Footballguys Staff Mock Draft 12, 12 team Superflex PPR

On August 16th, the Footballguys staff got together for their 12th draft of 2017. A 20-round Superflex PPR mock draft where there are three flex options, one of which can be quarterback. Our John Mamula provides an unbiased summary of each team's draft and each participant answers questions about their strategy/draft. 

On August 16th, the Footballguys staff completed a 12-team Superflex PPR mock draft. Below are the league's scoring and bylaws. 

League Parameters

  • 12 teams
  • 20 roster spots
  • Starting Lineup
    • 1 quarterback
    • 2 running backs
    • 3 wide receivers
    • 1 tight end
    • 3 flex (two can be running back, wide receiver or tight end. One can be a quarterback)
    • 1 team defense

League Scoring

  • Offensive Players
    • 4 points - passing touchdown
    • 6 points - rushing/receiving touchdown
    • 0.05 points - passing yard
    • 0.1 points - rushing/receiving yard
  • Team Defense
    • 6 points - defensive or return touchdown
    • 2 points - turnover forced
    • 2 points - safety
    • 1 point - sack
    • 10 points - 0 points allowed
    • 7 points - 1-6 points allowed
    • 3 points - 7-14 points allowed
    • 0 points - 15-99 points allowed

The Draft Order

The draft order was randomly generated. After the first round, the draft continues in a regular serpentine manner. Click here for the Full Draft, pick by pick or Grid Format

  1. Chad Parsons
  2. Andy Hicks
  3. Phil Alexander
  4. Keith Roberts
  5. Jeff Tefertiller
  6. Danny Tuccitto
  7. Daniel Simpkins
  8. Dan Hindery
  9. Ari Ingel
  10. Chris Feery
  11. Jason Wood
  12. Jeff Haseley

Starting with Chad Parsons from the 1.01 spot, we will go over each person's selections in the mock draft.

Chad Parsons - SLOT 1

1.01 1 Johnson, David ARI RB
2.12 24 Gurley, Todd LAR RB
3.01 25 Murray, DeMarco TEN RB
4.12 48 Wentz, Carson PHI QB
5.01 49 Adams, Davante GBP WR
6.12 72 Jeffery, Alshon PHI WR
7.01 73 Cutler, Jay MIA QB
8.12 96 Bennett, Martellus GBP TE
9.01 97 Snead, Willie NOS WR
10.12 120 Riddick, Theo DET RB
11.01 121 Britt, Kenny CLE WR
12.12 144 Jones, Marvin DET WR
13.01 145 Witten, Jason DAL TE
14.12 168 Hill, Jeremy CIN RB
15.01 169 Siemian, Trevor DEN QB
16.12 192 Cardinals, Arizona ARI Def
17.01 193 Boldin, Anquan BUF WR
18.12 216 Moore, Matt MIA QB
19.01 217 Zenner, Zach DET RB
20.12 240 Johnson, Chris ARI RB

Overall Strategy: Load up with stud RB

Best Pick(s): Alshon Jeffery, 6.12 (WR24) – Chad held off at the WR position and was rewarded when Alshon Jeffery dropped to him at the end of the 6th round. Jeffery is being drafted 1-2 rounds earlier in most drafts as his current ADP is WR16. If Jeffery can get on the same page with Carson Wentz, Chad has an impact 1-2 punch to go along with his strong RB core.

Worst Pick(s): Davante Adams, 5.1 (WR16) – By loading up on RB early, Chad had to make some sacrifices at his WR1 position. Davante Adams broke out last season with 75 receptions for 997 yards and 12 touchdowns. It will be very difficult for him to replicate those numbers with a healthy Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb.

Evaluation: Chad’s team should have a safe floor most weeks with the ability to start 3 top RBs (David Johnson, Todd Gurley, DeMarco Murray). If those 3 RBs stay healthy and Carson Wentz and Alshon Jeffery have a strong season, he will make a deep run in this league.

post-draft questions

1. In a Superflex draft, what is your strategy for drafting quarterbacks and how did that strategy work for you in this draft?
At a minimum, I want a strong QB1. Typically, I am one of the first owners with two quarterbacks, but with the depth in 2017, I can see waiting until the QB13-18 range to get my second option. However, draft position played a factor in my execution of the typical approach in this draft. At 1.01, I was not passing on David Johnson for my choice of quarterback. Quarterbacks did not fly off the board by my 2/3 turn selections (just five were selected), so I doubled up on running backs again. However, that decision cost me as by the 4/5 turn I was down to Carson Wentz (QB18). If Eli Manning had made it, I would have been far more comfortable with the outcome of waiting, but he was selected by Keith Roberts a few picks earlier. Looking back the luxury selection was DeMarco Murray at 3.01 (RB9) instead of a quarterback. I would like my roster more with Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota or Derek Carr in that spot and then getting Isaiah Crowell at the 4/5 turn. I was fortunate to land Jay Cutler out at 7.01 (QB22) in my unfamiliar late-round approach and added Trevor Siemian and Matt Moore late. With a late draft position, I would have gone quarterback at least once in the first three rounds.

2. What players are rising and falling in drafts as we get closer to Week 1. Share your thoughts on these players. 
Dalvin Cook and Christian McCaffrey seem to be two earlier-rather-than-not options in the opening 3-4 rounds of drafts. I have not ended up with either in redrafts (yes, occasionally in rookie drafts for dynasty) as I am not a strong bettor on rookies in redraft in general and this year prefer Joe Mixon over Cook and McCaffrey. For Cook, I question the interior ability and his size profile. Plus, I think Latavius Murray (health pending) is more of a nuisance than most. For McCaffrey, Jonathan Stewart will have a significant role plus Carolina needs a factory reset from the 2016 version. For McCaffrey to justify or show a profit from his ADP, he needs to be rookie Reggie Bush, which is a tall order.

3. What pick on your roster do you believe received the best value?  What about another roster? 
I will highlight two of my selections. The first is Alshon Jeffery at WR24 (6.12 in this superflex format). Jeffery is a prototypical No.1 receiver and has the best quarterback in some time for 2017 in Carson Wentz. With Jordan Matthews gone everything points to a strong target volume and double-digit touchdown potential for Jeffery. In the low-WR2 zone, Jeffery is a strong value for owners waiting on wide receiver. I bet Jeffery finishes in the top-18 of PPR PPG or higher this season. The other is getting Chris Johnson in the final round of the draft. Having David Johnson is a bonus, but Johnson is a clear handcuff available late. Considering other No.2 backs are far pricier with little more weekly appeal outside of injury, Johnson is one of my favorites when roster size allows this season.

While I did not pull the trigger for Ezekiel Elliott at the 2/3 turn (opting for Todd Gurley and DeMarco Murray), I liked Phil Alexander's selection of Elliott at 3.03. The appeal has yet to play out, plus having Elliott for the stretch run is a trump card if an owner can stay above water. Alexander was aggressive with Darren McFadden at RB45, so it was an ideal strategy. One final selection to mention is Keith Roberts with Eli Manning at 4.09 (QB16). Manning was my auto-pick at 4.12 if available and Manning has been a top-10 level option consistently since Odell Beckham broke out in 2014. Roberts found outstanding value in Manning after drafting Aaron Rodgers to anchor his quarterback depth chart in Round 1.

Andy Hicks - Slot 2

1.02 2 Bell, Le'Veon PIT RB
2.11 23 Bryant, Dez DAL WR
3.02 26 Hopkins, DeAndre HOU WR
4.11 47 McCaffrey, Christian CAR RB (R)
5.02 50 Taylor, Tyrod BUF QB
6.11 71 Bortles, Blake JAC QB
7.02 74 Landry, Jarvis MIA WR
8.11 95 Lacy, Eddie SEA RB
9.02 98 Henry, Hunter LAC TE
10.11 119 Glennon, Mike CHI QB
11.02 122 Trubisky, Mitchell CHI QB (R)
12.11 143 White, Kevin CHI WR
13.02 146 Bernard, Giovani CIN RB
14.11 167 Conner, James PIT RB (R)
15.02 170 Cook, Jared OAK TE
16.11 191 Texans, Houston HOU Def
17.02 194 Woods, Robert LAR WR
18.11 215 Lee, Marqise JAC WR
19.02 218 Samuel, Curtis CAR WR (R)
20.11 239 Njoku, David CLE TE (R)

Overall Strategy: Focus on skill positions early and wait on QB

Best Pick(s): Jarvis Landry, 7.2 (WR25) – I was surprised to see Jarvis Landry drop to the 7th round in a PPR draft. He has produced 94 and 111 receptions in each over the past two seasons. His role in the offense should not change this season with Jay Cutler.

Worst Pick(s): DeAndre Hopkins, 3.2 (WR 11)- DeAndre Hopkins is fine WR value at this spot but Andy needed to address the QB position at this point of the draft. After he selected Hopkins, Andy had 20 picks until his next pick and 11 QBs came off the board. In a superflex draft, it can be very risky if you wait and miss out on a QB run.

Evaluation: Waiting on QB is likely to hurt the potential of this team. Andy’s premium skill positions (LeVeon Bell, Dez Bryant, DeAndre Hopkins) can carry this team but they will need help from the QB position. Tyrod Taylor and Blake Bortles are both on the hot seat and may find themselves on the bench at some point during the season.

post-draft questions

1. In a Superflex draft, what is your strategy for drafting quarterbacks and how did that strategy work for you in this draft?
A lot of the strategy depends on your draft slot. If you are at the front or back of a draft you have to almost guess if certain players will make it back in a Superflex draft. You can either reach for Quarterbacks or hope they make it back to your pick. With pick number 2, there was no way I was passing up on David Johnson or Le'Veon Bell. That immediately ruled out 5 quarterbacks. By the time of my 2nd and 3rd pick I had to decide whether to take Andrew Luck, Derek Carr, Ben Roethlisberger or Matt Ryan. The other choice was to load up on players at other positions. With a running back in round 1, I looked at the WR board and I still had 2 elite options in Dez Bryant and DeAndre Hopkins available. I could have taken 1 WR and 1 QB, but was hoping that any one of my top 15 quarterbacks would make it back.  When Phil took Andy Dalton the pick before mine, that plan failed. I ended up being stuck with Tyrod Taylor as my number 1 QB. For the 6th and 7th round I had to grab the best available, and Blake Bortles was still around. As players like Jared Goff went in the 9th, I had to get a pair of QBs that were on teams that had a camp battle or likely to switch starters. Options in the 10th/11th round split were in Chicago, Houston, the Jets and Denver. Deshaun Watson went early in the 10th so had 3 situations to choose from. The Bears had more upside at the position so I filled my roster with Glennon and Trubisky. 

