Footballguys Staff Mock Draft 9, Auction, 12 team FPC scoring

On August 6th, 12 members of the Footballguys staff got together for the site's 9th mock draft of 2016, an auction draft featuring FPC scoring. Below is the league scoring format and bylaws. Jason Wood provides an in-depth evaluation summary of each team's draft. 

Footballguys Mock Draft Analysis

12-Team FPC Scoring Auction - Commentary and Evaluation provided by Jason Wood

Saturday, August 6th

This draft was a 12-team auction with 20 roster spots and a $200 budget. The league utilizes FPC scoring, which is a performance-based, PPR scoring system with 2-flex positions and a bonus PPR (1.5 points per reception) for tight ends versus 1 point for other positions.

  • 12 Teams

  • 20 Roster Spots

  • $200 Team Budget

  • Starting Lineup: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, Flex (WR/RB/TE), Flex (WR/RB/TE), PK, DEF

  • Scoring:

    • TDs – 4 points for passing, 6 points for rushing/receiving

    • PPR – 1 point per reception for RB/WR, 1.5 points per reception for TE

    • Interceptions – (-1) per interception

Overall Thoughts

With a league full of seasoned staff members, it’s no surprise that this was a well-executed, competition auction with few if any glaring errors. It’s important to remember that the dual-flex combined with the 1.5 points per reception for tight ends greatly increases the value of the TE position. One might normally look at an owner rostering three or four tight ends as sub-optimal, but in this case they can (and likely will) start three tight ends in many weeks.

Quarterback Results

Player / Winning Bid / Winning Bidder

Newton, Cam CAR QB$22.00 Mark Wimer

Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB$17.00 David Dodds

Wilson, Russell SEA QB$17.00 BJ Vanderwoude

Luck, Andrew IND QB$15.00 John Mamula

Brees, Drew NOS QB$13.00 Justin Howe

Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB$11.00 Andy Hicks

Brady, Tom NEP QB$9.00 Jeff Tefertiller

Rivers, Philip SDC QB$9.00 Matt Bitonti

Manning, Eli NYG QB$7.00 Dan Hindery

Mariota, Marcus TEN QB$7.00 Danny Tuccitto

Bortles, Blake JAC QB$6.00 David Dodds

Cousins, Kirk WAS QB$6.00 Andy Hicks

Carr, Derek OAK QB$5.00 Mark Wimer

Winston, Jameis TBB QB$5.00 Dan Hindery

Palmer, Carson ARI QB$4.00 Daniel Simpkins

Romo, Tony DAL QB$4.00 Cian Fahey

Tannehill, Ryan MIA QB$4.00 Cian Fahey

Taylor, Tyrod BUF QB$4.00 Danny Tuccitto

Dalton, Andy CIN QB$2.00 Justin Howe

Stafford, Matthew DET QB$2.00 David Dodds

Anderson, Derek CAR QB$1.00 Mark Wimer

Bradford, Sam PHI QB$1.00 Matt Bitonti

Cutler, Jay CHI QB$1.00 Daniel Simpkins

Fitzpatrick, Ryan NYJ QB$1.00 Andy Hicks

Garoppolo, Jimmy NEP QB$1.00 Jeff Tefertiller

Griffin III, Robert CLE QB$1.00 BJ Vanderwoude

Osweiler, Brock HOU QB$1.00 Matt Bitonti

Ryan, Matt ATL QB$1.00 Jeff Tefertiller

QB Thoughts/Observations:

  • Cam Premium – It’s not surprising Cam Newton was the highest priced quarterback, but I am surprised he went for a $5 premium above Rodgers and Wilson. Paying more than 10% of your budget on a quarterback is a risky proposition in an auction league, particularly one with 10 starting spots.

  • Mari-OH-ta – It’s hard to quibble about paying $6 for a player, but when the likes of Matthew Stafford, Andy Dalton and Matt Ryan are going for $1-$2, it’s hard to understand the value proposition of taking the 2nd year Titan

  • Value is Evident – Quarterbacks like Dalton, Stafford, Griffin, Fitzpatrick, Cutler and Ryan may not be in Cam Newton’s league, but in an auction where they cost 1/10th of the cost (or less), it’s a very smart move to allocate auction dollars to other positions and take one of these middling QB2s

