ADP Desirability Rankings: RB

Rethinking running back rankings to order players by how desirable they are at current ADP

Something about typical fantasy rankings has been bothering me lately. By listing all relevant players in order of draft desirability, we still don't really have anything actionable until we add a denominator of ADP. If I tell you a player is my #5 running back, that doesn't tell you whether I would recommend drafting him or not. When you add the dimension of ADP, it becomes clear right away who my rankings recommend targeting and who my rankings recommend avoiding. This leads to an experiment idea of rethinking rankings. Instead of ranking players by draft desirability (or projected end of year finish), why not rank players by desirability of drafting them at ADP? This table will show you the rough ADP of a player, and where I would consider drafting the player. This ranking should help when prioritizing targets pre-draft and understanding the next best outcomes when targeted players go off the board ahead of you. Any and all feedback welcome!

Rank Player Team Projected ADP Worth Drafting in?
1 Arian Foster HOU 7th-10th 5th
2 Frank Gore IND 3rd 2nd
3 Andre Ellington ARI 4th 3rd
4 Lance Dunbar DAL 15th or later 11th-12th
5 Justin Forsett BAL late 2nd 2nd
6 Le'Veon Bell PIT Early 1st #1
7 Ameer Abdullah DET 5th/6th 4th
8 Danny Woodhead SD 10th-12th 7th-8th
9 Chris Ivory NYJ 7th/8th 6th/7th
10 Darren Sproles PHI 12th 10th
11 Adrian Peterson MIN Early 1st Early 1st
12 Jamaal Charles KC Early 1st Early 1st
13 C.J. Anderson DEN Late 1st Mid 1st
14 Marshawn Lynch SEA Mid 1st Mid 1st
15 Eddie Lacy GB Mid 1st Mid 1st
16 Lamar Miller MIA 3rd Early 3rd
17 Duke Johnson CLE 8th 6th/7th
18 C.J. Spiller  NO 4th but will drop 5th/6th
19 Matt Forte CHI Late 1st Early 2nd
20 DeAngelo Williams PIT 13th-15th 12th
21 Jonathan Stewart CAR 4th 4th
22 Mark Ingram NO 3rd/4th 3rd/4th
23 Rashad Jennings NYG 6th 6th
24 LeGarrette Blount NE 6th 6th
25 Isaiah Crowell CLE 6th/7th 6th/7th
26 Jonas Gray NE 15th or later 13th-15th
27 Chris Polk HOU 15th or later 13th-15th
28 Khiry Robinson NO 15th or later 13th-15th
29 Devonta Freeman ATL 8th/9th 8th/9th
30 David Cobb TEN 10th-11th 10th-11th
31 Ryan Mathews PHI 8th/9th 10th
32 Doug Martin TB 7th 7th/8th
33 TJ Yeldon NO 5th 6th
34 Knile Davis KC 11th 12th
35 Todd Gurley STL 4th 5th
36 Joseph Randle DAL 4th 5th
37 Reggie Bush SF 10th-11th 12th
38 Melvin Gordon SD 3rd 4th
39 Jeremy Hill CIN 2nd 3rd
40 Demarco Murray PHI 2nd 3rd
41 Alfred Morris WAS 3rd/4th 5th
42 Joique Bell DET 6th 7th/8th
43 Montee Ball DEN 13th-15th 15th or later
44 Alfred Blue HOU 9th/10th 13th-15th
45 Charles Sims TB 10th 13th-15th
46 Tre Mason STL 7th/8th 12th
47 Shane Vereen NYG 6th/7th 10th
48 Giovani Bernard CIN 5th/6th 7th/8th
49 Bishop Sankey TEN 10th-11th 15th or later
50 Darren McFadden DAL 10th-11th 15th or later
51 David Johnson ARI 10th 15th or later
52 Tevin Coleman ATL 6th 8th/9th
53 Latavius Murray OAK 4th 6th-7th
54 LeSean McCoy BUF 2nd Late 3rd
55 Carlos Hyde SF 3rd/4th 6th