In a superflex draft that heavily favors the QB position, being at the back of round 1 is an advantage, as is the middle part of the draft where you are less likely to get caught in a  run.  At the front end, you do get an elite other position option, but have to decide on reaching for a QB at some stage. You either need to get the value at other positions or pick a player you don't feel worthy at the position you would have to draft him.

2. What players are rising and falling in drafts as we get closer to Week 1. Share your thoughts on these players. 

The player that stands out to me is Terrelle Pryor. He went as the 18th wide receiver off the board and his ADP seems to be rising. I personally don't understand this. His downside is frightening and his upside limited when he goes this high. 
Jarvis Landry's stock has fallen a lot recently, for 2 reasons. An off field incident and the injury to Ryan Tannehill. He is a PPR monster though and I can see neither of these issues causing a loss in production. In fact with an extra touchdown or 2 he pushes into WR1 territory. 

3. What pick on your roster do you believe received the best value?  What about another roster? 
Running Back seems to be offering a lot of value this year, depending on the player(s) you like. I like all of my backs, but thought Eddie Lacy was terrific value as the 95th player off the board. There is talk that Rawls is the lead dog, but Lacy has a much better pedigree and was signed to be used heavily. The plan was to also take Rawls between the 12th and 14th round, but his value is rising to the 11th round here. 
On another roster I thought Daniel Simpkins did well to get Kelvin Benjamin in the middle of the 7th round. His off season weight issues were put to rest by the first preseason game and he should easily outperform the slot he was drafted in.

phil alexander - slot 3

1.03 3 Brown, Antonio PIT WR
2.10 22 Gronkowski, Rob NEP TE
3.03 27 Elliott, Ezekiel DAL RB
4.10 46 Dalton, Andy CIN QB
5.03 51 Mixon, Joe CIN RB (R)
6.10 70 Ingram, Mark NOS RB
7.03 75 Smith, Alex KCC QB
8.10 94 Eifert, Tyler CIN TE
9.03 99 Williams, Tyrell LAC WR
10.10 118 Brown, John ARI WR
11.03 123 Perkins, Paul NYG RB
12.10 142 McFadden, Darren DAL RB
13.03 147 Matthews, Rishard TEN WR
14.10 166 Lewis, Dion NEP RB
15.03 171 Burkhead, Rex NEP RB
16.10 190 Stewart, ArDarius NYJ WR (R)
17.03 195 Gordon, Josh CLE WR
18.10 214 Buccaneers, Tampa Bay TBB Def
19.03 219 Savage, Tom HOU QB
20.10 238 Stills, Kenny MIA WR

Overall Strategy: High Risk-High Reward, Championship or Bust!

Best Pick(s): Tyler Eifert, 8.10 (TE7)- Phil may have won the draft with this pick. In a superflex league where you can start multiple TE, Tyler Eifert has immense upside. By pairing Eifert with Rob Gronkowski, Phil has created a large gap between the TE production on his team as compared to the rest of the league.

Worst Pick(s): Josh Gordon, 17.3 (WR71) – While many will argue that Josh Gordon is a reasonable flier late in a 20-team draft, I would rather utilize the draft spot on someone that is more likely to produce for your team. There has been no word on Gordon’s reinstatement and even if it is granted there is a chance that he will still not see the field this season. All signs suggest that the Browns have moved on.

Evaluation: Love, Love, Love Phil’s draft! Handcuffing Darren McFadden in the 12th round was key to keeping his RB position afloat until Ezekiel Elliott returns from suspension. Phil is swinging for the fences with his Bengals! He will need Andy Dalton to stay healthy because the only QB depth he has is Alex Smith. This team has a high ceiling with the potential for a championship.

post-draft questions

1. In a Superflex draft, what is your strategy for drafting quarterbacks and how did that strategy work for you in this draft?
Quarterback is more of a priority for me in Superflex than a standard league, but the position is still more easily replaceable than running back and wide receiver. That's why I passed on Aaron Rodgers at 1.03 and took Antonio Brown - a perennial candidate to finish as the overall WR1. Admittedly, I came up short of what I was hoping for at quarterback in this draft. I incorrectly assumed I would be able to land one of Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers, or Matthew Stafford as my QB1 with pick 4.10. Andy Dalton isn't a terrible consolation given the rest of my roster, but I was still a little disappointed. Alex Smith - a virtual lock to finish in the QB17-22 range - is the type of QB2 flex option I usually target in this format, so no problems there. But then I blew it at QB3 when I took Tom Savage in the 19th round, without realizing Josh McCown was still available.

2. What players are rising and falling in drafts as we get closer to Week 1. Share your thoughts on these players. 
Since I was the owner who took Ezekiel Elliott, I'll use him as the Captain Obvious answer for falling player. At the moment he's suspended for six games, but there's upside for the suspension to be reduced or delayed. If Elliott is starting in Week 1 or even by Week 5 (both realistic possibilities at this point), getting him at pick 3.03 positions me to win the league. The rest of the owners won't be thrilled to see a team with a clear edge at RB1 (Elliott), WR1 (Antonio Brown), and TE1 (Rob Gronkowski) on their upcoming schedules. Even if the suspension remains a full six games and Elliott doesn't see the field until Week 8, this roster should have enough at running back to get me by. Mark Ingam, Paul Perkins, and Darren McFadden should be start-worthy early in the season. And if Elliott's return coincides with Joe Mixon taking over as Cincinnati's lead back later in the year (an eventuality I'm counting on), this team is sprinting to the finish line.

As far as a player whose ADP is on the rise, I'll echo Daniel Simpkins' sentiments on Christian McCaffrey. His ADP is up a full round since August 1st, which prices him out of my budget. He may very well be a lightning in a bottle type player who makes scoring long touchdowns look easy, but if you're drafting him as a borderline RB1 (he was the RB13 in this draft), you're baking those long scoring plays into his projections. 200 total touches (carries plus receptions) is a reasonable projected workload for McCaffrey. But even if he does see those touches and parlays them into 1,200 total yards, he's still third on the goal line pecking order in Carolina behind Jonathan Stewart and Cam Newton. There isn't a clear path to more than four or five touchdowns for McCaffrey, which makes it tough to pull the trigger on him before the RB18-20 range. I don't hate the pick for Andy Hicks, though. All it would take is an injury to Stewart (not altogether unlikely) for Hicks to pair Le'Veon Bell with an unleashed McCaffrey, which is a scary thought for the rest of the league.

3. What pick on your roster do you believe received the best value?  What about another roster? 
Dan Hindery is right on about Tyler Eifert falling to me at 8.10. Injury history aside, Eifert has upside to finish as the overall TE1. Pairing Eifert with Gronkowski gives me huge leverage on the rest of the league at the tight end position. Now I just have to cross my fingers and hope they can both stay on the field for the majority of the season. 

I was congratuled on the message board for drafting Darren McFadden at pick 12.10 to pair with Elliott.  It had to be the first time anyone got props for drafting McFadden since his first year out of Arkansas. I'm not convinced McFadden is some sort of stud while Elliott is out, but I do see him getting first crack at the starting gig to open the season, and it least it looks good on paper having him and Elliott on my roster. 

As far as value on other rosters, look no further than the wide receivers who slipped to Rounds 8 and 9 in this draft. It's bound to happen in the super flex format since quarterbacks justifiably go earlier, but there was terrific wide receiver value in these rounds regardless. Julian Edelman, Brandon Marshall, DeVante Parker, Pierre Garcon, and Tyrell Williams (OK, he was my pick) all went after the first 30 wide receivers were taken. Each has a clear path to WR2 numbers. 

Keith Roberts - Slot 4

1.04 4 Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB
2.09 21 Ajayi, Jay MIA RB
3.04 28 Baldwin, Doug SEA WR
4.09 45 Manning, Eli NYG QB
5.04 52 Cook, Dalvin MIN RB (R)
6.09 69 Crabtree, Michael OAK WR
7.04 76 Flacco, Joe BAL QB
8.09 93 Powell, Bilal NYJ RB
9.04 100 Rudolph, Kyle MIN TE
10.09 117 Decker, Eric TEN WR
11.04 124 Peterson, Adrian NOS RB
12.09 141 Perine, Samaje WAS RB (R)
13.04 148 Doctson, Josh WAS WR
14.09 165 Ross, John CIN WR (R)
15.04 172 Fiedorowicz, C.J. HOU TE
16.09 189 Sanu, Mohamed ATL WR
17.04 196 Vikings, Minnesota MIN Def
18.09 213 Richard, Jalen OAK RB
19.04 220 Breida, Matt SFO RB (R)
20.09 237 Eagles, Philadelphia PHI Def

Overall Strategy: 2 QBs within the first 4 rounds

Best Pick(s): Eli Manning, 4.9 (QB 16) – While most would look to fill in a RB or WR at this spot, Keith recognized the value of being able to start a QB at the flex position. He drafted one of the last QBs that has 4000 passing yards with 30 TD upside.

Worst Pick(s): Dalvin Cook, 5.4 (RB15) If I had to pick a player that I would change it would be Isaiah Crowell instead of Dalvin Cook in the fifth round. When comparing these two RBs, I feel more confident in the Browns offensive line heading into the season as compared to the Vikings.

