Top 40 Dynasty Quarterbacks

The top 40 quarterbacks to own in dynasty leagues.

The quarterback dynasty rankings are the most boring by far. It’s the easiest position to get by with a ragtag group, so no one will give much for them in trades, especially in trades of a non-QB for a QB. This can help get discounts in rookie drafts, so it will be interesting to see how far Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston fall as the supply of viable fantasy quarterbacks seems to get larger and larger every year.

1. Andrew Luck, IND - No brainer now that he has been unleashed.
2. Aaron Rodgers, GB - His offense isn’t quite as reliant on him as Luck’s, but the gap between Rodgers and the rest of the pack in dynasty is smaller than the gap between Rodgers and Luck

**Tier Break - Next duo is better for dynasty than redraft**

3. Cam Newton, CAR - Newton seemed to get his mojo back late in the season after a hot start, and he’s the only QB who is a legitimate goal line back. Things are looking up for Newton, but he is still wildly inconsistent from week-to-week
4. Russell Wilson, SEA - Wilson was unleashed as a runner this year and it helped his weekly floor and ceiling both go up. He’s a viable everyweek start now even with the wide gap between his up and downside, with reason to think he’ll continue to progress as a fantasy and NFL quarterback

**Tier Break - Less compelling, but suitable QB1 options with ceiling/age concerns**

5. Matt Ryan, ATL - Ryan is probably never going to finish in the top 3 fantasy quarterbacks (especially on a points per game basis), but he is in an offense that makes him one of the safest weekly plays, and he still has top 3 upside in a given week.
6. Tom Brady, NE - Brady apparently wants to play into his mid-40’s and he was an elite FF QB once Gronk was healthy. The clock is ticking, but Brady remains one of the FF QBs who can help you get to and advance in the playoffs.
7. Drew Brees, NO - Brees is still one of the elite FF QBs, but there were rough moments in 2014, and you can’t help but wonder if a slide is coming. For now, he is still a top 5 redraft QB, which is worth something in the declining overall value of FF QBs.

**Tier Break - Chance to be longterm QB1 answers, but not there yet**

8. Matthew Stafford, DET - Remember when Stafford was ticketed for the FF elite for the long haul? He has leveled off in Jay Cutler “not as good as he could be” territory. It appears that without 650-700 attempts, he’ll be a low QB1 at best.
9. Teddy Bridgewater, MIN - Bridgewater was willing to use his wheels, and his performances showed he was ahead of schedule, and with a veryunderwhelming supporting cast. He could join the QB1 tier for good this year.

**Tier Break - Perfectly good Low QB1s who aren’t getting any younger**

10. Ben Roethlisberger, PIT - Roethlisberger finally got his big receiver to replace Plaxico Burress in Martavis Bryant, and he also has the best WR1/receiving RB combo in the league. He was the #1 FF QB from Week 8 on. May belong with Brady/Brees
11. Jay Cutler, CHI - Cutler is one of those QBs who can still be good for FF while struggling on the field. He gained a coaching staff is there to revive his career and he still has a great set of weapons.
12. Tony Romo, DAL - Romo was great as long as he got his pain-killing shot in 2014, but as long as the Cowboys offense remains this balanced, he won’t be in the top half of QB1s during the autumn of his career.
13. Eli Manning, NYG - If Victor Cruz can come back anywhere near his old self in 2015, Manning will be piloting one of the most dangerous pass offenses in the league.
14. Philip Rivers, SD - The Chargers pass offense was better in the first half of 2014, but Rivers was struggling with a back injury, so he probably has more for 2015 than we expect.
15. Peyton Manning, DEN - The uncertainty of Manning playing isn’t as scary as the feeling that this will inevitably be his last year if he does return. Perhaps he will mesh with Gary Kubiak, and a quad injury explained his second half decline. If I had confidence he was going to play longer than 2015, I would have Peyton higher.

**Tier Break - Future upside, but present hesitant to count on them in redraft**

16. Ryan Tannehill, MIA - Tannehill could arguably belong with Stafford and Bridgewater above the thirtysomething club. He came along as a runner and his offense seems primed to create production in the Chip Kelly mold. I still think he is unlikely to be a consistent QB1 with turnover coming at wide receiver and a poor deep game.
17. Colin Kaepernick, SF - You have to like the buzz that Kaepernick will be used as a runner more once again in 2015. That could raise his weekly floor and ceiling, but the bottom could drop out soon if he doesn’t improve as a passer.
18. Robert Griffin III III, WAS - We’re walking the tightrope here, but Griffin can easily be a QB1 with his jets if he gets any confidence back in 2015. Like Kaepernick, he could be nearly worthless soon, but he could also rediscover his game.
19. Derek Carr, OAK - Carr shocked even the most optimistic observers with a rookie year that surpassed all expectations. Now new offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave is talking about upping the tempo, which would only help Carr’s fantasy stock. We could be sleeping on his FF upside.