Running Back Results

Player / Winning Bid / Winning Bidder

Johnson, David ARI RB$40.00 David Dodds

Elliott, Ezekiel DAL RB$39.00 Matt Bitonti

Gurley, Todd RAM RB$39.00 Mark Wimer

Peterson, Adrian MIN RB$33.00 Andy Hicks

Bell, Le'Veon PIT RB$30.00 Jeff Tefertiller

Freeman, Devonta ATL RB$29.00 Cian Fahey

Miller, Lamar HOU RB$29.00 Cian Fahey

McCoy, LeSean BUF RB$28.00 John Mamula

Charles, Jamaal KCC RB$27.00 Danny Tuccitto

Ingram, Mark NOS RB$27.00 Daniel Simpkins

Martin, Doug TBB RB$26.00 Andy Hicks

Anderson, C.J. DEN RB$25.00 Cian Fahey

Lacy, Eddie GBP RB$22.00 BJ Vanderwoude

Murray, Latavius OAK RB$22.00 Matt Bitonti

Lewis, Dion NEP RB$19.00 Daniel Simpkins

Forte, Matt NYJ RB$18.00 Danny Tuccitto

Rawls, Thomas SEA RB$18.00 Justin Howe

Hyde, Carlos SFO RB$17.00 Dan Hindery

Foster, Arian MIA RB$15.00 Dan Hindery

Johnson, Duke CLE RB$15.00 David Dodds

Langford, Jeremy CHI RB$14.00 BJ Vanderwoude

Mathews, Ryan PHI RB$14.00 John Mamula

Bernard, Giovani CIN RB$13.00 Justin Howe

Gore, Frank IND RB$13.00 Daniel Simpkins

Ajayi, Jay MIA RB$12.00 Cian Fahey

Abdullah, Ameer DET RB$11.00 Daniel Simpkins

Gordon, Melvin SDC RB$11.00 Andy Hicks

Jones, Matt WAS RB$11.00 John Mamula

Williams, DeAngelo PIT RB$11.00 Daniel Simpkins

Woodhead, Danny SDC RB$10.00 Danny Tuccitto

Crowell, Isaiah CLE RB$9.00 Mark Wimer

Jennings, Rashad NYG RB$9.00 Dan Hindery

Stewart, Jonathan CAR RB$9.00 Jeff Tefertiller

Ivory, Chris JAC RB$8.00 Dan Hindery

Murray, DeMarco TEN RB$8.00 BJ Vanderwoude

Yeldon, T.J. JAC RB$7.00 Danny Tuccitto

Forsett, Justin BAL RB$7.00 Matt Bitonti

Riddick, Theo DET RB$7.00 Jeff Tefertiller

Sims, Charles TBB RB$7.00 Justin Howe

Hill, Jeremy CIN RB$6.00 Dan Hindery

Howard, Jordan CHI RB$5.00 Danny Tuccitto

Powell, Bilal NYJ RB$5.00 Mark Wimer

Coleman, Tevin ATL RB$4.00 Cian Fahey

Henry, Derrick TEN RB$4.00 BJ Vanderwoude

Sproles, Darren PHI RB$4.00 David Dodds

Vereen, Shane NYG RB$4.00 BJ Vanderwoude

Booker, Devontae DEN RB$3.00 Cian Fahey

Dixon, Kenneth BAL RB$3.00 John Mamula

McKinnon, Jerick MIN RB$3.00 Jeff Tefertiller

Prosise, C.J. SEA RB$3.00 Jeff Tefertiller

Smallwood, Wendell PHI RB$3.00 Justin Howe

Washington, DeAndre OAK RB$3.00 David Dodds

Blount, LeGarrette NEP RB$2.00 David Dodds

Ferguson, Josh IND RB$2.00 Justin Howe

Perkins, Paul NYG RB$2.00 John Mamula

Ware, Spencer KCC RB$2.00 Justin Howe

West, Terrance BAL RB$2.00 Mark Wimer

Allen, Javorius BAL RB$1.00 BJ Vanderwoude

Collins, Alex SEA RB$1.00 Dan Hindery

Drake, Kenyan MIA RB$1.00 Andy Hicks

Draughn, Shaun SFO RB$1.00 Jeff Tefertiller

Ervin, Tyler HOU RB$1.00 Danny Tuccitto

Hightower, Tim NOS RB$1.00 Jeff Tefertiller

McFadden, Darren DAL RB$1.00 Matt Bitonti

Michael, Christine SEA RB$1.00 Justin Howe

Starks, James GBP RB$1.00 John Mamula

Toussaint, Fitzgerald PIT RB$1.00 Andy Hicks

West, Charcandrick KCC RB$1.00 John Mamula

Williams, Jonathan BUF RB$1.00 Daniel Simpkins

RB Thoughts/Observations:

  • 3-Man Top Tier – David Johnson ($40), Todd Gurley ($39) and Ezekiel Elliott ($39) went for considerably more than their peers, and signify the elite tier.