Evaluation: This team is above average at every position. While this team does not scream CHAMPIONSHIP on paper, they are solid across the board and will contend on a weekly basis.

post-draft questions

1. In a Superflex draft, what is your strategy for drafting quarterbacks and how did that strategy work for you in this draft?
As many others have stated, my typical strategy is to secure both of my quarterbacks within the first four rounds. These are your top scoring positions in a format like this, so it is critical to lock up at least one top quarterback option early on. As we saw in this draft, this was the strategy of a number of other owners as 18 quarterbacks flew off the board in the top four rounds, with seven owners grabbing two quarterbacks during that span. 
I chose a relatively standard route by taking Rodgers with my number four pick. I projected at least one of the top running back options would fall back to me in the bottom of the second round due to other early quarterback selections, and that strategy barely paid off with Jay Ajayi hanging around at 2.09. In the fourth round, I managed to grab Eli Manning at the tail end of a big quarterback run, which I viewed as a nice value considering the remaining options. Ideally, I would have picked a quarterback without a Week 8 bye, but I just could not pass up on the value Eli Manning presented at that spot considering his top-10 scoring upside. I patched part of my Week 8 bye hole by grabbing Joe Flacco, albeit a little early, in the seventh round. 
 2. What players are rising and falling in drafts as we get closer to Week 1. Share your thoughts on these players. 
One player I have seen rise is Tyrell Williams. Ever since the news of Mike Williams’ injury, Williams has slowly crept up to a current ADP in the 9th round as the 41st wide receiver off the board, and still rising. In FBG Mock drafts, Williams is consistently being drafted ahead of his ADP, going as high as an early 8th round pick, and even as an early 9th round pick in this superflex format. Williams is young and has shown the ability to make explosive plays. Even with the return of Keenan Allen, opportunity for big plays should be there. With that said however, I would much rather draft Williams in a best ball format as opposed to normal season-long due to the weekly variability and risk you assume with his position in this offense. 

A player I have seen falling on draft boards is Sammy Watkins. I know Watkins is always a tough player to draft due to his injury history, and his situation did not necessarily improve by switching from Tyrod Taylor to Jared Goff. However, if Watkins continues to fall down draft boards into the 5th round and beyond, people need to take a look at him. Yes, Cooper Kupp is expected to come on and have a nice rookie season, but who else will Jared Goff realistically have as a down field threat in this offense? 
 3. What pick on your roster do you believe received the best value?  What about another roster?
I managed to draft a couple of running backs at particularly solid values, the first of which being Jay Ajayi. Because of the superflex format, Ajayi managed to fall near the end of the second round instead of his typical early second round ADP. However, Ajayi is not nearly as much of a value as I perceive Adrian Peterson to be. Peterson’s ADP thus far has been around the 7th round (76 overall, RB28), and I managed to find him in the 11th round (124th overall, RB36). Peterson is commonly being overlooked in drafts this year, and for some great reasons like age, health concerns, and questions around his role in the Saints offense. Regardless of the concerns though, this is Adrian Peterson. He has the talent, and has shown time and time again that he has the ability to perform through adversity. Mark Ingram has not exactly been without injury concerns himself, and Alvin Kamara is an unproven rookie coming in. If the cards fall correctly and Peterson stays healthy, he has RB1 upside. I will take that in the 11th round time and time again.
As for other rosters, I have to call out (as many others have) the Elliott / McFadden combo pick by Phil Alexander. Getting Elliott alone at the top of the third round is great in my eyes, but pairing him with McFadden in the 12th is an absolute steal that should put his team in a very good spot this season. 

jeff tefertiller - slot 5

1.05 5 Brady, Tom NEP QB
2.08 20 Howard, Jordan CHI RB
3.05 29 Cooks, Brandin NEP WR
4.08 44 Robinson, Allen JAC WR
5.05 53 Palmer, Carson ARI QB
6.08 68 Bryant, Martavis PIT WR
7.05 77 Fitzgerald, Larry ARI WR
8.08 92 Henry, Derrick TEN RB
9.05 101 Hoyer, Brian SFO QB
10.08 116 Hooper, Austin ATL TE
11.05 125 Stewart, Jonathan CAR RB
12.08 140 Ginn Jr., Ted NOS WR
13.05 149 Rodgers, Jacquizz TBB RB
14.08 164 Foreman, D'Onta HOU RB (R)
15.05 173 Clay, Charles BUF TE
16.08 188 Williams, Mike LAC WR (R)
17.05 197 Richardson, Paul SEA WR
18.08 212 Jaguars, Jacksonville JAC Def
19.05 221 Garoppolo, Jimmy NEP QB
20.08 236 McGuire, Elijah NYJ RB (R)

Overall Strategy: Stud QB and QB for flex

Best Pick(s): Brandin Cooks, 3.5 (WR13) – After Jeff started his draft with Tom Brady and Jordan Howard, he needed a WR to drop to him. He was fortunate to have Brandin Cooks fall to the middle of the 3rd round because there is a drop off at the position after him and Demaryius Thomas.

Worst Pick(s): Derrick Henry, 8.8, (RB28) – Jeff waited too long to select his second RB. He should have addressed the position a few rounds earlier, perhaps in the sixth round when he selected Martavis Bryant. Mark Ingram was on the board and would have made a solid RB2 for this squad.

Evaluation: Jeff can plug Carson Palmer in at one of his flex positions. This team is solid at QB and WR but weak at RB2 and TE. He will need a few things to break his way to contend. This team will only go as far as Tom Brady and Brandin Cooks can take it.

post-draft questions

1. In a Superflex draft, what is your strategy for drafting quarterbacks and how did that strategy work for you in this draft?  Targeting Rodgers or Brady.  Much prefer a top QB over a top WR in this draft spot (1.05).  Some may think I reached on Rodgers or Palmer in the fifth, but Superflex weights QB much more than most realize.  Used a 19th round pick to lock in Garoppolo.  I also pick a QB3 like Hoyer or Bradford given the need to play a QB at the flex given the points/game differentials.

2. What players are rising and falling in drafts as we get closer to Week 1. Share your thoughts on these players.  Golladay and Rawls are climbing the drafts while Sammy Watkins and Jordan Matthews are falling.  Yes, Ezekiel Elliott is falling down the draft at a break-neck speed, but was looking at a deeper set of options.  I also like DeAngelo Henderson (RB, DEN) as a riser. 

3. What pick on your roster do you believe received the best value?  What about another roster?   I liked being able to take Brandin Cooks and Allen Robinson in the 3rd and 4th.  Those two were falling down the draft as QBs were selected high.  

I liked Phil Alexander's Ezekiel Elliott/Darren McFadden combination for the cost of 3.03 and 12.10.  Seems cheap no matter how the situation plays out.  

danny tuccitto - slot 6

1.06 6 Beckham, Odell NYG WR
2.07 19 Newton, Cam CAR QB
3.06 30 Winston, Jameis TBB QB
4.07 43 Kelce, Travis KCC TE
5.06 54 Crowell, Isaiah CLE RB
6.07 67 Diggs, Stefon MIN WR
7.06 78 Crowder, Jamison WAS WR
8.07 91 Gore, Frank IND RB
9.06 102 Walker, Delanie TEN TE
10.07 115 Coleman, Corey CLE WR
11.06 126 Davis, Corey TEN WR (R)
12.07 139 Perriman, Breshad BAL WR
13.06 150 Kamara, Alvin NOS RB (R)
14.07 163 Sproles, Darren PHI RB
15.06 174 Charles, Jamaal DEN RB
16.07 187 Nelson, J.J. ARI WR
17.06 198 Williams, Joe SFO RB (R)
18.07 211 McNichols, Jeremy TBB RB (R)
19.06 222 Rams, Los Angeles LAR Def
20.07 235 Peake, Charone NYJ WR

Overall Strategy: 2 QBs within the first 3 rounds

Best Pick(s): Delanie Walker, 9.6 (TE11) – I was surprised to see Delanie Walker drop to the 9th round as the 11th TE selected as he currently has an ADP of TE7. Walker is a solid TE in PPR leagues with at least 63 receptions in each of his past 3 seasons. Danny has the luxury of starting him in one of his flex positions.

Worst Pick(s): Frank Gore, 8.7 (RB27) – Danny held off attacking the RB position and was forced to take Frank Gore as his RB2. Gore has been the model of consistency but the wheels are bound to come off at some point. I prefer to target a RB2 with more upside such as C.J. Anderson or Mark Ingram.

Evaluation: Danny threw ADP out the window and targeted certain players. Jameis Winston is an aggressive pick as QB6 in the third-round while Matt Ryan, Andrew Luck, and Derek Carr were still available. Stefon Diggs is another player that Danny drafted significantly ahead of his current ADP (WR21 as compared to an ADP of WR31). While it is a high-risk strategy, you ensure that you land the players that you are targeting. If Danny can shore up his RB2 position, this team has the upside to contend for the league championship.

post-draft questions

1. In a Superflex draft, what is your strategy for drafting quarterbacks and how did that strategy work for you in this draft?
This comes down to the math. If you do a simple VBD calculation for all flex-eligible players (i.e., non-starters at QB/RB/WR/TE), you find that the Top 16 values are quarterbacks. For instance, regardless of how awesome you think, say, Martavis Bryant is going to be, it's inescapable that a quarterback like Matthew Stafford is projected to score around 100 more points in your starting lineup. As such, I'm necessarily taking quarterbacks much earlier in Superflex; they're simply more valuable. (Full disclosure: This is coming from an otherwise "Late QB" guy.)

This strategy worked out fine for me. I'm completely happy with Cam Newton as my QB1 as I think he's undervalued this year because of last season's disappointment. At QB2, I probably would have taken Marcus Mariota instead of Jameis Winston in hindsight because he's better across the board according to my "true" stats. That second-guessing, however, is mitigated by the fact that a huge quarterback run ensued after I picked Winston (i.e., 9 of the next 10 picks), and so I was vindicated going QB2 there. Waiting until my next pick (or later) for QB2 would have put me in Eli Manning-Andy Dalton-Carson Wentz (or worse) territory. Yuck.

