FanDuel's Sunday Million Week 10 Recap

Taking an in-depth look at FanDuel's Week 10 Sunday Million Contest.

FanDuel was back at it again with their massive Week 10 Sunday Million contest, requiring a $25 entry fee with 13,538 people getting paid out at least $40. This massive $1,250,000 million GPP tournament had 58,823 entries and the contest filled up before lock without any issues. This is the second week in a row that this contest has been set at the $1,250,000 million mark.  While the overlay has been great in previous weeks for the consumer it probably hasn't been the best for FanDuel itself and every week there is overlay this particular contest seems to get smaller and smaller. Each week FanDuel will be running a Sunday Million GPP Contest and we will break it down here at and see what the keys were to having the top lineup on the week and taking home the top prize of $200,000.  

Here's how Week 10 of the Sunday Million shook out.


DFS Screen Name Points Prize Money
1st vincent1976 198.22 $200,000
2nd mantoman15 195.38 $100,000
3rd sting1335 195.32 $50,000
4th famousdave 195.10 $30,000
5th jdubs228 195.02 $20,000

The winner of FanDuel's Week 11 Sunday Million was vincent1976 who is an "Experienced" player and put up a score of 198.22 which beat the second place team mantoman15 by 2.84 FanDuel points. Vincent1976 team used $59,500 of the salary cap leaving $500 on the table which helped him to build a unique team with a variety of players at lower ownership levels. The QB/WR stack of Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin got things started off as Wilson was 2.2% owned and scored 26.52 points while Baldwin was owned at 3.4% and scored 26.9 points. Both players were priced modestly at $7,400 and $6,900 so that allowed him to set up the rest of his team at higher salary levels.

His two highest scoring players were at the running back position where he faded the auto play in David Johnson and went with the duo of Ezekiel Elliott and Ryan Mathews. Elliott is an elite play ever single week and proved that once again as he rolled for 39.9 points at only a 9.4% ownership while Mathews on the other side scored 28.9 points and was only owned by 0.2% of the field. Both Elliott and Mathews were strong pivots off of David Johnson and Darren Sproles who were very highly owned and although they didn't have bad games in their own right, they just didn't have the massive production that the Elliott and Mathews combos came away with. Mathews was the next key to this roster build as he was only priced at $5,500 and no one in the fantasy world was touting him coming into the weekend. 

At Wide Receiver he paired Antonio Brown and Brandin Cooks with Doug Baldwin and all three combined for five touchdowns. Brown was the highest owned player on his team at 29.4% and he remains as one of the safest players in all of fantasy. Cooks was priced at $7,300 and although he only caught 3 passes he did score a touchdown and had 98 yards receiving. The key to this trio of WRs was taking the safe option with Brown and pairing him with two low owned players in Baldwin at 3.4% and Cooks at 2.7%. At Tight End he went with old man Antonio Gates at just $5,700 and a 7.2% ownership rate. Gates found the endzone and put up a solid 14.3 FanDuel points giving him some solid value at the position.

At kicker he went with a cheap Mason Crosby at $4,600 and a 6.3% ownership and Crosby gave him 7.0 points with a pair of field goals and an extra point. Although it wasn't a big score from Crosby, it was enough and that is what you have to look for each week out of your kicker. At defense it was the Los Angeles Rams at $4,600 and 15.9% ownership and they hit the double digit mark at 10.0 points which is the number you are always looking for out of your team defense. They were the smart play this week as they had a very favorable matchup against Bryce Petty making his first NFL start.