**Tier Break - Represents a rosterable commodity, but trending down**

20. Nick Foles, PHI - Foles will be a low QB1 in my redraft rankings if he starts for the Eagles, but the question is how long he’ll be there, and how would he look for fantasy elsewhere? My gut feeling is neither answer is good for Foles dynasty owners.
21. Joe Flacco, BAL - Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Flacco’s new offensive coordinator is really going to unlock his fantasy upside. There’s a chance Marc Trestman will do just that, but the Ravens are better running team right now, and Flacco’s weapon stockpile is degrading.
22. Blake Bortles, JAX - Bortles didn’t show nearly the progress of Carr or Bridgewater by the end of the season, and he has a new offensive coordinator, Greg Olson, who oversaw Carr’s development. The running ability is a nice plus, but it’s hard to be excited about Bortles
23. Johnny Manziel, CLE - They tried to make him go to rehab, so he said yes. Maybe this is just a last gasp as Manziel’s value goes down the drain, but his playing style will lead to great fantasy success if he can get on the wagon for good

**Tier Break - Bye/Injury insurance with matchup upside**

24. Carson Palmer, ARI - I would actually feel comfortable starting him if he comes all the way back from his second ACL injury, but that’s asking a lot at this late stage of his career.
25. Andy Dalton, CIN - Can hold him to use for a few juicy matchups a year or bye/injury insurance, but that’s it.
26. Alex Smith, KC - Not that much better than whatever is on the waiver wire or available for a fifth-round rookie pick, but showed some signs of life early and late in 2014.

**Tier Break - Worth carrying in deeper leagues to see what happens**

27. Jimmy Garoppolo, NE - Watch Brady outlast his rookie deal a la Brock Osweiler. Could still gain value via buzz about his development.
28. Sam Bradford, STL - He’s a starting QB and still young enough to have a second act, but you’re reduced to hoping here
29. Ryan Mallett, HOU - Your best bet to start for the Texans in 2015 and that means he has a chance to have sustained value, even if it’s low.
30. EJ Manuel, BUF - New offensive coordinator Greg Roman got some good football out of Colin Kaepernick, who is similar to Manuel in overall skillset and weaknesses. You never know.
31. Geno Smith, NYJ - Many have moved on from Smith, but at times he looks like he “gets it”, and Smith adds value as a runner. Chan Gailey got the best year out of Kordell Stewart…
32. Mike Glennon, TB - Glennon looked like a reasonable version of an NFL starting QB in the past, but it appears Lovie Smith was never really wanting to give him a shot. He might be a serviceable starter in the near future if he gets dealt this offseason.
33. Brock Osweiler, DEN - Little to no buzz about his development, but some team, even Denver, could give him a shot on his second contract in 2016.
34. Connor Shaw, CLE - Shaw can run and the Browns might like him enough to give him a real shot to win the quarterback job for 2015. Could be worth pre-emptive pickup in deeper leagues.

**Tier Break - Watch list for emerging value**

35. Jake Locker, FA - Locker can’t seem to stay healthy or play consistently. His talent makes him worth monitoring, but that’s about it.
36. Brian Hoyer, CLE - Even if he starts next year, barely viable as bye/injury filler, but every starter has value.
37. Zach Mettenberger, TEN - Tennessee will move on from him soon enough, but he still has opportunity… for now.
38. Mark Sanchez, FA - Sanchez’s flaws eventually showed up, but he was almost adequate in the Chip Kelly offense, and he’ll have some speculative 2015 value if he returns to Philadelphia.
39. David Fales, CHI - The Bears have a possible parachute from a Cutler crash in the smart and aggressive, but smallish Fales. I’ll be monitoring his relationship with new offensive coordinator Adam Gase
40. Aaron Murray, KC - Smith isn’t the answer, and Chase Daniel wasn’t much better for most of Week 17. Opportunity could be coming for Murray, and he seemed like an Andy Reid QB at Georgia.