2. What players are rising and falling in drafts as we get closer to Week 1. Share your thoughts on these players.
Given how quarterback value gums up the works in Superflex, I'm not sure how much useful information this draft gave me to formulate an answer this question. That said, and keeping this Footballguys' mock draft-centric, I can compare the non-quarterback picks in this mock to the previous two redraft mocks I've participated in (Mock 7 and Mock 9) and look for the biggest outliers. Doing so, here are the risers (with commentary):

  • Devontae Booker, up about 40 picks: Not sure how to explain this rise, especially given his injury status. Regardless, if I'm taking a flier on a Broncos' running back, it's going to be Jamaal Charles.
  • Kenny Golladay, up about 30 picks: Duh, but he still fell to the end of the 13th round here, which says to me that our staff is baking a massive "it's preseason" grain of salt into the cake. My opinion of Golladay is that the cake will be sodium free by Week 1.
And here are a couple of interesting fallers:

  • David Njoku, down about 80 picks: He's gone from around 150 in previous mocks to the second-to-last pick of this mock. He's had a back injury and there's been a bunch of Seth DeValve hype among the fantasy football intelligentsia out there, but a fall this far seems excessive. That said, I'm staying away, as I don't take rookie tight ends in redraft.
  • LeGarrette Blount and Matt Forte, each down about 50 picks: Recent news out of Eagles camp explains Blount's fall, while a whole host of factors -- age, injury, behind Bilal Powell, the Jets' impending offensive doom, etc. -- explain Forte's fall. I don't like either in the 13th-round (i.e., where they went in this mock), nor do I like them in any round. Blount has no shot -- even via the injuries-to-others path -- of being a three-down back, so why bother when there are other backs who do have said shot out there in later rounds?
3. What pick on your roster do you believe received the best value?  What about another roster?
People are probably going to crap all over this, especially Jason, who needled me after the pick in our draft chat room, but I think my best value was Delanie Walker in the 9th round. I know he's old. I know the additions of Corey Davis and Eric Decker are likely to mean fewer targets. I know they drafted Jonnu Smith, who Walker himself sees as his heir apparent. But, and it's four big ones,
  1. Walker was TE5 just last year. (I got him at TE11 in this draft.)
  2. I had him ranked at 7.07 per format-specific VBD and he had a Superflex ADP of 8.04. (I got him at the 9.06 in this draft.)
  3. Mike Mularkey has always utilized tight ends in the passing game because he made his bones as a tight ends coach. Therefore, Walker has a high floor as long as he's healthy. (Note: He's played at least 14 games in 10 straight seasons.)
  4. He's been Marcus Mariota's -- i.e., a very good, young quarterback's -- woobie.
With respect to other rosters, the best value was obtained by -- whaddyaknow! -- Jason when he got the aforementioned Golladay at 13.11. I was going to take him at 13.06 because I thought he had already fallen too far, but I desperately needed upside running back depth at the time. (I only had two RBs on my roster through 12 picks.) Prayers of lasting until my 14.07 pick weren't answered, as Jason expertly swooped in and sniped him.

daniel simpkins - slot 7

1.07 7 Brees, Drew NOS QB
2.06 18 Wilson, Russell SEA QB
3.07 31 Thomas, Demaryius DEN WR
4.06 42 Miller, Lamar HOU RB
5.07 55 Allen, Keenan LAC WR
6.06 66 Woodhead, Danny BAL RB
7.07 79 Benjamin, Kelvin CAR WR
8.06 90 Parker, DeVante MIA WR
9.07 103 Martin, Doug TBB RB
10.06 114 Doyle, Jack IND TE
11.07 127 Johnson, Duke CLE RB
12.06 138 Prosise, C.J. SEA RB
13.07 151 Matthews, Jordan BUF WR
14.06 162 Booker, Devontae DEN RB
15.07 175 Lockett, Tyler SEA WR
16.06 186 Watson, Ben BAL TE
17.07 199 Turbin, Robert IND RB
18.06 210 Hurns, Allen JAC WR
19.07 223 McCown, Josh NYJ QB
20.06 234 Bengals, Cincinnati CIN Def

Overall Strategy: 2 Stud QBs

Best Pick(s): Russell Wilson, 2.6 (QB4) – While some would pass on taking back-to-back QBs to start a draft, it makes sense in a superflex league. Daniel was able to lock up two of the Top 5-6 QBs available.

Worst Pick(s): Jack Doyle, 10.6 (TE14) – Daniel waited too long for his TE1. He should have addressed the position a round of two earlier with a player such as Kyle Rudolph or Delanie Walker.

Evaluation: Daniel has the highest projected QB tandem in the league. Starting Russell Wilson at flex gives him a strong weekly advantage in a H2H format. He is above average at the RB and WR position but well below average at the TE position. If Jack Doyle or Ben Watson significantly overperform, this team will be in the mix at the top.

post-draft questions

1. In a Superflex draft, what is your strategy for drafting quarterbacks and how did that strategy work for you in this draft?

In this format, it’s important to me to draft two quarterbacks in the first four rounds, regardless of what my opponents do. In typical superflex leagues, the pool will deplete quickly and trying to hit on those later quarterbacks is tricky business. In addition, you still end up overpaying for the scrap heap signal callers, which only serves to compound the mistake. In this draft, I saw two quarterbacks I think will have top-five finishes still on the board in round one and round two. While this feels like reaching because we are used to waiting at quarterback, within this scoring context, it will give me a pretty big scoring advantage over my opponents from week to week. Though I didn’t get premium players at any other position because I took quarterbacks early, I was still able to get both solid starters and high-upside guys at running back and wide receiver during the remainder of the draft. 
2. What players are rising and falling in drafts as we get closer to Week 1. Share your thoughts on these players. 
I see Christian McCaffrey’s value getting out of control. I attended Titans-Panthers joint practice last week and saw him regularly toasting linebackers and defensive backs trying to cover him in the passing game. It was hard for me to put what I was seeing in perspective and not get sucked in by the hype. While I’m certainly very excited about him from a dynasty perspective, I think we may need to cool down on McCaffrey a bit in redraft. Jonathan Stewart is still a big part of the plan, a fact that Ron Rivera has made very clear. McCaffrey is also not excelling between the tackles yet, something I also noticed when I was watching practice. We need to accept that it will take the rookie time to adjust to that facet of the NFL game. 
I also see that LaQuon Treadwell is plummeting down draft boards. People were already sour on him after he turned in a one-catch rookie year. Then he gets into a fight with a teammate at practice and sustains a hamstring injury in the same practice session. I won’t ding him on the injury problems he’s had in his young career so far, but I do think he needs to show greater maturity. I have been high on Treadwell from a skills standpoint and I believe that him being a first-round selection will ensure that he gets every opportunity to turn things around. I just am not sure that the turnaround is going to occur this year in time for him to matter for redraft. In dynasty leagues, owners should not sell, because this is a low point. Just like the stock market, you never want to bail when the stock is plunging. His value will rebound at some point and if you don’t believe, that’s the time to get out. 
3. What pick on your roster do you believe received the best value?  What about another roster? 
I think getting C.J. Prosise in the 12th round was fantastic value. In 2016, Prosise demonstrated proficiency not only in the passing game, but also between the tackles before he got hurt. He is clearly their pass-catching back and has the opportunity to do more if Eddie Lacy and Thomas Rawls disappoint. To get a guy that I believe will catch at least 60 balls this late made me feel much better about this team’s chances to end up in the playoffs.
Dan Hindery snagging Zay Jones in the 14th round could prove to be a steal. The team is high on him and the reports out of practice have been effusive throughout the summer. The target volume could certainly be there with Sammy Watkins out of the way. Jordan Matthews has proven to not be the most durable guy. It’s not hard to tell a story in which Jones finishes the year as the most valuable receiver on this roster. 

Dan Hindery - slot 8

1.08 8 Jones, Julio ATL WR
2.05 17 Hilton, T.Y. IND WR
3.08 32 Ryan, Matt ATL QB
4.05 41 Fournette, Leonard JAC RB (R)
5.08 56 Pryor, Terrelle WAS WR
6.05 65 Montgomery, Ty GBP RB
7.08 80 Reed, Jordan WAS TE
8.05 89 Garcon, Pierre SFO WR
9.08 104 Bradford, Sam MIN QB
10.05 113 Watson, Deshaun HOU QB (R)
11.08 128 Maclin, Jeremy BAL WR
12.05 137 Williams, Jamaal GBP RB (R)
13.08 152 Blount, LeGarrette PHI RB
14.05 161 Jones, Zay BUF WR (R)
15.08 176 Seferian-Jenkins, Austin NYJ TE
16.05 185 Lynch, Paxton DEN QB
17.08 200 Washington, DeAndre OAK RB
18.05 209 Thompson, Chris WAS RB
19.08 224 Bills, Buffalo BUF Def
20.05 233 Miller, Braxton HOU WR

Overall Strategy: Stud WRs and wait on QB2

Best Pick(s): Zay Jones, 14.5 (WR59) -Expect Zay Jones stock to climb as the season approaches. Jones will have a large opportunity with Sammy Watkins being traded to the Rams. Jones is the all-time NCAA Division 1 career receptions (399) leader and has been impressive thus far in training camp.

Worst Pick(s): Jeremy Maclin, 11.8, (WR44) Not than Maclin is a poor value at this spot, but rather than select my WR5, I would have addressed the RB2 or TE2 position.

Evaluation: Bold strategy for Dan to wait to address QB2 until the 9th round. Sam Bradford and Deshaun Watson with back-to-back picks are an interesting compliment to Matt Ryan. If Watson starts sooner than expected, it may go down as one of the most strategic plays of the draft. Dan locked down the GB backfield when he drafted Jamaal Williams in the 12th round. Dan has one of the top WR cores in the league and should hold his own at the RB position. Dan will need to see Jordan Reed healthy as he waited to address TE2 with Austin Seferian-Jenkins in the 15th round.

post-draft questions

1. In a Superflex draft, what is your strategy for drafting quarterbacks and how did that strategy work for you in this draft?
My general strategy is: If you’re going to wait on taking your QB2, really wait. Similar to the late-round quarterback strategy in single quarterback leagues, you can wait and be the last person to get your QB2 and be just fine at the position.

I also try to be flexible and adjust on the fly depending upon how fast the quarterbacks are coming off the board. If quarterbacks are coming off at a reasonable pace, I have no problem grabbing a strong QB2 in the 4th or 5th round. However, I’m always prepared to punt QB2 if all the quarterbacks are getting overdrafted. 

In this draft, the quarterbacks were definitely drafted too high so I knew I was going to not panic and wait a while for my second. There are 25 or 26 decent fantasy quarterbacks, so you can wait and be the last person to grab your QB2 and actually find some value. 