Position Player Salary FanDuel Points % Owned
QB Russell Wilson $7,400 26.52 2.2%
RB Ezekiel Elliott $8,900 39.90 9.4% 
RB Ryan Mathews $5,500 28.90 0.2% 
WR Antonio Brown $8,600 27.40 29.4%
WR Doug Baldwin $6,900 26.90  3.4% 
WR Brandin Cooks $7,300 17.30  2.7% 
TE Antonio Gates $5,700  14.30 7.2% 
K Mason Crosby $4,600  7.00 6.3% 
D Los Angeles Rams $4,600  10.00  15.9% 
    $59,500 198.22   


Super Stacking -- The top of the leaderboard each week seems to always favor the teams that pick the right stacks and this week was no different as 8 out of the top 10 teams had either a QB/WR stack or a QB/TE stack. The winning roster had Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin while the other two popular stacks were Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown which were also stacked with Le'Veon Bell to create a super stack on three of the top 10 teams. The other 3 stacks were Marcus Mariota and Delanie Walker with one of them going super stack with DeMarco Murray in there. It goes to show you that if you can correctly predict a game script for a team such as Pittsburgh or Tennessee to score a lot of points, you can safely insert 3 players at different positions and they can all produce for you.

Ezekiel Elliott is Really Really Good -- All that we heard coming into the week was how good of a matchup that David Johnson had against the lowly San Francisco 49ers defense. Well Johnson was the highest priced player and although he had a fine game it was Elliott who was priced down from him that had an absolutely huge game. Elliott rushed for 114 yards and 2 rushing touchdowns and had a pair of receptions for 95 more yards and another touchdown and made a case that he deserves the MVP award in his rookie season. He is going to be a very popular choice in Week 11 after this big performance and rightfully so.

Dare to be Different -- Jay Cutler, David Johnson, Darren Sproles, Melvin Gordon III, Alshon Jeffery, Mike Evans, Jordan Matthews, and Rob Gronkowski are all names that were highly touted heading into the week and they were all names that didn't live up to their projected points. If you dared to pivot off of these plays with Mariota over Cuter, Elliott over Johnson, Mathews over Sproles, Bell over Gordon, Baldwin over Jeffery, Brown over Evans, Tyrell Williams over Matthews or Walker over Gronkowski you probably had a very good week. Sometimes we lock ourselves onto certain players when there are very similar pivots with just as much or more potential right next to them. 


The Chicago Bears -- Jay Cutler and Alshon Jeffery were one of the more popular QB/WR stacks on the week and they both flopped in a really big way on Sunday. If you went this direction you likely paid a price and had a very frustrated weekend. Zach Miller and Cameron Meredith also were not the greatest of plays although Meredith came away with a long touchdown on his only catch to salvage his value. On the flip side if you went against the Bears offense and played the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense at just $4,300 you would have outscored all of the Bears players combined.

Finish Score QB RB1 RB2 WR1 WR2 WR3 TE K DEF
1 198.22 Wilson Elliott Mathews Brown Baldwin Cooks Gates Crosby LA
2 195.38 Winston Elliott Blount Thomas Baldwin Adams Walker Bailey NO
3 195.32 Roethlisberger Elliott Bell Sanders Baldwin Diggs Rudolph Bryant DEN
4 195.10 Mariota Elliott Blount Brown Nelson Inman Walker Lambo DEN
5 195.02 Roethlisberger Elliott Bell Brown Baldwin T.Williams Ertz Crosby WAS
6 194.02 Roethlisberger Elliott Bell Brown Crowder Diggs Fiedorowicz Lutz TB
7 193.60 Mariota Elliott Johnson Robinson Baldwin Meredith Walker Catanzaro PHI
8 192.60 Mariota Elliott Murray Brown Austin Diggs Walker Lambo KC
9 192.12 Roethlisberger Bell Blount Brown J.Jones Hill Walker McManus HOU
10 191.30 Mariota Elliott Sproles Brown Fitzgerald Nelson Walker Catanzaro WAS

***FanDuel's Week 11 Sunday Million will remain the same as Week 9 at a $1,250,000 total prize pool. The payouts at the top will be first place taking home $200,000 and second place $100,000 with 13,538 out of the total 58,823 entries winning at least $40. So far the nine weeks of the Sunday Million have been about half the size of last years contest and if you are looking to crack the top 10 your odds are much better this year.

Head over to FanDuel now and catch the action for Week 11.

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