PPR Top 200 with Commentary

A snapshot of the top 200 players in PPR leagues before training camps in late July

Below you will find my PPR Top 200. Enjoy

1 LeVeon Bell RB TARGET Weekly edge offsets disadvantage of up to 3 game suspension
2 Adrian Peterson RB TARGET Came here to score FF points and chew bubble gum. All out of bubble gum
3 Rob Gronkowski TE TARGET Gore/Forsett availability in late 2nd/early 3rd makes this doable
4 Jamaal Charles RB   Andy Reid/Knile Davis/nicked up last year keeps him out of top 3
5 Antonio Brown WR   Won't talk you out of Brown as high as #1
6 Julio Jones WR TARGET If anyone surpasses Brown at WR, it'll be Julio.
7 Marshawn Lynch RB TARGET Beast mode's gonna beast mode
8 Eddie Lacy RB   Packers seem intent on pacing his usage. Upside capped at mid RB1.
9 Dez Bryant WR   If Cowboys run less, could set new career highs, don't sweat the holdout
10 Demaryius Thomas WR   Broncos O will slow down a little, but Thomas will still dominate
11 Odell Beckham WR   What will he do for an encore, hammies willling
12 Calvin Johnson WR   Value if he can stay healthy for 16
13 Matt Forte RB   So dependable, but receptions will be coming down
14 Arian Foster RB   Elite RB1 when he plays, but injury pattern is troubling
15 C.J. Anderson RB   Seemingly set up for top 5 production, but very limited track record
16 Jordy Nelson WR   Steady Mid WR1 as long as Rodgers is on field
17 Mike Evans WR TARGET Winston is an ideal QB for him, team should lean pass heavy
18 A.J. Green WR   More mouths to feed in more balanced offense lowers ceiling
19 DeMarco Murray RB   Crazy 2014 workload and more sane usage dampen enthusiasm
20 Frank Gore RB TARGET IND O is plug and play production for competent backs
21 Justin Forsett RB TARGET FF world has realized his PPR upside
22 Randall Cobb WR   LOW WR1 production in the bank
23 Andrew Luck QB   Starts to look good in mid 3rd
24 Jimmy Graham TE TARGET Russell Wilson will unlock more of his ability than expected
25 LeSean McCoy RB AVOID Lots of bad factors converging
26 Jeremy Hill RB AVOID Weekly output too tied to game script
27 Lamar Miller RB TARGET Underrated talent and offense. Miami fickle usage presents some risk
28 Alshon Jeffery WR   Hard to want to invest 2nd in player linked to Cutler
29 T.Y. Hilton WR   Supporting cast greatly improved in Indy, week-to-week volatility makes early 3rd tough
30 Mark Ingram RB TARGET NO likes using RBs in red zone and Ingram converted regularly
31 Andre Ellington RB TARGET If he gets 2013 explosiveness back behind improved OL, watch out
32 C.J. Spiller RB TARGET Stock rising as potential of Spiller on turf used in space is obvious
33 Aaron Rodgers QB   Starts to look good in mid 4th
34 Melvin Gordon RB   Unlikely to be everydown back
35 Brandin Cooks WR   Likely sheer volume of targets is intriguing
36 Julian Edelman WR TARGET Could see target increase with unproven receiving RBs
37 Andre Johnson WR TARGET Best QB of his career
38 Keenan Allen WR TARGET Knocking on WR1 door if he stays healthy
39 Emmanuel Sanders WR   Admitted himself that numbers are coming down
40 Travis Kelce TE TARGET Unknown upside with healthy offense, Maclin opening things up
41 Martavis Bryant WR TARGET Role growing in high octane offense
42 Allen Robinson WR TARGET Similar floor/ceiling to DeAndre Hopkins but 2-3 rounds later
43 DeAndre Hopkins WR   Not that excited about having Mallett/Hoyer's #1 as a key FF asset
44 Jonathan Stewart RB TARGET Newton takes TDs and scary injury history, but looked the part in late 2014
45 T.J. Yeldon RB TARGET Makings of a good running game in Jacksonville
46 Ameer Abdullah RB TARGET Allure of known talent and unknown opportunity
47 Joseph Randle RB   Dallas is telling us they are going RBBC
48 Alfred Morris RB AVOID Washington offense makes his week-to-week a rocky ride
49 Kelvin Benjamin WR AVOID Too many garbage time TDs in 2014
50 Russell Wilson QB TARGET Graham arrival could open up passing game a bit
51 Jordan Matthews WR AVOID Might not even be most valuable PHI WR
52 Jarvis Landry WR TARGET High floor/low ceiling WR2
53 Sammy Watkins WR AVOID Don't consider til 5th
54 Carlos Hyde RB AVOID Not an everydown back and SF team/offense shaky
55 Todd Gurley RB   Payoff could be huge but will require patience
56 Roddy White WR TARGET Durability becoming an issue but still a solid WR2 when he plays
57 Vincent Jackson WR TARGET Winston should help him bounce back
58 DeSean Jackson WR   If Griffin could only get straightened out
59 Rashad Jennings RB TARGET Three-down skillset and should be an FF RB2 when he's on field
60 Giovani Bernard RB   Worth RB2/Flex starts when Bengals have tough matchup
61 Duke Johnson RB TARGET 50+ receptions seems like a given, could seize control like Abdullah
62 Brandon Marshall WR   Watch to see whether he or Decker seem higher in pecking order