It worked out well as I felt I got nice value on Sam Bradford in the 9th round. As long as other teams don’t start snagging their QB3 extra early, it makes sense to really wait. Why reach on the low-end QB2s like Blake Bortles, Alex Smith, etc. in the 5th or 6th round when you can get a similar player much later? 

If you go late-round Quarterback in Superflex, it does make sense to grab your QB3 a little early and give yourself better weekly options. I was please to grab Deshaun Watson in the 10th to pair with Bradford. Playing matchups (and having a bye week fill-in) should allow me to get solid QB2 production and hope that my advantage at wide receiver provides a real advantage.

2. What players are rising and falling in drafts as we get closer to Week 1. Share your thoughts on these players. 
Carlos Hyde has been creeping up in ADP as we start to get some clarity on the running back depth chart in San Francisco. He went ahead of Marshawn Lynch as RB17 in this draft to Ari Ingel. I agree that his ADP should be rising and he was a guy I was also targeting as a strong RB2 option, hoping he fell to round 6. Hyde is a very talented runner in a great system and still comes at a slight discount due to the offseason uncertainty. 

DeVante Parker is another player who is deservedly rising. He has had a strong offseason and should benefit from playing with Jay Cutler, who is unafraid to throw it up and let his receiver go get it. I was hoping either Parker or Pierre Garcon would make it to me in the 8th round. Both were there and while I love both at their current ADP, I went Garcon just narrowly over Parker (who went the next pick). 

Leonard Fournette is starting to slide in some drafts. It’s understandable. He has a foot injury and the Jacksonville offense could be a train wreck. However, I’m happy to be the guy to stop his slide in the late 4th round (or 3rd round in a single quarterback league). He’s a special talent. I think he can transcend his situation and will be in the top 10 in touches. 

3. What pick on your roster do you believe received the best value?  What about another roster? 
Deshaun Watson in the 10th round of a Superflex league felt like really good value. It’s only a matter of time before Watson takes the starting job in Houston and it should happen early in the season. Watson should instantly be a strong fantasy option in Superflex. He’s very effective running the ball and has enough weapons in Houston to put up solid passing numbers as well. In the end, Watson will probably outperform many of the quarterbacks taken in the 5th and 6th rounds. 

I love Phil’s pick of Tyler Eifert at 8.10. People are hung up on Eifert’s injury history, but he’s fully healthy now and almost every top tight end comes with injury risk (look at Kyle Rudolph’s history for example). Few come with the amount of upside Eifert does. He has 18 touchdowns in his last 21 games (a couple of which he barely played in). With A.J. Green and John Ross demanding safety attention, Eifert is going to have a lot of room to operate over the middle of the field and could have a huge season. Expect double-digit touchdowns from Eifert. Phil also crushed it with the Ezekiel Elliott/Darren McFadden combo in the 3rd/12th rounds. 

Ari Ingel - slot 9

1.09 9 Green, A.J. CIN WR
2.04 16 McCoy, LeSean BUF RB
3.09 33 Mariota, Marcus TEN QB
4.04 40 Stafford, Matthew DET QB
5.09 57 Hyde, Carlos SFO RB
6.04 64 Watkins, Sammy LAR WR
7.09 81 Tate, Golden DET WR
8.04 88 Coleman, Tevin ATL RB
9.09 105 Ebron, Eric DET TE
10.04 112 Moncrief, Donte IND WR
11.09 129 Meredith, Cameron CHI WR
12.04 136 Thielen, Adam MIN WR
13.09 153 Williams, Jonathan BUF RB
14.04 160 Vereen, Shane NYG RB
15.09 177 Gates, Antonio LAC TE
16.04 184 Shepard, Sterling NYG WR
17.09 201 Chiefs, Kansas City KCC Def
18.04 208 Seahawks, Seattle SEA Def
19.09 225 Higbee, Tyler LAR TE
20.04 232 Smith, Torrey PHI WR

Overall Strategy: 2 QB within the first 4 rounds

Best Pick(s): LeSean McCoy, 2.4, (RB5) – Christmas came early for Ari with LeSean McCoy dropping to the 4th pick in the 2nd round. While his opponents put a premium on QB and WR, Ari scooped up some serious value with McCoy, who has a current ADP of RB3 and 6 overall in non-superflex leagues.

Worst Pick(s): Golden Tate, 7.9, (WR29) – While Golden Tate is solid value at this spot in the draft, Ari’s team would have been better served to address the TE position. Jimmy Graham and Zach Ertz were both drafted before Ari’s next selection as he ended up waiting until the 9th round to select Eric Ebron as his TE1.

Evaluation: Ari made sure to get 2 quality starting QBs. He will start Marcus Mariota and Matthew Stafford in the flex position most weeks. He is above average at the RB and WR position but below average at TE. This team will go as far as Matthew Stafford and Eric Ebron can take it.

post-draft questions

1. In a Superflex draft, what is your strategy for drafting quarterbacks and how did that strategy work for you in this draft?

I always grab my two quarterbacks within the first four rounds. If I don’t get Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady or Drew Brees in the first two rounds, then I will grab my two in the 3rd and 4th rounds. Worked out well for me, as usual, got Marcus Mariota in the 3rd and Matthew Stafford in the 4th.  

 2. What players are rising and falling in drafts as we get closer to Week 1. Share your thoughts on these players. 
 Terrelle Pryor is rising a ton. He’s a freak of an athlete standing 6'4" 240 pounds with 4.38 forty speed. His conversion from quarterback to receiver looks to finally be complete, and he could end up turning in a monster year, especially after training with Antonio Brown and Randy Moss during the off-season. DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon abandon 216 targets between them, a good chunk of which will go to Pryor. He’s being drafted solidly into the 3rd round now, and that could rise even further. 
John Brown on the other hand is starting to fall big time. His breakout season was a major disappointment after suffering from sickle cell and also developing a cyst on his spine. He had surgery to remove the cyst, but he is still dealing with issues from sickle cell and has been sidelined at practice due to hamstring issues once again.  Head coach Bruce Arians went as far to call his lack of practice a "concern." The top-end talent is still there and should be the team's lead receiver on the outside if he can get healthy, but he is a major risk if you reach for him at the moment. 

 3. What pick on your roster do you believe received the best value?  What about another roster? 
Antonio Gates in the 15th round was pretty good value. The juice is gone, as he enters his age 37 season, but as long he is healthy, he will be very active in the red zone, as he was in their pre-season game, and should easily catch 7 or 8 touchdowns. Most tight ends are touchdown dependent anyhow, so might as well draft one that catches a lot of them. 
On another team, Danny getting Delanie Walker in the 9th round is good value. His numbers came back down to his four-year mean after a one year spike, but in the unreliable world of tight ends, he’s a safe and steady top 10 option with an upside to place in the Top 5.

Chris Feery - slot 10

1.10 10 Gordon, Melvin LAC RB
2.03 15 Cooper, Amari OAK WR
3.10 34 Carr, Derek OAK QB
4.03 39 Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB
5.10 58 Hill, Tyreek KCC WR
6.03 63 Anderson, C.J. DEN RB
7.10 82 Gillislee, Mike NEP RB
8.03 87 Marshall, Brandon NYG WR
9.10 106 Goff, Jared LAR QB
10.03 111 Fleener, Coby NOS TE
11.10 130 Rawls, Thomas SEA RB
12.03 135 Wallace, Mike BAL WR
13.10 154 Thomas, Julius MIA TE
14.03 159 James, Jesse PIT TE
15.10 178 Mack, Marlon IND RB (R)
16.03 183 Goodwin, Marquise SFO WR
17.10 202 Patriots, New England NEP Def
18.03 207 Giants, New York NYG Def
19.10 226 Williams, Terrance DAL WR
20.03 231 Oliver, Branden LAC RB

Overall Strategy: 2 QB within the first 4 rounds

Best Pick(s): Tyreek Hill, 5.10, WR19 – Tyreek Hill finished as the number 15 fantasy receiver in 2016 and should remain a significant part of the Chiefs game plan this season. Getting Hill at the end of the 5th round is a steal.

Worst Pick(s): Mike Gillislee, 7.10, (RB25) – With Melvin Gordon and C.J. Anderson already on his roster, Chris should have addressed the TE position at this point of the draft. Jimmy Graham and Zach Ertz were both drafted within the next 3 picks.

Evaluation: Chris made sure to draft 2 starting QBs within the first 4 rounds. He will start Ben Roethlisberger in the flex position most weeks. He is strong at RB and WR but well below average at TE. Chris will be overmatched at the TE position most weeks unless Coby Fleener can significantly outperform his projections.

post-draft questions

1. In a Superflex draft, what is your strategy for drafting quarterbacks and how did that strategy work for you in this draft?

In a perfect world, I’m walking out of the first four rounds with two quarterbacks I’m happy with. You put yourself too much behind the eight ball in a superflex league without quality signal callers on your roster. That being said, I’ll typically stay patient and grab them in rounds three and four. Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees will definitely be off the board by this point, and other top names will gradually be selected as well. That opens up some risk, but I’ve found I can still find value in those two rounds in the form of quarterbacks that others may not be as high on. For this draft, I was able to snag Derek Carr and Ben Roethlisberger, so it worked out perfectly fine in my eyes. I was able to exit round four with that pair plus Melvin Gordon and Amari Cooper, and that’s a base of a superflex team that I feel good about.   
2. What players are rising and falling in drafts as we get closer to Week 1. Share your thoughts on these players. 
As the others have mentioned, Kenny Golladay is surging off the strength of a strong camp and preseason. The hype seems warranted, as he’s a near lock to see plenty of time for the Lions this year, and he should see a nice amount of red zone looks to boot. The rookie running backs - Mixon, McCaffrey, and Cook - are also on the rise, and I’m highest on McCaffrey of the three. Pierre Garcon and Terrelle Pryor are seeing more love lately than they did in the early going, and I’m on board with both of them as excellent draft selections.  
As for fallers, Jeff nailed two good ones in Sammy Watkins and Jordan Matthews. The latter will likely keep doing that, while the former should stabilize. The Rams may actually surprise this year with a new head coach in town, and I’m in the camp that says Sean McVay will get the best out of Jared Goff. Watkins can do some damage in an offense that may air it out more than most folks are thinking, so he’s still an intriguing selection in my book. One other name to add to the list is DeAndre Hopkins. He was being drafted as a no-brainer WR1 in the early going, but doubt is gradually starting to creep in on his 2017 prospects. He’s still going off right on the WR1/WR2 bubble, but it’s been interesting to see how the realities of a Tom Savage-led offense are starting to creep in. As Dan mentioned, Deshaun Watson will take over at some point, and I’d be more inclined to go with Hopkins if the Texans rolled with him out of the gate.     
3. What pick on your roster do you believe received the best value?  What about another roster? 
I was pretty happy to land Thomas Rawls in Round 11. Word out of Seattle is that he’s been the more impressive Seahawks back in camp. He’s been working with the ones, while Eddie Lacy has been seeing time with the twos. That doesn’t mean for sure that Rawls will be the lead dog, but signs are pointing to some kind of timeshare in the Seahawks backfield. Assuming he sees the amount of work I’m thinking that he will, Rawls can easily pay off a Round 11 value. 
I loved Jeff’s 9/10 turned, as he nailed some solid value in both spots. He grabbed Terrance West at 9.12, and he followed that up with Randall Cobb at 10.01. Both players are flying under the radar this season, and I like both to outperform their ADP in 2017. 

