Ranking the 2015 NFL Draft Fantasy Situations: QB

Ranking the QB situations 1-32 by fantasy desirability for draft destinations

As I was starting to stack the names for this year's pre-draft Bloom 100. I was struck by how clearly I could see the wide range of rankings post-draft based on eventual destinations. One element of this that we can't know for sure is what pick the player goes off the board at - which is an indicator in some ways - but with the exception of draft day trades and teams that double (or even triple) up on a position, we can clearly see the short and long-term situation the player will be drafted into and project which would be most and least beneficial (or even detrimental) to a player's dynasty value. Quality of supporting cast, scheme/coaching, and both short and long-term opportunity all figure in to the final ranking. all Let's start with probably the least important position for this exercise, quarterback.

1 PHI Chip's O manufactures FF QB pts and situation unsettled long term
2 DEN Is this Peyton's last year in Denver? Osweiler's too? 
3 TB Twin Towers at WR and immediate opportunity 
4 ARI  QB-centric offense, aging starter, good WR talent
5 CHI Is this Cutler's last gasp? Opportunity coming soon 
6 NYJ  Now or never for Geno and makings of a good pass offense
7 WAS RG3 feels like dead man walking, but dysfunctional org
8 HOU  Long term job wide open, but underwhelming WR/TE
9 TEN Mettenberger is not the answer, but roster/current regime is meh 
10 CLE Same story as ever, looking for a QB, but seemingly cursed 
11 STL Bradford for Foles is switching deck chairs on Titanic, but ugh the O
12 BUF  Need a QB but Rex is an offense killer
13 NO  Feels like there's a crack in the door, but Brees likely retires there
14 SF  Kaepernick's contract creates opening for year-to-year instability
15 SD  I don't buy Rivers trade, but you never know
16 JAX  Bortles will get two more years in any scenario, but NFL impatient w QBs
17 OAK  If Carr repeats 2014 performance, won't be seen as answer in 2016
18 CIN Dalton's contract creates opening for year-to-year instability 
19 KC Have to think Reid's eyes will wander if Smith doesn't improve 
20 DAL  Romo has this locked down, but has taken lots of punishment
21 MIA Tannehill should get at least Dalton/CK contract
22 GB Rodgers ain't goin' nowhere altho GB made Flynn look good 
23 NYG Eli should retire a Giant 
24 DET  Stafford signed thru 2017
25 MIN  Team Teddy to infinity
26 SEA  Wilson as anything but a Seahawk is unthinkable
27 ATL  Matt Ryan signed through 2018
28 CAR  Contract extension coming
29 BAL Flacco slated to get elite money thru 2018
30 PIT Roethlisberger will retire a Steeler 
31 IND  Luck will be IND QB when our kids are graduating virtual college
32 NE  Jimmy has it covered if Brady doesn't

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