Building the Perfect FFPC Playoff Challenge Lineup

An attempt at creating a contest-winning FFPC playoff challenge lineup

The fantasy football regular season is over, but opportunities to test your predictive acumen against others abound in the playoffs. In addition to traditional playoff fantasy football and DFS, the FFPC is offering a playoff challenge that requires only a little time and $200 upfront, but lots of entertainment and a big payoff on the tail end.

The simplicity of the rules is the beauty of the contest:

* Each team will consist of ten (10) NFL players in a FFPC starting roster format: 1-QB, 2-RB, 2-WR, 1-TE, 2-Flex, 1-K, 1-D (Flex can be RB, WR or TE)

* Each team will choose ten (10) players from any of the 12 NFL playoff teams but ONLY ONE PLAYER PER TEAM

Note that FFPC scoring means that tight ends will get 1.5 points per reception and carry a premium.

So the task here is to find a configuration of the most valuable players from each team. Ideally we can create lineup where there are no better options from each player's team and no better options at each position, but of course without the luxury of doubling up on players from one team. We'll also have to leave two teams completely unrepresented. I'll touch on my thought process of why this player from this team, and why this player out of his peers at his position. Let's get to it.


Tom Brady, NE - An elite fantasy quarterback with the best chance of playing in the Super Bowl of any quarterback in the playoffs.

Other NE Considerations: LeGarrette Blount (Alternative RBs stronger fantasy options and in case of Elliott, on team with no more attractive options), Julian Edelman (Alternative WRs stronger fantasy options or on teams with no more attractive options), Martellus Bennett (Not 100% and producing at peak levels)

Other QB Considerations: Ben Roethlisberger (Worth considering but best FF commodity Bell at scarcer position), Aaron Rodgers (Elite but risk of one and done, Nelson just as compelling), Russell Wilson (Inconsistent and Graham strong commodity at scarcer position), Matt Ryan (Elite but risk of one and done, Julio just as compelling), Eli Manning (Risk of one and done, Beckham just as compelling)


Le'Veon Bell, PIT, Ezekiel Elliott, DAL - Easy calls as the only two of the three uberstud backs still playing. Both will be focal points of offense. Either one of these backs could outproduce all but one or two other backs in any single game they play.

Other PIT Considerations: Ben Roethlisberger (see above), Antonio Brown (Worth considering, but WR much deeper than RB)

Other DAL Considerations: Dez Bryant (Lacking punch of previous years without Romo and higher volume pass offense)

Other RB Considerations: LeGarrette Blount (See above), Devonta Freeman (Worth Consideration, but one and done potential and split with Coleman)


Julio Jones, ATL, Odell Beckham Jr Jr, NYG - Two of the three elite wide receivers still alive in the playoffs and both are on teams without options that are more attractive at other positions.

Other Atlanta Considerations: Matt Ryan, Devonta Freeman (see above)

Other New York Giants Considerations: Eli Manning (see above)


Jimmy Graham, SEA - One of only two strong fantasy options left, but on a team with a better chance of playing multiple games and set up for better tight end matchups. Graham’s ceiling is also enhanced by the loss of Tyler Lockett.

Other Seattle Considerations: Russell Wilson (see above), Doug Baldwin (wide receiver is deeper, but worth considering if you love Kelce)

Other TE Considerations: None other than Kelce, who is a deserving flex


Travis Kelce, TE, KC, Jordy Nelson, WR, GB - Kelce is a bit of a boom/bust option, but the boom is huge in the FFPC scoring format. Nelson has been quietly elite at wide receiver this season and could put up a top ten wide receiver score over the course of the playoffs even if Green Bay only plays one game.

Other Kansas City Considerations: KC D/ST (strong option, but hard to choose a D/ST over a tight end in this scoring format)

Other Green Bay Considerations: Aaron Rodgers (see above)

Other Flex Considerations: DeAndre Hopkins (HOU D/ST just as attractive and relying on Osweiler), Jay Ajayi (likely one and done and could be marginalized if Pittsburgh jumps out to a lead), Eric Ebron (likely one and done and limited ceiling)


Sebastian Janikowski, OAK - Oakland has best chance to win of remaining teams except Houston, who we are reserving for D/ST, OAK-HOU could be battle of field goals.

Other K Considerations: Nick Novak, Andrew Franks, Matt Prater


Houston - They will face a third string quarterback in Connor Cook and they are playing at home.

Other D/ST Considerations: Kansas City (The best D/ST for fantasy in the playoffs, but would require forgoing Kelce in Flex and Houston has just as much chance to play two games and better chance at a one-game outburst), Miami, Detroit