Jason Wood - slot 11

1.11 11 Evans, Mike TBB WR
2.02 14 Thomas, Michael NOS WR
3.11 35 Luck, Andrew IND QB
4.02 38 Prescott, Dak DAL QB
5.11 59 Lynch, Marshawn OAK RB
6.02 62 Abdullah, Ameer DET RB
7.11 83 Graham, Jimmy SEA TE
8.02 86 Edelman, Julian NEP WR
9.11 107 Kizer, DeShone CLE QB (R)
10.02 110 Kelley, Rob WAS RB
11.11 131 White, James NEP RB
12.02 134 Anderson, Robby NYJ WR
13.11 155 Golladay, Kenny DET WR (R)
14.02 158 Brate, Cameron TBB TE
15.11 179 Broncos, Denver DEN Def
16.02 182 Allen, Dwayne NEP TE
17.11 203 Funchess, Devin CAR WR
18.02 206 Henderson, De'Angelo DEN RB (R)
19.11 227 Steelers, Pittsburgh PIT Def
20.02 230 Agholor, Nelson PHI WR

Overall Strategy: WR early and then 2 QB within the first 4 rounds

Best Pick(s): Robby Anderson, 12.2, (WR47) – It’s not every year that you can draft an NFL teams number one WR in the 12th round but that’s just what Jason did in this draft. The Jets will be playing from behind all season and Robby Anderson will be locked into targets.

Worst Pick(s): Ameer Abdullah, 6.2, (RB20) – Jason went WR and QB early and was left to find value at RB2. Ameer Abdullah currently has an ADP of RB27 and has struggled staying on the field thus far in his short career. Perhaps Jason should have targeted C.J. Anderson or Ty Montgomery who were both available.

Evaluation: Jason’s team will depend on his QBs. Andrew Luck fell to the bottom of the third round due to injury concerns. Dak Prescott will be forced to start the season without Ezekiel Elliott carrying the load on offense. If these QBs can overcome their question marks, Jason’s team will contend.

post-draft questions

1. In a Superflex draft, what is your strategy for drafting quarterbacks and how did that strategy work for you in this draft?
Most Superflex drafts are effectively 2QB leagues because teams will start a second quarterback nearly every week; only opting for another position when bye weeks and injuries leave them without a choice. I would've taken either Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers in the first round but they were long gone by the time I picked at 1.11. With those two gone, I couldn't pass up the value at receiver and decided I would target quarterback at the 3/4 turn. In theory, the decision worked out perfectly because I ended up with two quarterbacks -- Andrew Luck and Dak Prescott -- who were Top 10 players last season and have Top 5 potential. However, Luck's injury concern is significant enough that were this a "real" draft I would've passed on him for Philip Rivers instead. 

2. What players are rising and falling in drafts as we get closer to Week 1. Share your thoughts on these players. 
The list is long on both sides of the ledger. I'll touch on each position. 

Quarterbacks Rising -- Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Jay Cutler and Jared Goff
Winston was always in my Top 10 but he went 6th in this draft, meaning everyone else is catching onto his potential. Mariota went off the board shortly thereafter and some believe he can challenge for league MVP. Cutler is on the list because he went from retired broadcaster to Dolphins starter. Finally, Goff was undraftable but now is a logical late round flier as a QB2 with upside given the improved coaching, system and supporting cast. 

Quartbacks Falling -- Andrew Luck, Eli Manning, Tyrod Taylor and Blake Bortles
Luck remains out of practice and the team has been mum; it's a concern. Manning's offensive line appears as bad as last year, when he struggled to deliver QB2 value. Tyrod Taylor has played poorly in the preseason and his new coaches have been less than effusive in their endorsement. Blake Bortles is now in a dead heat with Chad Henne. 

Running Backs Rising -- Dalvin Cook, Christian McCaffrey, Doug Martin and Jamaal Williams
The world is falling in love with this rookie draft class, rightfully so. Cook has moved up several rounds as he performs with the first team and Latavius Murray misses practice after practice. McCaffrey is someone I already saw as a potential RB1, but now my colleagues are waking up to that reality. Martin seems safe as the RB1 in Tampa Bay upon his return from suspension, and the Bucs passing offense should assure Martin plenty of running lanes. Finally, Jamaal Williams has looked better than Ty Montgomery and could conceivably start the season in a true time share.

Running Backs Falling -- Ezekiel Elliott, Leonard Fournette, Ty Montgomery and Mike Gillislee
Elliott's six game suspension makes him impossible to draft in the first round. Leonard Fournette was the consensus top rookie for most of the preseason, but a foot injury and the solid play of other rookies has dropped his stock by a round and a half. Montgomery wasn't going to be a full-time workhorse anyway, but his injury status and lack of instincts make him a risky bet even as part of a committee. Finally, Mike Gillislee has failed to stand out in a talented, crowded Patriots backfield while Rex Burkhead, Dion Lewis and James White all look superb.

Wide Receivers Rising -- Dez Bryant, Martavis Bryant, Larry Fitzgerald and Robby Anderson
Dez Bryant is healthy and both he and Dak Prescott are raving about their newfound rapport. Martavis Bryant looks to be cleared for full participation after his suspension, and steps into the #2 target role on a powerhouse passing offense. Fitzgerald was being drafted far too late for a guy who led the league in receptions last year, but the other Cardinals struggles have set Fitzgerald back to a fair ADP. Finally, Robby Anderson is the last man standing in New York and will see 100+ targets by default.

Wide Receivers Falling -- T.Y. Hilton, Jarvis Landry, Sammy Watkins and Willie Snead
T.Y. Hilton is falling through no fault of his own, it's all about Andrew Luck's injury. Jarvis Landry lack of rapport with Jay Cutler is a risk, particularly because Cutler's tendencies are more supportive of DeVante Parker's vertical game. Sammy Watkins is now catching passes from Jared Goff. Finally, Willie Snead remains the #2 in New Orleans but the difference between Snead and Ted Ginn appears to have narrowed. 

Tight Ends Rising -- Zach Ertz and Jimmy Graham
Ertz has been the best player in Eagles camp, pretty much every day. He'll lead the team in every receiving category if he stays healthy. Jimmy Graham was good last year but could be great this year; he looks 100% healthy for the first time in three years.

Tight Ends Falling -- Jordan Reed and Delanie Walker
Reed's foot issues are concerning and that's to say nothing of his multiple concussions. It's far to risky to spend a third round pick on a guy who could miss a big chunk of the season. Walker remains an immense talent but he no longer benefits from a disproportionate target share. 

3. What pick on your roster do you believe received the best value?  What about another roster? 
Dak Prescott was QB6 as a rookie yet I got him in the 4th round of a Superflex. This is a guy who broke virtually every rookie passing record, has the league's best line and returns 100% of the pieces that fed his value last year. No quarterback peaks as a rookie, yet people are treating Prescott like someone who is coming off a career-best season. 

Phil Alexander got Tyrell Williams as WR36, which is ridiculous. The guy was WR13 in his first year as a starter, and returns to the same role. Even if you think Keenan Allen eats into his targets, Williams still projects as a WR2 at worst.

Jeff Haseley - slot 12

1.12 12 Freeman, Devonta ATL RB
2.01 13 Nelson, Jordy GBP WR
3.12 36 Cousins, Kirk WAS QB
4.01 37 Rivers, Philip LAC QB
5.12 60 Ware, Spencer KCC RB
6.01 61 Olsen, Greg CAR TE
7.12 84 Sanders, Emmanuel DEN WR
8.01 85 Ertz, Zach PHI TE
9.12 108 West, Terrance BAL RB
10.01 109 Cobb, Randall GBP WR
11.12 132 Jackson, DeSean TBB WR
12.01 133 Hunt, Kareem KCC RB (R)
13.12 156 Forte, Matt NYJ RB
14.01 157 Beasley, Cole DAL WR
15.12 180 Kupp, Cooper LAR WR (R)
16.01 181 Murray, Latavius MIN RB
17.12 204 Engram, Evan NYG TE (R)
18.01 205 Panthers, Carolina CAR Def
19.12 228 Ravens, Baltimore BAL Def
20.01 229 Swoope, Erik IND TE

Overall Strategy: 2 QB within the first 4 rounds

Best Pick(s): Greg Olsen, 6.1, (TE3) – The TE position was an afterthought early in this draft as everyone raced to draft 2 QBs along with RBs and WRs. Greg Olsen is the model of consistency with at least 80 receptions and 1000 yards in each of the past 3 seasons. Great value in the 6th round!

Worst Pick(s): Jordy Nelson, 2.1 (WR6) – Jeff’s team would have been stronger if he would have addressed the QB position during the first turn. After selecting Jordy Nelson, Jeff had to wait through a QB run and was left with Kirk Cousins and Philip Rivers.

