FanDuel's Sunday Million Week 11 Recap

Taking an in-depth look at FanDuel's Week 11 Sunday Million Contest.

FanDuel was back at it again with their massive Week 11 Sunday Million contest, requiring a $25 entry fee with 13,538 people getting paid out at least $40. This massive $1,250,000 million GPP tournament had 58,823 entries and the contest filled up before lock without any issues. This is the third week in a row that this contest has been set at the $1,250,000 million mark.  While the overlay has been great in previous weeks for the consumer it probably hasn't been the best for FanDuel itself and every week there is overlay this particular contest seems to get smaller and smaller. Each week FanDuel will be running a Sunday Million GPP Contest and we will break it down here at and see what the keys were to having the top lineup on the week and taking home the top prize of $200,000.  

Here's how Week 11 of the Sunday Million shook out.


DFS Screen Name Points Prize Money
1st djdoggyds 181.10 $200,000
2nd catsauce 181.04 $100,000
3rd stringy51 179.78 $50,000
4th mbomb44 179.64 $30,000
5th flysar1604 179.60 $20,000

The winner of FanDuel's Week 11 Sunday Million was djdoggyds who beat at the second place team catsauce by 0.06 points to take home the $200,000 top prize. His team was built around a $59,800 salary cap as he left $200 on the table and built a unique lineup. It all started with Tom Brady at quarterback and a $9,300 price as he was 11.4% owned and scored 28.40 points. Throughout the year we have seen the Sunday Million winner have a QB/WR stack for the majority of the time but this week the winning lineup does not have a stack of any kind as all nine players are from different teams. 

At running back he went with the high end pick in Le'Veon Bell at $9,100 and a super high ownership of 42.8% and 30.10 points down to Rob Kelley at $5,400 at 4.2% and 31.70 points. This was the combo you wanted to own at the RB position and having them paired with Tom Brady at quarterback really set up the rest of his roster to help him take down the tournament. The next most popular play on the roster was T.Y. Hilton at $7,900 who scored 18.20 points and was owned at a rate of 25.4%. He went down to the $6,700 range with Doug Baldwin at 12.4% ownership and 17.0 points and took a flier on DeVante Parker at $5,800 and 0.6% ownership for 17.90 points to round out his trio of wide receivers.

The last three positions are often three of the hardest spots to predict week to week and he did just enough to help him get the win. At tight end he went with a fade of Martellus Bennett and went with a low owned Travis Kelce at $6,100 and a 3.6% ownership for 13.80 points. At kicker he only got 5 points out of Cairo Santos at $4,900 and a 8.9% ownership rate but because he hit big on some of the other key positions the 5 points didn't hurt from a position that doesn't usually have a high scoring player each week. At defense he hit on the Detroit Lions in a big way at $4,600 and a 3.3% ownership as they scored 19 points which is huge for a defensive play.

Position Player Salary FanDuel Points % Owned
QB Tom Brady $9,300 28.40 11.4%
RB Le'Veon Bell $9,100 30.10 42.8% 
RB Rob Kelley $5,400 31.70 4.2% 
WR T.Y. Hilton $7,900 18.20 25.4%
WR DeVante Parker $5,800 17.90  0.6% 
WR Doug Baldwin $6,700 17.00  12.4% 
TE Travis Kelce $6,100  13.80 3.6% 
K Cairo Santos $4,900  5.00 8.9% 
D Detroit Lions $4,600  19.00  3.3% 
    $59,800 181.10   


Running Backs -- It was pretty evident after looking over the top ten teams that you needed to have either Le'Veon Bell, David Johnson, or Rob Kelley as your running back play if you wanted to score big in any tournament this weekend. Le'Veon Bell was rostered on nine out of ten teams and David Johnson on eight teams while Rob Kelley was on three teams. 

Fading Cowboys run game and going with Passing game -- Ezekiel Elliott has been phenomenal so far this season and looked to keep on rolling this week but it was Dez Bryant who had the big game and was one of the top scoring WRs on the weekend. Bryant was on six of ten of the top scoring teams and was paired with Dak Prescott on the second and fourth place teams while Ezekiel Elliott didn't find his way onto a single top ten team.

Hitting on Defense -- Both the Detroit Lions and the Minnesota Vikings were premier plays at the defense position this week and were both priced fairly moderately. Detroit was on six of the top ten teams while Minnesota was on three of the top ten teams with both teams scoring over 19 points and giving your team a huge edge over the competition. 


Injuries -- Both A.J. Green and LeSean McCoy were in great spots this week and were both highly owned but both did not finish the game. Green actually was injured early in the game and put up 0 points while McCoy still found the endzone and put up some modest points. Avoiding injuries is not something you can predict but for guys like Green and McCoy you could have predicted that their ownership was going to be at a high level.

Martellus Bennett -- Bennett was highly owned as he was priced at just $5,200 and looked to be in a prime spot with Rob Gronkowski out for the game. As always the Patriots offense is one that is hard to predict week to week and even in a prime matchup against the 49ers, Martellus Bennett was more of a blocker and decoy than a top fantasy option this week.

Finish Score QB RB1 RB2 WR1 WR2 WR3 TE K DEF
1 181.10 Brady Bell Kelley Hilton Parker Baldwin Kelce Santos DET
2 181.04 Prescott Bell Johnson Bryant Edelman Fitzgerald Ebron Prater DET
3 179.78 Wilson Bell Johnson Evans Edelman Smith Graham Prater MIN
4 179.64 Prescott Bell Johnson Bryant Edelman Smith Ebron Bailey SEA
5 179.60 Brady Kelley Johnson Evans Edelman Baldwin Walker Aguayo DET
6 178.80 Cousins Bell Kelley Bryant Edelman Nelson Reed Vinatieri MIN
7 178.70 Brady Bell Johnson Bryant Edelman Smith Bennett Succop DET
8 177.30 Brady Bell Johnson Crowder Meredith Garcon Graham Boswell MIN
9 176.78 Wilson Bell Johnson Bryant Edelman Matthews Graham Prater DET
10 176.58 Wilson Bell Johnson Bryant Baldwin Matthews Kelce Prater DET

***FanDuel's Week 12 Sunday Million will remain the same as Week 11 at a $1,250,000 total prize pool. The payouts at the top will be first place taking home $200,000 and second place $100,000 with 13,538 out of the total 58,823 entries winning at least $40. So far the nine weeks of the Sunday Million have been about half the size of last years contest and if you are looking to crack the top 10 your odds are much better this year.

Head over to FanDuel now and catch the action for Week 12.

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