63 Nelson Agholor WR TARGET Outside WR in PHI can approach low WR1 numbers
64 Amari Cooper WR   Should be high floor/low ceiling PPR WR2/WR3
65 Brandon LaFell WR TARGET Was a solid FF WR2 once he was worked in offense last year
66 Golden Tate WR AVOID Only a WR3 unless Megatron gets hurt again
67 Joique Bell RB   Should still get goal line carries even if Abdullah shines
68 LeGarrette Blount RB   Belichick backfield risk priced into ADP
69 Latavius Murray RB AVOID Will yield to Helu on passing downs and in bottom 5-10 offense
70 Mike Wallace WR   Chemistry with Bridgewater can only be better than Tannehill
71 John Brown WR TARGET Might have already passed Floyd in pecking order
72 Charles Johnson WR   Worth a look once Wallace is taken
73 Larry Fitzgerald WR TARGET Great numbers with Palmer last year
74 Greg Olsen TE AVOID Unlikely to break into top 3 TEs this year
75 Eric Decker WR TARGET Was banged up last year, might have same value as Marshall
76 Jeremy Maclin WR AVOID Tough to trust Alex Smith's deep target
77 Michael Floyd WR AVOID Trend is towards more of a role player than core offensive piece
78 Kenny Stills WR TARGET Hard to know where he'll fall in pecking order, but underrated
79 Torrey Smith WR   Too bad PI drawn is not a fantasy stat
80 Breshad Perriman WR TARGET Will be boom/bust weekly option with wide range of season outcomes
81 Peyton Manning QB AVOID OL woes and offense slowing down
82 Tom Brady QB   Was a top 5 FF QB once team got on track last year
83 Zach Ertz TE   Hoping for more consistency, higher peaks with more snaps
84 Jordan Cameron TE   Big upgrade in QB quality, but durability worries
85 Chris Ivory RB TARGET Marshawn Lynch if he was a human being.
86 Isaiah Crowell RB   Will be great start when Browns win, questionable otherwise
87 Tevin Coleman RB AVOID In legitimate RBBC for at least this year
88 DeVante Parker WR   Beckham lite potential in 2nd half
89 Davante Adams WR   Needs a Cobb/Nelson injury to be trustworthy
90 Rueben Randle WR TARGET Good pick if Cruz isn't the same, otherwise likely to disappoint
91 Kyle Rudolph TE TARGET Will lead MIN in TD receptions if he stays healthy
92 Marques Colston WR   Low ceiling/high floor WR3/Flex
93 Steve Smith WR   Production tailed off after hot start to 2014
94 Doug Martin RB   Best RB on TB roster, but they will force Sims on field
95 Devonta Freeman RB   Won't become feature back, but could have 50+ catches
96 Charles Sims RB   Only suited to be a receiving back
97 Ben Roethlisberger QB   High ceiling weekly option. Top 5 QB Potential
98 Matt Ryan QB   High floor weekly option
99 Tony Romo QB TARGET Crazy efficiency could push him up QB1 ranks with more volume
100 Cam Newton QB AVOID Boom/bust weekly QB1
101 Drew Brees QB AVOID Will Payton ever be successful in balancing offense?
102 Tre Mason RB AVOID FF RB2 until Gurley is ready, but how long will that be?
103 Kevin White WR AVOID Massive talent upside, but crowded passing game
104 Julius Thomas TE AVOID Landed in lowest scoring offense in league
105 David Cobb RB   Better than Sankey, but TEN offense will hold both back
106 Philip Rivers QB TARGET Strong QB1 for first half of 2014
107 Eli Manning QB   With consistency will be everyweek mid-low QB1
108 Anquan Boldin WR   Should have better competition for targets in weak pass offense
109 David Johnson RB   Needs Ellington injury to be more than flex/bye material, which might not be bad bet
110 Dorial Green-Beckham WR   Hunter should be a speed bump, but TEN offense is FF desert
111 Ryan Mathews RB   Jackpot pick if Murray goes down, but can Mathews stay healthy in that event?
112 Shane Vereen RB AVOID Not buying role will be any larger than it was in New England
113 Lance Dunbar RB TARGET Will begin season as passing down back, but potential for more
114 Darren Sproles RB TARGET PPR Flex value with Murray/Mathews injury upside
115 Danny Woodhead RB   Should be close to what he was in 2013 unless Oliver carves out big role
116 Donte Moncrief WR TARGET Big plays profile, but role player without injuries
117 Phillip Dorsett WR TARGET Big plays profile, but role player without injuries
118 Cody Latimer WR   Could soak up a few of Julius TDs, but no consistency without DT/Sanders injury
119 Ryan Tannehill QB   Might need time to adjust to new targets, but second year in productive system
120 Matthew Stafford QB AVOID Just an average NFL and FF QB lately
121 Teddy Bridgewater QB TARGET Should take step forward, but Peterson will keep offense balanced
122 Dwayne Allen TE TARGET Lots of mouths to feed, but if stays healthy, watch out
123 Josh Hill TE   Hype dying down, but should at least be good matchup play
124 Ladarius Green TE TARGET Startable first 4 weeks and we'll see from there
125 Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE TARGET Big QB upgrade, but has to stay healthy