  • Le’Veon Suspension Discount – Le’Veon Bell ($30) was clearly discounted for his pending 4-game suspension. Pairing him with a reasonably priced DeAngelo Williams would make a dynamic strategy – you would be guaranteeing #1RB production for a price equal to the other top backs ($41 total)

  • Arian Foster Hype – It’s hard to understand paying $15 for Arian Foster given the prices of other backs of comparable or greater value

  • Gordon vs Woodhead – Danny Woodhead was a top 5 fantasy back in PPR formats last year, and his role looks to be identical this season. Yet, he went for $1 less than his running mate Melvin Gordon who has been struggling early in camp by most accounts

Wide Receiver Results

Player / Winning Bid / Winning Bidder

Beckham, Odell NYG WR$45.00 John Mamula

Brown, Antonio PIT WR$44.00 BJ Vanderwoude

Jones, Julio ATL WR$43.00 Justin Howe

Green, A.J. CIN WR$39.00 Matt Bitonti

Robinson, Allen JAC WR$38.00 Mark Wimer

Hopkins, DeAndre HOU WR$35.00 Danny Tuccitto

Nelson, Jordy GBP WR$34.00 David Dodds

Marshall, Brandon NYJ WR$31.00 BJ Vanderwoude

Allen, Keenan SDC WR$30.00 Dan Hindery

Bryant, Dez DAL WR$30.00 John Mamula

Cooper, Amari OAK WR$30.00 Dan Hindery

Evans, Mike TBB WR$29.00 Justin Howe

Hilton, T.Y. IND WR$29.00 Danny Tuccitto

Cooks, Brandin NOS WR$27.00 Daniel Simpkins

Watkins, Sammy BUF WR$27.00 Jeff Tefertiller

Fitzgerald, Larry ARI WR$26.00 Andy Hicks

Jeffery, Alshon CHI WR$26.00 Dan Hindery

Landry, Jarvis MIA WR$25.00 Andy Hicks

Thomas, Demaryius DEN WR$25.00 David Dodds

Edelman, Julian NEP WR$24.00 Justin Howe

Tate, Golden DET WR$24.00 Matt Bitonti

Maclin, Jeremy KCC WR$22.00 Justin Howe

Cobb, Randall GBP WR$21.00 Jeff Tefertiller

Moncrief, Donte IND WR$20.00 Daniel Simpkins

Decker, Eric NYJ WR$19.00 Jeff Tefertiller

Sanders, Emmanuel DEN WR$19.00 Jeff Tefertiller

Baldwin, Doug SEA WR$18.00 Matt Bitonti

Benjamin, Kelvin CAR WR$18.00 Andy Hicks

Parker, DeVante MIA WR$17.00 Daniel Simpkins

White, Kevin CHI WR$17.00 Cian Fahey

Hurns, Allen JAC WR$16.00 Cian Fahey

Floyd, Michael ARI WR$15.00 Daniel Simpkins

Lockett, Tyler SEA WR$15.00 Daniel Simpkins

Brown, John ARI WR$13.00 Cian Fahey

Matthews, Jordan PHI WR$13.00 BJ Vanderwoude

Shepard, Sterling NYG WR$13.00 Daniel Simpkins

Crabtree, Michael OAK WR$12.00 David Dodds

Diggs, Stefon MIN WR$11.00 Cian Fahey

Gordon, Josh CLE WR$10.00 Jeff Tefertiller

