Ranking the 2015 NFL Draft Fantasy Situations: WR

Ranking the WR situations 1-32 by fantasy desirability as draft destinations

As I was starting to stack the names for this year's pre-draft Bloom 100. I was struck by how clearly I could see the wide range of rankings post-draft based on eventual destinations. One element of this that we can't know for sure is what pick the player goes off the board at - which is an indicator in some ways - but with the exception of draft day trades and teams that double (or even triple) up on a position, we can clearly see the short and long-term situation the player will be drafted into and project which would be most and least beneficial (or even detrimental) to a player's dynasty value. Quality of supporting cast, scheme/coaching, and both short and long-term opportunity all figure in to the final ranking. Today, a position that has the clearest interface of situation of them all: wide receiver. Quarterback can sometimes be the key determinative element in a wide receiver's fantasy value. Ignore them at your risk. 

1 NO Colston has one knee in grave and Cooks can't do everything. As long as Brees is there, good pass O
2 NYG Cruz and Randle long-term question marks and Beckham makes pass O combustible
3 SD It's been a good run for Floyd and Gates, but the end is near. End for Rivers much farther down road 
4 BAL  Steve Smith won't best Father Time for much longer and cupboard is bare of pass weapons
5 PHI Matthews is better in the slot and Eagles have no proven outside option. QB uncertainty hurts a little 
6 ATL Roddy White's starter window is getting shorter and Falcons lack clear heir to his spot
7 MIN Bridgewater might end up riffing with Charles Johnson but room for #1 connection is there 
8 SEA Russell Wilson is going to be more of the offense eventually and Graham needs help from WR
9 NE This pass offense can support three FF options and Pats seems to be in market for future WR 
10 MIA Jennings is a stopgap and Tannehill could grow as a passer 
11 IND   Andre Johnson in autumn of career and sharing roster with Luck has value in and of itself
12 TB  Vincent Jackson getting expensive and I'm assuming Winston is a Buc 
13 CLE Bowe and Hartline are bandaids, but so is McCown and anything from Manziel is bonus 
14 TEN Hunter looking like bust and Wright not a sure thing to stick around beyond 2016, but QB?
15 STL  No WR has cemented long-term starting spot, but Foles could be exposed even more
16 CHI Marquess Wilson far from strangehold on #2 job, but Cutler creates QB uncertainty
17 ARI Fitzgerald will retire a Card, but Floyd status shakier than we thought? 
18 JAX  Allen Robinson is a keeper, but signs pointing in opposite direction for Lee. Don't love Bortles
19 OAK  Nothing but opportunity long term but QB outlook still cloudy
20 WAS Pierre Garcon disappeared last year and his price tag is hefty, but team staring at QB oblivion 
21 CAR  #2 job is there for the taking, but pass offense pie is only so big with this blueprint
22 NYJ Marshall one and done? QB situation ugly but Gailey a plus
23 GB No opportunity on horizon, but great QB and WR development track record
24 DEN Peyton creates WR value, but is this is the last hurrah? Would team move on from Thomas? Will Latimer hit? 
25 PIT  Bryant is on track to seize #2 job, but things can change quickly. Offense on rise
26 DAL  Top three spots seem settled, although Romo is a quality QB
27 HOU  Cecil Shorts is short-term rental, but QB will remain unsettled 
28 KC Albert Wilson isn't huge obstacle, but what is left after Kelce and Maclin get theirs? 
29 DET  Opening in a WR3 competition with Corey Fuller
30 SF  Boldin takes a licking and keeps on ticking, but nothing is forever. Pass O anemic 
31 CIN  Young and good at WR and TE, young and mediocre at QB
32 BUF  Stocked with WR talent, a ground and pound coach, and worst QB situation in league