126 Victor Cruz WR AVOID Very rare for players to get back to 100% after patellar tear
127 Martellus Bennett TE AVOID Target count coming down under Fox with Royal in town
128 Pierre Garcon WR AVOID Will bounce back a bit, but not to 2013 levels
129 Kendall Wright WR   Will Whisenhunt ever figure out how to use him?
130 Marvin Jones WR   Great red zone target, but coming back to different CIN offense than he left
131 Terrance Williams WR   A 2A/2B/2C with Witten/Beasley in run-first offense
132 Knile Davis RB   RB1 when Charles is out, bench when he's in
133 DeAngelo Williams RB   Can still play and likely to get at least three starts from him
134 Jay Ajayi RB   Most likely a backup, but could impress and force RBBC
135 Reggie Bush RB AVOID Might catch 50+ balls, but still mired in SF offense + home games on grass
136 Bishop Sankey RB AVOID We saw who he was last year
137 Percy Harvin WR   How will role be large enough to matter in that offense?
138 Josh Huff WR TARGET Dark Horse to get a lot of snaps in PHI offense
139 Colin Kaepernick QB   Could run more often, but overall ride will be rocky
140 Javorius Allen RB TARGET Better than Taliaferro, touchdown vulture with big Forsett injury upside
141 Stevan Ridley RB TARGET If Ivory can't stay healthy, Ridley most likely to benefit
142 Justin Hunter WR   Organization hasn't given up yet, but the clock is about to strike midnight
143 Jay Cutler QB   Surrounded by weapons, but next benching could be last in Chicago
144 Carson Palmer QB TARGET Low QB1 when healthy last year
145 Sam Bradford QB   PHI QB has been a QB1 under Chip for two years running
146 Danny Amendola WR TARGET Came on at end of 2014, massive Edelman injury upside
147 Malcom Floyd WR TARGET Low weekly ceiling, but red zone usage could spike while Gates is out
148 Steve Johnson WR   The type that Rivers loves to throw to. Big Allen/Floyd injury upside
149 Jason Witten TE   Low ceiling but steady TE1
150 Larry Donnell TE   Team reportedly loves him, but numbers off cliff when Beckham emerged
151 Owen Daniels TE AVOID Should score 5-8 times and be a good play those weeks
152 Delanie Walker TE AVOID Titans best passcatcher, but what is that worth?
153 Antonio Gates TE   What will you have when he returns if Green goes off early?
154 Fred Jackson RB   Energizer bunny will find a way to matter at some point this year
155 Andy Dalton QB   All hands on deck in pass offense, but team will run a ton when they lead
156 Theo Riddick RB   On the rise, but Abdullah likely to steal spotlight. Abdullah injury upside
157 Darren McFadden RB   You never know because of DAL OL, but we've been burned too many times
158 Jonas Gray RB   Will start Week 1 and might be better than Blount - but will Belichick agree?
159 Tyler Eifert TE   Talent to excel, but how will he get enough targets?
160 Khiry Robinson RB   Big Ingram injury upside, but useless while he is healthy
161 James Starts RB   Big Lacy injury upside, but useless while he is healthy
162 Montee Ball RB   Anderson injury upside, but is he better than Hillman?