Evaluation: Jeff’s strength is at the TE position. Greg Olsen and Travis Kelce will overmatch everyone not named Phil in the league. Jeff is below average at the QB position and will need a big year from Kirk Cousins and Philip Rivers.

post-draft questions

1. In a Superflex draft, what is your strategy for drafting quarterbacks and how did that strategy work for you in this draft?
Generally my strategy for picking quarterbacks in any draft is to wait, including superflex or two-quarterback leagues. The Top 3 quarterbacks (Rodgers, Brady, Brees) went in the first round and I didn't want to lose out on a Top running back and wide receiver by selecting a non-elite quarterback. I knew from previous superflex drafts from the 12 spot that I could probably get at least one, if not two quarterbacks on my next turn, which is exactly what I did. Contrary to John's evaluation, I don't for a second believe I am below average at quarterback. Philip Rivers has 4,000+ yards passing in eight of the last nine years. Kirk Cousins is coming off back to back 4,000-yard seasons, including 4,900 last year. I'd say that's pretty strong and if I'm wrong, my fantasy season is going to suffer, because I often targeted one or both quarterbacks in several leagues this year. 

2. What players are rising and falling in drafts as we get closer to Week 1. Share your thoughts on these players. 
Rising players include DeVante Parker, Dalvin Cook, Christian McCaffrey, Cooper Kupp, DeAngelo Henderson, Rex Burkhead, Martellus Bennett. All are seeing an increase in interest due to coach speak, player quotes, or performance. Players falling include Tyrod Taylor, Blake Bortles, LeGarrette Blount, Hunter Henry and Eddie Lacy. 

There are two who are rising due to all the above and that's McCaffrey and Kupp. Carolina has Luke Kuechly on defense and now Christian McCaffrey on offense. I see McCaffrey having a similar impact on offense like Kuechly had on defense when he won defensive rookie of the year. Both players have a high football IQ, they study the game, have outstanding instincts and skills on the field and they are admired by their teammates. McCaffrey seems to be too good to struggle. We are going to be in for a treat watching him play and rack up points for our fantasy teams this season. As for Kupp - I love his versatility in a developing offense that will keep defenses honest. Sean McVay is going to have options, whether it's Todd Gurley's presence that opens up the passing game or Sammy Watkins' presence that opens up the running game. It all points in the direction of a possession receiver who can fill in the blanks on offense and move the ball. In my opinion, that player for the Rams is rookie, but 24-year old, Cooper Kupp. Kupp is skilled at knowing when to break his route to cater to his quarterback's needs. He has the ability to line up anywhere in the formation, and above all his route running without the ball and elusiveness with the ball, makes him a viable weapon on a team that suddenly is no longer a fantasy wasteland. 

3. What pick on your roster do you believe received the best value?  What about another roster? 
If I'm right about Cooper Kupp, getting him at the end of the 15th round is going to look awfully good at the end of the season. I also like the value I received from Terrance West and Randall Cobb at the 9/10 turn. West is my RB3 as a the Ravens primary ball carrier. I will gladly take his volume and scoring opportunity as my third back on my roster. 

Value from another roster includes Kenny Golladay at 13.11. I had him queued up at 13.12, but Jason Wood sniped him from me. Golladay is looking like a valid play maker for the Lions. He should see decent volume from Day 1, but he also has the upside factor where we really don't know what his ceiling is. I also like Zay Jones by Dan Hindery at pick 14.05. At the time of the draft, Anquan Boldin was still with the Bills, which makes this pick even better in hindsight. Jones is projected to be the Bills WR2 and if Jordan Matthews struggles, Jones could wind up as the Bills top receiver. Target shares should be aplenty for the rookie and to get him in the 14th round is excellent value by Dan. 