Snead, Willie NOS WR$10.00 Danny Tuccitto

Aiken, Kamar BAL WR$8.00 John Mamula

Austin, Tavon RAM WR$8.00 Dan Hindery

Benjamin, Travis SDC WR$8.00 Cian Fahey

Coleman, Corey CLE WR$8.00 Mark Wimer

Smith, Torrey SFO WR$8.00 John Mamula

Thomas, Michael NOS WR$8.00 David Dodds

Jackson, DeSean WAS WR$7.00 Dan Hindery

Jackson, Vincent TBB WR$6.00 Danny Tuccitto

Jones, Marvin DET WR$6.00 David Dodds

Treadwell, Laquon MIN WR$6.00 Andy Hicks

Wheaton, Markus PIT WR$6.00 Danny Tuccitto

Coates, Sammie PIT WR$5.00 Matt Bitonti

Funchess, Devin CAR WR$5.00 Justin Howe

Dorsett, Phillip IND WR$4.00 David Dodds

Ellington, Bruce SFO WR$4.00 Cian Fahey

Doctson, Josh WAS WR$3.00 BJ Vanderwoude

Ginn Jr., Ted CAR WR$3.00 John Mamula

Sanu, Mohamed ATL WR$3.00 David Dodds

Boyd, Tyler CIN WR$2.00 Mark Wimer

Crowder, Jamison WAS WR$2.00 Mark Wimer

Perriman, Breshad BAL WR$2.00 BJ Vanderwoude

Smelter, DeAndre SFO WR$2.00 Mark Wimer

Adams, Davante GBP WR$1.00 Matt Bitonti

Boldin, Anquan DET WR$1.00 John Mamula

Carroo, Leonte MIA WR$1.00 Daniel Simpkins

Conley, Chris KCC WR$1.00 BJ Vanderwoude

Fuller, Will HOU WR$1.00 John Mamula

Garcon, Pierre WAS WR$1.00 Andy Hicks

Green-Beckham, Dorial TEN WR$1.00 Danny Tuccitto

Greene, Rashad JAC WR$1.00 BJ Vanderwoude

Hogan, Chris NEP WR$1.00 BJ Vanderwoude

Janis, Jeff GBP WR$1.00 Matt Bitonti

LaFell, Brandon CIN WR$1.00 Mark Wimer

Matthews, Rishard TEN WR$1.00 Andy Hicks

Mitchell, Malcolm NEP WR$1.00 Jeff Tefertiller

Randle, Rueben PHI WR$1.00 Matt Bitonti

Sharpe, Tajae TEN WR$1.00 Matt Bitonti

Smith, Steve BAL WR$1.00 Danny Tuccitto

Strong, Jaelen HOU WR$1.00 Dan Hindery

Wallace, Mike BAL WR$1.00 Andy Hicks

WR Thoughts/Observations:

  • Wide Receivers Rule the World – As has become the norm in recent years, receivers are prioritized over running backs.

    • 11 receivers went for $30 or more versus just five running backs

    • 19 receivers went for $25+ versus 12 running backs

    • 24 receivers went for $20+ versus 14 running backs

    • 31 receivers went for $15+ versus 20 running backs

  • Less Value – The end game doesn’t look at fortuitous at the receiver position. While a few of the $1 bids could pan out, most look to be huge long shots to factor into lineups whereas there are a handful of $1-$2 players at the quarterback and running back positions that are more certain weekly starters

