the wall plays as each player was in a good matchup and good situation. 

Position Player Salary FanDuel Points % Owned
QB Matt Ryan $8,700 29.44 13.8%
RB Devonta Freeman $8,000 26.20 26.3% 
RB Mark Ingram II $6,100 22.20 13.3% 
WR Mike Evans $8,400 15.00 21.5%
WR Michael Thomas $6,700 26.60  13.5% 
WR Julian Edelman $6,800 27.70  4.8% 
TE Zach Ertz $5,900  32.40 12.7% 
K Steven Hauschka $4,700  13.00 4.8% 
D Arizona Cardinals $4,700  26.00  18.1% 
    $60,000 218.54   


Devonta Freeman and Zach Ertz -- Both Freeman and Ertz were on all 10 of the top lineups in the Sunday Million this week and if you had any chance of scoring a big win this week you needed them in your lineup especially in a week where their pivots in David Johnson and Travis Kelce disappointed.

Vikings and Cardinals Defense- The Cardinals and Vikings defenses both delivered for big scores this week as the Cardinals were on 6 of the top 10 teams and the Vikings on the other 4 teams.


Travis Kelce and David Johnson -- Both Travis Kelce and David Johnson were two of the chalkiest plays this weekend and both of them failed big time in putting up the kind of points that was needed to hit value. Johnson left the game early with a leg injury while Kelce was never really part of the game plan.

Finish Score QB RB1 RB2 WR1 WR2 WR3 TE K DEF
1 218.54 Ryan Freeman Ingram Evans Thomas Edelman Ertz Hauschka ARI
2 207.50 Rodgers Freeman Burkhead Evans Nelson Edelman Ertz Hauschka MIN
3 203.34 Ryan Freeman Williams Jones Nelson Edelman Ertz Gostkowski ARI
4 201.64 Ryan Freeman Williams Evans Thomas Jones Ertz Forbath MIN
5 201.50 Rodgers Freeman Ingram Evans Adams Tate Ertz Bryant ARI
6 201.30 Rodgers Freeman Ingram Nelson Adams Thomas Ertz Hopkins ARI
7 201.14 Ryan Freeman Williams Evans Jones Adams Ertz Myers ARI
8 200.90 Rodgers Freeman Williams Evans Jones Adams Ertz Sturgis MIN
9 200.34 Ryan Freeman Ingram Jones Thomas Cooks Ertz Catanzaro ARI
10 197.30 Rodgers Freeman Rawls Benjamin Adams Edelman Ertz Sturgis MIN

***FanDuel's Wildcard Weekend Sunday Million will take a big dip compared to Week 17 as the total prize pool will drop down to $800,000 which is down $300,000 from last weeks $1,100,000. The payouts at the top will be first place taking home $150,000 and second place $60,000 with 7,845 out of the total 37,647 entries winning at least $40. So far the 18 weeks of the Sunday Million have been about half the size of last years contest and if you are looking to crack the top 10 your odds are much better this year.

Head over to FanDuel now and catch the action for Week 1 of the NFL Playoffs.

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