full draft

Pick by Pick

1.01 1 Chad Parsons Johnson, David ARI RB
1.02 2 Andy Hicks Bell, Le'Veon PIT RB
1.03 3 Phil Alexander Brown, Antonio PIT WR
1.04 4 Keith Roberts Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB
1.05 5 Jeff Tefertiller Brady, Tom NEP QB
1.06 6 Danny Tuccitto Beckham, Odell NYG WR
1.07 7 Daniel Simpkins Brees, Drew NOS QB
1.08 8 Dan Hindery Jones, Julio ATL WR
1.09 9 Ari Ingel Green, A.J. CIN WR
1.10 10 Chris Feery Gordon, Melvin LAC RB
1.11 11 Jason Wood Evans, Mike TBB WR
1.12 12 Jeff Haseley Freeman, Devonta ATL RB
2.01 13 Jeff Haseley Nelson, Jordy GBP WR
2.02 14 Jason Wood Thomas, Michael NOS WR
2.03 15 Chris Feery Cooper, Amari OAK WR
2.04 16 Ari Ingel McCoy, LeSean BUF RB
2.05 17 Dan Hindery Hilton, T.Y. IND WR
2.06 18 Daniel Simpkins Wilson, Russell SEA QB
2.07 19 Danny Tuccitto Newton, Cam CAR QB
2.08 20 Jeff Tefertiller Howard, Jordan CHI RB
2.09 21 Keith Roberts Ajayi, Jay MIA RB
2.10 22 Phil Alexander Gronkowski, Rob NEP TE
2.11 23 Andy Hicks Bryant, Dez DAL WR
2.12 24 Chad Parsons Gurley, Todd LAR RB
3.01 25 Chad Parsons Murray, DeMarco TEN RB
3.02 26 Andy Hicks Hopkins, DeAndre HOU WR
3.03 27 Phil Alexander Elliott, Ezekiel DAL RB
3.04 28 Keith Roberts Baldwin, Doug SEA WR
3.05 29 Jeff Tefertiller Cooks, Brandin NEP WR
3.06 30 Danny Tuccitto Winston, Jameis TBB QB
3.07 31 Daniel Simpkins Thomas, Demaryius DEN WR
3.08 32 Dan Hindery Ryan, Matt ATL QB
3.09 33 Ari Ingel Mariota, Marcus TEN QB
3.10 34 Chris Feery Carr, Derek OAK QB
3.11 35 Jason Wood Luck, Andrew IND QB
3.12 36 Jeff Haseley Cousins, Kirk WAS QB
4.01 37 Jeff Haseley Rivers, Philip LAC QB
4.02 38 Jason Wood Prescott, Dak DAL QB
4.03 39 Chris Feery Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB
4.04 40 Ari Ingel Stafford, Matthew DET QB
4.05 41 Dan Hindery Fournette, Leonard JAC RB (R)
4.06 42 Daniel Simpkins Miller, Lamar HOU RB
4.07 43 Danny Tuccitto Kelce, Travis KCC TE
4.08 44 Jeff Tefertiller Robinson, Allen JAC WR
4.09 45 Keith Roberts Manning, Eli NYG QB
4.10 46 Phil Alexander Dalton, Andy CIN QB
4.11 47 Andy Hicks McCaffrey, Christian CAR RB (R)
4.12 48 Chad Parsons Wentz, Carson PHI QB
5.01 49 Chad Parsons Adams, Davante GBP WR
5.02 50 Andy Hicks Taylor, Tyrod BUF QB
5.03 51 Phil Alexander Mixon, Joe CIN RB (R)
5.04 52 Keith Roberts Cook, Dalvin MIN RB (R)
5.05 53 Jeff Tefertiller Palmer, Carson ARI QB
5.06 54 Danny Tuccitto Crowell, Isaiah CLE RB
5.07 55 Daniel Simpkins Allen, Keenan LAC WR
5.08 56 Dan Hindery Pryor, Terrelle WAS WR
5.09 57 Ari Ingel Hyde, Carlos SFO RB
5.10 58 Chris Feery Hill, Tyreek KCC WR
5.11 59 Jason Wood Lynch, Marshawn OAK RB
5.12 60 Jeff Haseley Ware, Spencer KCC RB
6.01 61 Jeff Haseley Olsen, Greg CAR TE
6.02 62 Jason Wood Abdullah, Ameer DET RB
6.03 63 Chris Feery Anderson, C.J. DEN RB
6.04 64 Ari Ingel Watkins, Sammy LAR WR
6.05 65 Dan Hindery Montgomery, Ty GBP RB
6.06 66 Daniel Simpkins Woodhead, Danny BAL RB
6.07 67 Danny Tuccitto Diggs, Stefon MIN WR
6.08 68 Jeff Tefertiller Bryant, Martavis PIT WR
6.09 69 Keith Roberts Crabtree, Michael OAK WR
6.10 70 Phil Alexander Ingram, Mark NOS RB
6.11 71 Andy Hicks Bortles, Blake JAC QB
6.12 72 Chad Parsons Jeffery, Alshon PHI WR
7.01 73 Chad Parsons Cutler, Jay MIA QB
7.02 74 Andy Hicks Landry, Jarvis MIA WR
7.03 75 Phil Alexander Smith, Alex KCC QB
7.04 76 Keith Roberts Flacco, Joe BAL QB
7.05 77 Jeff Tefertiller Fitzgerald, Larry ARI WR
7.06 78 Danny Tuccitto Crowder, Jamison WAS WR
7.07 79 Daniel Simpkins Benjamin, Kelvin CAR WR
7.08 80 Dan Hindery Reed, Jordan WAS TE
7.09 81 Ari Ingel Tate, Golden DET WR
7.10 82 Chris Feery Gillislee, Mike NEP RB
7.11 83 Jason Wood Graham, Jimmy SEA TE
7.12 84 Jeff Haseley Sanders, Emmanuel DEN WR
8.01 85 Jeff Haseley Ertz, Zach PHI TE
8.02 86 Jason Wood Edelman, Julian NEP WR
8.03 87 Chris Feery Marshall, Brandon NYG WR
8.04 88 Ari Ingel Coleman, Tevin ATL RB
8.05 89 Dan Hindery Garcon, Pierre SFO WR
8.06 90 Daniel Simpkins Parker, DeVante MIA WR
8.07 91 Danny Tuccitto Gore, Frank IND RB
8.08 92 Jeff Tefertiller Henry, Derrick TEN RB
8.09 93 Keith Roberts Powell, Bilal NYJ RB
8.10 94 Phil Alexander Eifert, Tyler CIN TE
8.11 95 Andy Hicks Lacy, Eddie SEA RB
8.12 96 Chad Parsons Bennett, Martellus GBP TE
9.01 97 Chad Parsons Snead, Willie NOS WR
9.02 98 Andy Hicks Henry, Hunter LAC TE
9.03 99 Phil Alexander Williams, Tyrell LAC WR
9.04 100 Keith Roberts Rudolph, Kyle MIN TE
9.05 101 Jeff Tefertiller Hoyer, Brian SFO QB
9.06 102 Danny Tuccitto Walker, Delanie TEN TE
9.07 103 Daniel Simpkins Martin, Doug TBB RB
9.08 104 Dan Hindery Bradford, Sam MIN QB
9.09 105 Ari Ingel Ebron, Eric DET TE
9.10 106 Chris Feery Goff, Jared LAR QB
9.11 107 Jason Wood Kizer, DeShone CLE QB (R)
9.12 108 Jeff Haseley West, Terrance BAL RB
10.01 109 Jeff Haseley Cobb, Randall GBP WR
10.02 110 Jason Wood Kelley, Rob WAS RB
10.03 111 Chris Feery Fleener, Coby NOS TE
10.04 112 Ari Ingel Moncrief, Donte IND WR
10.05 113 Dan Hindery Watson, Deshaun HOU QB (R)
10.06 114 Daniel Simpkins Doyle, Jack IND TE
10.07 115 Danny Tuccitto Coleman, Corey CLE WR
10.08 116 Jeff Tefertiller Hooper, Austin ATL TE
10.09 117 Keith Roberts Decker, Eric TEN WR
10.10 118 Phil Alexander Brown, John ARI WR
10.11 119 Andy Hicks Glennon, Mike CHI QB
10.12 120 Chad Parsons Riddick, Theo DET RB
11.01 121 Chad Parsons Britt, Kenny CLE WR
11.02 122 Andy Hicks Trubisky, Mitchell CHI QB (R)
11.03 123 Phil Alexander Perkins, Paul NYG RB
11.04 124 Keith Roberts Peterson, Adrian NOS RB
11.05 125 Jeff Tefertiller Stewart, Jonathan CAR RB
11.06 126 Danny Tuccitto Davis, Corey TEN WR (R)
11.07 127 Daniel Simpkins Johnson, Duke CLE RB
11.08 128 Dan Hindery Maclin, Jeremy BAL WR
11.09 129 Ari Ingel Meredith, Cameron CHI WR
11.10 130 Chris Feery Rawls, Thomas SEA RB
11.11 131 Jason Wood White, James NEP RB
11.12 132 Jeff Haseley Jackson, DeSean TBB WR
12.01 133 Jeff Haseley Hunt, Kareem KCC RB (R)
12.02 134 Jason Wood Anderson, Robby NYJ WR
12.03 135 Chris Feery Wallace, Mike BAL WR
12.04 136 Ari Ingel Thielen, Adam MIN WR
12.05 137 Dan Hindery Williams, Jamaal GBP RB (R)
12.06 138 Daniel Simpkins Prosise, C.J. SEA RB
12.07 139 Danny Tuccitto Perriman, Breshad BAL WR
12.08 140 Jeff Tefertiller Ginn Jr., Ted NOS WR
12.09 141 Keith Roberts Perine, Samaje WAS RB (R)
12.10 142 Phil Alexander McFadden, Darren DAL RB
12.11 143 Andy Hicks White, Kevin CHI WR
12.12 144 Chad Parsons Jones, Marvin DET WR
13.01 145 Chad Parsons Witten, Jason DAL TE
13.02 146 Andy Hicks Bernard, Giovani CIN RB
13.03 147 Phil Alexander Matthews, Rishard TEN WR
13.04 148 Keith Roberts Doctson, Josh WAS WR
13.05 149 Jeff Tefertiller Rodgers, Jacquizz TBB RB
13.06 150 Danny Tuccitto Kamara, Alvin NOS RB (R)
13.07 151 Daniel Simpkins Matthews, Jordan BUF WR
13.08 152 Dan Hindery Blount, LeGarrette PHI RB
13.09 153 Ari Ingel Williams, Jonathan BUF RB
13.10 154 Chris Feery Thomas, Julius MIA TE
13.11 155 Jason Wood Golladay, Kenny DET WR (R)
13.12 156 Jeff Haseley Forte, Matt NYJ RB
14.01 157 Jeff Haseley Beasley, Cole DAL WR
14.02 158 Jason Wood Brate, Cameron TBB TE
14.03 159 Chris Feery James, Jesse PIT TE
14.04 160 Ari Ingel Vereen, Shane NYG RB
14.05 161 Dan Hindery Jones, Zay BUF WR (R)
14.06 162 Daniel Simpkins Booker, Devontae DEN RB
14.07 163 Danny Tuccitto Sproles, Darren PHI RB
14.08 164 Jeff Tefertiller Foreman, D'Onta HOU RB (R)
14.09 165 Keith Roberts Ross, John CIN WR (R)
14.10 166 Phil Alexander Lewis, Dion NEP RB
14.11 167 Andy Hicks Conner, James PIT RB (R)
14.12 168 Chad Parsons Hill, Jeremy CIN RB
15.01 169 Chad Parsons Siemian, Trevor DEN QB
15.02 170 Andy Hicks Cook, Jared OAK TE
15.03 171 Phil Alexander Burkhead, Rex NEP RB
15.04 172 Keith Roberts Fiedorowicz, C.J. HOU TE
15.05 173 Jeff Tefertiller Clay, Charles BUF TE
15.06 174 Danny Tuccitto Charles, Jamaal DEN RB
15.07 175 Daniel Simpkins Lockett, Tyler SEA WR
15.08 176 Dan Hindery Seferian-Jenkins, Austin NYJ TE
15.09 177 Ari Ingel Gates, Antonio LAC TE
15.10 178 Chris Feery Mack, Marlon IND RB (R)
15.11 179 Jason Wood Broncos, Denver DEN Def
15.12 180 Jeff Haseley Kupp, Cooper LAR WR (R)
16.01 181 Jeff Haseley Murray, Latavius MIN RB
16.02 182 Jason Wood Allen, Dwayne NEP TE
16.03 183 Chris Feery Goodwin, Marquise SFO WR
16.04 184 Ari Ingel Shepard, Sterling NYG WR
16.05 185 Dan Hindery Lynch, Paxton DEN QB
16.06 186 Daniel Simpkins Watson, Ben BAL TE
16.07 187 Danny Tuccitto Nelson, J.J. ARI WR
16.08 188 Jeff Tefertiller Williams, Mike LAC WR (R)
16.09 189 Keith Roberts Sanu, Mohamed ATL WR
16.10 190 Phil Alexander Stewart, ArDarius NYJ WR (R)
16.11 191 Andy Hicks Texans, Houston HOU Def
16.12 192 Chad Parsons Cardinals, Arizona ARI Def
17.01 193 Chad Parsons Boldin, Anquan BUF WR
17.02 194 Andy Hicks Woods, Robert LAR WR
17.03 195 Phil Alexander Gordon, Josh CLE WR
17.04 196 Keith Roberts Vikings, Minnesota MIN Def
17.05 197 Jeff Tefertiller Richardson, Paul SEA WR
17.06 198 Danny Tuccitto Williams, Joe SFO RB (R)
17.07 199 Daniel Simpkins Turbin, Robert IND RB
17.08 200 Dan Hindery Washington, DeAndre OAK RB
17.09 201 Ari Ingel Chiefs, Kansas City KCC Def
17.10 202 Chris Feery Patriots, New England NEP Def
17.11 203 Jason Wood Funchess, Devin CAR WR
17.12 204 Jeff Haseley Engram, Evan NYG TE (R)
18.01 205 Jeff Haseley Panthers, Carolina CAR Def
18.02 206 Jason Wood Henderson, De'Angelo DEN RB (R)
18.03 207 Chris Feery Giants, New York NYG Def
18.04 208 Ari Ingel Seahawks, Seattle SEA Def
18.05 209 Dan Hindery Thompson, Chris WAS RB
18.06 210 Daniel Simpkins Hurns, Allen JAC WR
18.07 211 Danny Tuccitto McNichols, Jeremy TBB RB (R)
18.08 212 Jeff Tefertiller Jaguars, Jacksonville JAC Def
18.09 213 Keith Roberts Richard, Jalen OAK RB
18.10 214 Phil Alexander Buccaneers, Tampa Bay TBB Def
18.11 215 Andy Hicks Lee, Marqise JAC WR
18.12 216 Chad Parsons Moore, Matt MIA QB
19.01 217 Chad Parsons Zenner, Zach DET RB
19.02 218 Andy Hicks Samuel, Curtis CAR WR (R)
19.03 219 Phil Alexander Savage, Tom HOU QB
19.04 220 Keith Roberts Breida, Matt SFO RB (R)
19.05 221 Jeff Tefertiller Garoppolo, Jimmy NEP QB
19.06 222 Danny Tuccitto Rams, Los Angeles LAR Def
19.07 223 Daniel Simpkins McCown, Josh NYJ QB
19.08 224 Dan Hindery Bills, Buffalo BUF Def
19.09 225 Ari Ingel Higbee, Tyler LAR TE
19.10 226 Chris Feery Williams, Terrance DAL WR
19.11 227 Jason Wood Steelers, Pittsburgh PIT Def
19.12 228 Jeff Haseley Ravens, Baltimore BAL Def
20.01 229 Jeff Haseley Swoope, Erik IND TE
20.02 230 Jason Wood Agholor, Nelson PHI WR
20.03 231 Chris Feery Oliver, Branden LAC RB
20.04 232 Ari Ingel Smith, Torrey PHI WR
20.05 233 Dan Hindery Miller, Braxton HOU WR
20.06 234 Daniel Simpkins Bengals, Cincinnati CIN Def
20.07 235 Danny Tuccitto Peake, Charone NYJ WR
20.08 236 Jeff Tefertiller McGuire, Elijah NYJ RB (R)
20.09 237 Keith Roberts Eagles, Philadelphia PHI Def
20.10 238 Phil Alexander Stills, Kenny MIA WR
20.11 239 Andy Hicks Njoku, David CLE TE (R)
20.12 240 Chad Parsons Johnson, Chris ARI RB

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