Tight End Results

Player / Winning Bid / Winning Bidder

Gronkowski, Rob NEP TE$35.00 Jeff Tefertiller

Olsen, Greg CAR TE$31.00 Mark Wimer

Reed, Jordan WAS TE$27.00 BJ Vanderwoude

Kelce, Travis KCC TE$25.00 Mark Wimer

Walker, Delanie TEN TE$25.00 Matt Bitonti

Fleener, Coby NOS TE$23.00 Andy Hicks

Eifert, Tyler CIN TE$17.00 Dan Hindery

Ertz, Zach PHI TE$16.00 Danny Tuccitto

Thomas, Julius JAC TE$14.00 John Mamula

Barnidge, Gary CLE TE$12.00 David Dodds

Gates, Antonio SDC TE$9.00 Danny Tuccitto

Bennett, Martellus NEP TE$7.00 Cian Fahey

Green, Ladarius PIT TE$7.00 Dan Hindery

Ebron, Eric DET TE$6.00 Justin Howe

Allen, Dwayne IND TE$5.00 John Mamula

Cameron, Jordan MIA TE$5.00 Andy Hicks

Clay, Charles BUF TE$5.00 Cian Fahey

Graham, Jimmy SEA TE$4.00 Justin Howe

Tye, Will NYG TE$4.00 Danny Tuccitto

Rodgers, Richard GBP TE$3.00 John Mamula

Walford, Clive OAK TE$3.00 Cian Fahey

Hooper, Austin ATL TE$2.00 Mark Wimer

McDonald, Vance SFO TE$2.00 Dan Hindery

Miller, Zach CHI TE$2.00 BJ Vanderwoude

Rudolph, Kyle MIN TE$2.00 David Dodds

Amaro, Jace NYJ TE$1.00 Andy Hicks

Brate, Cameron TBB TE$1.00 Jeff Tefertiller

Green, Virgil DEN TE$1.00 Daniel Simpkins

Henry, Hunter SDC TE$1.00 Dan Hindery

Higbee, Tyler RAM TE$1.00 Cian Fahey

Hill, Josh NOS TE$1.00 Justin Howe

Seferian-Jenkins, Austin TBB TE$1.00 Daniel Simpkins

Tamme, Jacob ATL TE$1.00 Mark Wimer

Watson, Ben BAL TE$1.00 Daniel Simpkins

Williams, Maxx BAL TE$1.00 Justin Howe

Witten, Jason DAL TE$1.00 Matt Bitonti

TE Thoughts/Observations:

  • Beware the Middle Ground – The natural auction curve paints a dangerous picture at the tight end position as many of the 2nd tier options going in the teens ($) appear to be high risk relative to their more expensive (sure things) or the late round gems

  • Witten’s Value is Criminal – Witten will catch 75+ catches in his sleep. In a 1.5PPR scoring format, to get him for $1 is laughable. Many of the other $1 tight ends may not even catch 40 passes this season

Team-by-Team Analysis


Player / Bye / Drafted

Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB8 $11

Cousins, Kirk WAS QB9 $6

Fitzpatrick, Ryan NYJ QB11 $1

Peterson, Adrian MIN RB6 $33

Martin, Doug TBB RB6 $26

Gordon, Melvin SDC RB11 $11

Drake, Kenyan MIA RB (R) (Q)8 $1

Toussaint, Fitzgerald PIT RB8 $1

Fitzgerald, Larry ARI WR9 $26

Landry, Jarvis MIA WR8 $25

Benjamin, Kelvin CAR WR7 $18

Treadwell, Laquon MIN WR (R)6 $6

Garcon, Pierre WAS WR9 $1

Matthews, Rishard TEN WR13 $1

Wallace, Mike BAL WR8 $1

Fleener, Coby NOS TE5 $23

Cameron, Jordan MIA TE8 $5

Amaro, Jace NYJ TE11 $1

Hauschka, Steven SEA PK5 $1

Raiders, Oakland OAK Def10 $2

Total $200

Overall Thoughts:  

Andy drafted a balanced team and wasn’t the high bidder at any position. I’m not sure I would’ve drafted three quarterbacks but since Fitzpatrick only cost $1, it’s not a major issue. I’m worried about his running back depth as both Drake and Toussaint are 3rd stringers. He really needs Melvin Gordon to hit and to have a healthy season from his starters.

  • Best Value:Coby Fleener ($23) will put up dominant numbers as Drew Brees’ new go-to option across the middle and went for $10 less than Greg Olsen even though their numbers should be nearly identical at year end.

  • Worst Value: Melvin Gordon ($11) went for $1 more than his teammate Danny Woodhead, which is hard to fathom in a PPR format. Andy really didn’t have any egregiously overvalued choices though.

  • Biggest Asset: Taking two cheap fliers at the tight end position makes a lot of sense in the FPC format. If either Cameron or Amaro pan out, Hicks added a ton of value to his dual-flex positions for very little cost.

  • Biggest Risk: As I mentioned already, Andy has questionable depth at the running back position.


Player / Bye / Drafted

Rivers, Philip SDC QB11 $9

Bradford, Sam PHI QB4 $1

Osweiler, Brock HOU QB9 $1

Elliott, Ezekiel DAL RB (R) (P)7 $39

Murray, Latavius OAK RB10 $22

Forsett, Justin BAL RB8 $7

McFadden, Darren DAL RB (O)7 $1

Green, A.J. CIN WR9 $39

Tate, Golden DET WR10 $24

Baldwin, Doug SEA WR5 $18

Coates, Sammie PIT WR8 $5

Adams, Davante GBP WR4 $1

Janis, Jeff GBP WR4 $1

Randle, Rueben PHI WR (P)4 $1

Sharpe, Tajae TEN WR (R)13 $1

Walker, Delanie TEN TE13 $25

Witten, Jason DAL TE7 $1

Bailey, Dan DAL PK7 $1

Jets, New York NYJ Def11 $1

Patriots, New England NEP Def9 $1

Total $199

Overall Thoughts:  

Matt’s squad is WR-heavy, but not necessarily in a good way. He drafted eight receivers which is a bit too WR-centric for a 20-man rosters. The WR-heavy focus really hurts his running back outlook. Hard not to love his starting tandem of Elliott and Murray, but he only rostered two other running backs (Forsett and McFadden) and neither are guaranteed regular roles with their respective teams. While I have issues with Matt’s WR/RB strategies, it’s hard not to love what he accomplished at tight end grabbing Delanie Walker and Jason Witten. The fact he got Witten for $1 is akin to his league mates handing him an extra win or two this season.

