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How to Watch Preseason Football - Footballguys

How to watch all of the Preseason Football that you need to see.

August is here, which means football is back. Well, sort of. Training camps have all opened and preseason games are upon us, which means that there will be a glut of games on the television for the next month or so, which at first sounds like heaven – until you remember what these games are like. It usually starts off great with all the starters suited up (or at least most of them) and a game or two on a national broadcast, but after a quarter or so, everyone has removed their helmets and shoulder pads and are doing sideline interviews. That’s hardly what we were looking for, but we still want to watch and see what players are out there that are making an early impression, especially new guys. So how do you get through all of this?

Simple - with your viewer’s guide to preseason games. With so many games on television and fantasy drafts happening on a daily basis, we all want information as quickly as possible, especially if we get it with our own eyes. There can be over 20 games a week at this time of year, so not many have time to watch every snap. So here we go, along with a few simple rules:


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