Building the Perfect FFPC Playoff Challenge Lineup

An attempt at creating a contest-winning FFPC playoff challenge lineup

The fantasy football regular season is over, but opportunities to test your predictive acumen against others abound in the playoffs. In addition to traditional playoff fantasy football and DFS, the FFPC is offering a playoff challenge that requires only a little time and $200 upfront, but lots of entertainment and a big payoff on the tail end. 

The simplicity of the rules is the beauty of the contest: 

* Each team will consist of ten (10) NFL players in a FFPC starting roster format: 1-QB, 2-RB, 2-WR, 1-TE, 2-Flex, 1-K, 1-D (Flex can be RB, WR or TE)
* Each team will choose ten (10) players from any of the 12 NFL playoff teams but ONLY ONE PLAYER PER TEAM

Note that FFPC scoring means that tight ends will get 1.5 points per reception and carry a premium.

So the task here is to find a configuration of the most valuable players from each team. Ideally we can create lineup where there are no better options from each player's team and no better options at each position, but of course without the luxury of doubling up on players from one team. We'll also have to leave two teams completely unrepresented. I'll touch on my thought process of why this player from this team, and why this people out of his peers at his position. Let's get to it.


Russell Wilson, SEA - A high per game scorer and a legitimate shot at four games.

Other Seattle considerations: Doug Baldwin (Wide receiver is deep)

Other QB considerations: Tom Brady (slowing down and Gronk more valuable), Ben Roethlisberger (hard to pass on Antonio Brown), Carson Palmer (David Johnson RB value rarer), Aaron Rodgers (slowing down and unlikely to play more than two games), Cam Newton (possible one and done)


David Johnson, ARI, Adrian Peterson, MIN - Johnson should be one of the focal points of a high-scoring offense that will play at least two games and Peterson is an easy call from a possible wild card weekend loser.

Other Arizona considerations: Carson Palmer (see above), Wide Receivers (Production too split up in strong WR group)

Other Minnesota considerations: None

Other RB considerations: DeAngelo Williams? Jonathan Stewart? It’s hard to justify any other running backs.


Antonio Brown, PIT, DeAndre Hopkins, HOU - The gold standard and a player who could be top five for the postseason in just one game.

Other Pittsburgh considerations: Ben Roethlisberger (see above)

Other Houston considerations: HOU D/ST (higher scoring potential for Hopkins than Watt)

Other Wide Receiver considerations: AJ Green (possible one and done), Jeremy Maclin (possible one and done)


Rob Gronkowski, NE - The gold standard

Other TE considerations: Jordan Reed (possible one and done), Tyler Eifert (possible one and done)

Other NE considerations: Tom Brady (see above), Julian Edelman (health question)


Greg Olsen (TE premium), Demaryius Thomas (Higher weekly ceiling of DEN WR)

Other CAR considerations: Cam Newton (see above)

Other DEN considerations: Emmanuel Sanders (slightly lower weekly ceiling, but that’s debatable)

Other Flex Considerations: Jordan Reed (Taking Reed over Thomas is the decision I am least sure about)


Mason Crosby, GB (Packers best chance to win of remaining teams)

Other K considerations: Cairo Santos, Mike Nugent, Dustin Hopkins


KC D/ST (best playmakers of remaining 3 defenses)

Other DEF considerations: CIN D/ST, WAS D/ST

closest calls

Demaryius Thomas over Jordan Reed, A.J. Green, Jeremy Maclin, Emmanuel Sanders

Mason Crosby over Dustin Hopkins


Good luck!!!