163 Matt Jones RB   Needs a Morris injury to matter, potential PPR flex/bye/injury value
164 Denard Robinson RB   Good when he got a chance, but needs Yeldon injury now
165 Jameis Winston QB   Real chance to join Luck and Newton as 4K Rookie passer
166 Greg Jennings WR   If Stills/Parker falter, Jennings will perform. Maybe even if they're ok
167 Heath Miller TE   Jason Witten east
168 Cole Beasley WR   Bye/injury/emergency play in deep PPR leagues, limited ceiling
169 Eddie Royal WR   Bye/injury/emergency play in deep PPR leagues, limited ceiling
170 Brian Quick WR   Coming back from severe shoulder injury in poor pass offense
171 Eric Ebron TE   Hard to love a TE who lacks TD scoring profile
172 Vernon Davis TE   Rumors of resurgence, but still in fantasy wasteland
173 Dwayne Bowe WR   Don't think Alex Smith was the problem
174 Doug Baldwin WR   Acquisition of Graham stole what thunder he had entering offseason
175 Michael Crabtree WR   Playing on a one year prove it deal in weak pass offense
176 Kenny Britt WR   Quietly righted ship last year, but limited upside unless Quick has setback
177 Cordarrelle Patterson WR   Raw talent off charts, but likely waiting til second team for opportunity
178 Jordan Reed TE   Can't stay healthy and team will give Paul larger role
179 Charles Clay TE   Could produce in a good pass offense. Buffalo isn't one
180 Devin Funchess WR   Rookie growing pains and in an anemic pass offense
181 Taylor Gabriel WR   Offseason buzz and best deep threat, but Browns passing game stuck in neutral
182 Christine Michael RB   Dead to us in redraft without Lynch injury
183 Chris Polk RB   Think he can beat out Blue to back up Foster. Stay tuned
184 Josh Robinson RB   Prefer talent to Herron's but lacks experience. Stay tuned
185 Dan Herron RB   Has built some trust despite mediocre talent. Stay tuned
186 Robert Griffin III QB   Stranger things have happened
187 Geno Smith QB   Chan Gailey has made chicken salad out of worse QBs
188 Joe Flacco QB   Hard to see sustained FF success with that set of targets
189 Jerick McKinnon RB   Dead to us in redraft without Peterson injury
190 Matt Asiata RB   Dead to us in redraft without Peterson injury
191 Robert Turbin RB   Dead to us in redraft without Lynch injury
192 Branden Oliver RB   Decent Gordon handcuff, performed better than 2014 numbers
193 Jace Amaro TE   Offseason reports not promising, but in a good scheme for his skillset
194 Coby Fleener TE AVOID If Colts are sane, he's odd man out in souped up offense
195 Marquess Wilson WR   Kevin White overtaking him a matter of when not if
196 Markus Wheaton WR   Relegated to slot and Coates will push for snaps once he's ready
197 Andre Holmes WR   Size/speed specimen on outside of OAK top 3 WR looking in
198 Marqise Lee WR   At best #3 target in feeble pass offense
199 Stedman Bailey WR   Underrated, but part of pass catching committee on run first team
200 Antone Smith RB   Raw speed among best in league, but likely to be kept on small touch load

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