FanDuel's Sunday Million Week 16 Recap

Taking an in-depth look at FanDuel's Week 16 Sunday Million Contest.

FanDuel was back at it again with their massive Week 15 Saturday Million contest, requiring a $25 entry fee with 10,655 people getting paid out at least $40. This massive $1,100,000 million GPP tournament had 51,764 entries and this is back to back week's that the contest has been listed at the $1,100,000 million mark.  While the overlay has been great in previous weeks for the consumer it probably hasn't been the best for FanDuel itself and every week there is overlay this particular contest seems to get smaller and smaller. Each week FanDuel will be running a Sunday Million GPP Contest and we will break it down here at and see what the keys were to having the top lineup on the week and taking home the top prize of $200,000.  

Here's how Week 16 of the Sunday Million shook out.


DFS Screen Name Points Prize Money
1st dannygold77 226.28 $200,000
2nd dannygold77 219.48 $100,000
3rd cgriff11 215.28 $50,000
4th scarey82 200.08 $25,000
5th coachs111 199.80 $15,000

The winner of FanDuel's Week 16 Saturday Million was dannygold77 who happened to land both the 1st and 2nd place teams with some remarkable scores of 226.28 and 219.48 points. On the winning team he had the Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson QB/WR stack that combined for 69.08 total points between the two players. Rodgers was only owned by 5.5% of the field while Nelson was at 15.6% ownership. On top of nailing the WR spot with Nelson he also had Adam Thielen at 0.4% ownership and 38.6 points and Doug Baldwin at 5.4% ownership and 30.2 points. 

At running back it was the David Johnson show once again even in a tough matchup against the Seahawks defense. Johnson's price dropped to $8,700 because of the matchup and his ownership went down to 20.2% in this tournament. He finished the game with 3 rushing touchdowns and 136 total yards along with 4 catches. The other RB was Bilal Powell who was in a tough matchup also against the Patriots and he was the lowest scoring player on the winning team with 8.4 points and was priced at $6,500 at a 7.3% ownership.

The last three positions are often three of the hardest spots to predict week to week and he did just enough to help him get the win. At tight end he went with the pick of Antonio Gates at $5,400 who paid off beautifully with 19.4 points and a low 6.2% ownership rate. At kicker he paid up for Matt Bryant at $5,200 and got the top scoring at the position with 20 points. Defense it was the Houston Texans at $4,500 and a 4.7% ownership that put up a solid 9 points. All around this was a solid team and one that was built perfectly with the QB/WR stack and solid wide receivers along with low owned players who out performed their value.

Position Player Salary FanDuel Points % Owned
QB Aaron Rodgers $8,600 37.18 5.5%
RB Bilal Powell $6,500 8.40 7.3% 
RB David Johnson $8,700 31.60 20.2% 
WR Jordy Nelson $7,800 31.90 15.6%
WR Adam Thielen $5,700 38.60  0.4% 
WR Doug Baldwin $7,000 30.20  5.4% 
TE Antonio Gates $5,400  19.40 6.2% 
K Matt Bryant $5,200  20.00 8.4% 
D Houston Texans $4,500  9.00  4.7% 
    $59,400 226.28   


Stacking -- All ten of the top teams had a stack this week that started with the quarterback position. Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson was the highest owned and was on 7 of the top 10 teams while Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin appeared on 2 and Tyrod Taylor and Charles Clay on another. 

Paying up for the Patriots Defense-- The Patriots defense was highly owned at 36% but they also were the high scorer at the position with 17 FanDuel points as they got to play the lowly Jets at home. The defense allowed just 3 points and had 4 turnovers and a pair of sacks on the day.


Getting Cute at Kicker -- The Kicker position is often an after thought in DFS and most times it is easier just to pay down at the position and try to hit double digit points. That being said if you pay up at the position and get the best kicker in the game so far this season in Matt Bryant at 8.4% ownership, you may spend $5,200 but you do end up with 20 FanDuel points and have a huge edge over your competition.

Going cheap at RB-- Once again the RB position was top loaded with the likes of David Johnson, LeSean McCoy, Jay Ajayi, Jordan Howard, and Todd Gurley. They each had high price tags but also had very good matchups and put up big scores while the likes of the bargain bin RBs were non-existent this week.

Finish Score QB RB1 RB2 WR1 WR2 WR3 TE K DEF
1 226.28 Rodgers Johnson Powell Nelson Thielen Baldwin Gates Bryant HOU
2 219.48 Rodgers Johnson Ingram Nelson Thielen Meredith Olsen Bryant TEN
3 215.28 Rodgers McCoy Ajayi Nelson Thielen Crabtree Brate Bryant NE
4 200.08 Rodgers McCoy Howard Nelson Thielen Jackson Cook Bryant NE
5 199.80 Wilson Johnson Murray Edelman Thielen Baldwin Gates Gano NE
6 198.60 Wilson McCoy Gurley Watkins Benjamin Baldwin Gates Bryant NE
7 197.98 Rodgers Johnson McCoy Nelson Thielen Inman Davis Goskowski NE
8 197.96 Taylor Gurley Ajayi Evans Cooks Baldwin Clay Bryant NE
9 197.88 Rodgers McCoy Ajayi Nelson Hilton Garcon Clay Bryant NE
10 197.78 Rodgers Johnson Howard Nelson Cooper Robinson Gates Myers NE

***FanDuel's Week 17 Saturday Million will remain the same as Week 16 which was set at $1,100,000. The payouts at the top will be first place taking home $200,000 and second place $100,000 with 10,655 out of the total 51,764 entries winning at least $40. So far the 17 weeks of the Sunday Million have been about half the size of last years contest and if you are looking to crack the top 10 your odds are much better this year.

Head over to FanDuel now and catch the action for Week 17.

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