Ranking the 2015 NFL Draft Fantasy Situations: RB

Ranking the RB situations 1-32 by fantasy desirability as draft destinations

As I was starting to stack the names for this year's pre-draft Bloom 100. I was struck by how clearly I could see the wide range of rankings post-draft based on eventual destinations. One element of this that we can't know for sure is what pick the player goes off the board at - which is an indicator in some ways - but with the exception of draft day trades and teams that double (or even triple) up on a position, we can clearly see the short and long-term situation the player will be drafted into and project which would be most and least beneficial (or even detrimental) to a player's dynasty value. Quality of supporting cast, scheme/coaching, and both short and long-term opportunity all figure in to the final ranking. Today, a position where sitaution can hurtle a lesser talent into the first round and be the difference between a player target range being the second round and the fourth round in rookie drafts: running back.

1 DAL Philosophy and OL of a plug and play running game. The prize of the draft
2 ATL Kyle Shanahan is a run genius and the job is wide open 
3 SD  I like Branden Oliver, but come on. OL coming along and great QB
4 NE  LeGarrette Blount is a stopgap and there's no proven receiving back on roster
5 BAL Will running game maintain without Kubiak? Forsett short term answer
6 IND  Gore may only have 1-2 good years left and offense FF cup spilleth over
7 HOU Arian Foster has been worth every penny, but cracks are showing. Run first team 
8 ARI  Arians craves a running game and doesn't think Ellington can provide it
9 DET  Joique Bell is a lunchpail guy, so this is the class to get his understudy
10 NYG  No long-term foundation back on roster but OL needs work
11 TEN Sankey didn't impress, but neither does this team 
12 JAX  Team seems to want to upgrade, but offense is still flatlining
13 OAK  They are reluctant to commit to Murray, but could still seize job
14 CAR  Can Stewart stay healthy? Newton's short rush TDs hurt outlook
15 NYJ I love Ivory but he's been more like porcelain. Offense not fertile for FF
16 TB Martin's time come and gone? OL an issue 
17 MIN Peterson is still there, maybe for a week, maybe for years to come 
18 MIA Running game/OL came along in 2014 and Miller FA in 2016 
19 CLE  Crowell is best back but coaches kept giving West chances. Lost Shanahan
20 CHI  Matt Forte's exit could be sooner than we think, but so could Cutler's
21 DEN Broncos ready to make Anderson the man for good? Not 100% sold 
22 GB Lacy long term durability concerns at draft gone? Lean yes. 
23 PHI  Potentially great running game, but crowded 
24 SEA  Will Seahawks attempt to keep Michael if Lynch stays in 2016?
25 WAS  FA decision coming on Morris in 2016. Snyder not shy about spending
26 STL  Mason should get a clear shot for at least one more year
27 KC  Charles decline isn't in sight yet
28 BUF With new deal, McCoy is the man for a while 
29 SF  Any back added would be Bernard to Hyde's Hill
30 NO  Ingram and Spiller have this held down for 2-3 years
31 PIT  Only chance is Bell running afoul of law/NFL policy again
32 CIN  Even the practice squad back is going to be hard to displace