  • Best Value:Jason Witten ($1) is the best value in the entire auction at any position.

  • Worst Value: Justin Forsett ($7) is on a team with as many as four legitimate threats to start or play major snaps. Forsett is over 30 and a journeyman coming off an injury riddle season. This was Matt overpaying a bit because he needed some RB depth.

  • Biggest Asset: Matt’s projected starting lineup is a title contender. He went with a stars and studs approach, so his depth is full of $1 risky options, but as a result he’s got quality starters everywhere.

  • Biggest Risk: As mentioned, Matt’s RB situation is tenuous beyond his top two.


Player / Bye / Drafted

Newton, Cam CAR QB7 $22

Carr, Derek OAK QB10 $5

Anderson, Derek CAR QB7 $1

Gurley, Todd RAM RB8 $39

Crowell, Isaiah CLE RB13 $9

Powell, Bilal NYJ RB11 $5

West, Terrance BAL RB8 $2

Robinson, Allen JAC WR5 $38

Coleman, Corey CLE WR (R) (P)13 $8

Boyd, Tyler CIN WR (R)9 $2

Crowder, Jamison WAS WR (Q)9 $2

Smelter, DeAndre SFO WR8 $2

LaFell, Brandon CIN WR9 $1

Olsen, Greg CAR TE7 $31

Kelce, Travis KCC TE5 $25

Hooper, Austin ATL TE (R)11 $2

Tamme, Jacob ATL TE11 $1

Brown, Josh NYG PK8 $1

Jaguars, Jacksonville JAC Def5 $2

Panthers, Carolina CAR Def7 $2

Total $200

Overall Thoughts:  

Mark is one of the most experience veterans on staff, and he wins his fair share of leagues. That said, as he’ll attest, we have very different drafting styles and I often come away from drafts thinking less of Mark’s team than his end results will show. This is another example of that as I look at his roster and struggle to see how it contends. Mark tried loading up on studs in the likes of Cam Newton, Allen Robinson, Todd Gurley and the TE duo of Kelce/Olsen, but I fear that left him too thin elsewhere. Drafting Derek Anderson, even for a $1, was a poor allocation of resource as was rostering a second defense (particularly when it’s Jacksonville for $2). He also didn’t need to roster two other tight ends given his heavy investment in the position otherwise. Beyond Gurley, his RB situation is downright scary as Isaiah Crowell may not even be a starter in Cleveland while neither Powell nor West will be any more than committee backs.

  • Best Value:Derek Carr ($5) is terrific value, although Mark won’t get to optimize the value all that much since he’s going to have Cam in the lineup every week barring injury.

  • Worst Value: Allen Robinson ($38) is a great receiver but paying $38 is a crazy amount of money for a receiver that’s likely to see regression this year.

  • Biggest Asset: Mark’s TE tandem is going to look very good in a 1.5PPR format like this, which will help offset some of the depth problems at WR/RB.

  • Biggest Risk: Lack of depth is the clear issue here. Mark really doesn’t have a viable RB2 or WR2/WR3, and those are going to be huge holes to fill each week even if he has top options at QB, RB1, WR1 and TE/Flex.


Player / Bye / Drafted

Manning, Eli NYG QB8 $7

Winston, Jameis TBB QB6 $5

Hyde, Carlos SFO RB (P)8 $17

Foster, Arian MIA RB8 $15

Jennings, Rashad NYG RB8 $9

Ivory, Chris JAC RB5 $8

Hill, Jeremy CIN RB9 $6

Collins, Alex SEA RB (R)5 $1

Allen, Keenan SDC WR11 $30

Cooper, Amari OAK WR10 $30

Jeffery, Alshon CHI WR (P)9 $26

Austin, Tavon RAM WR (P)8 $8

Jackson, DeSean WAS WR9 $7

Strong, Jaelen HOU WR9 $1

Eifert, Tyler CIN TE (O)9 $17

Green, Ladarius PIT TE (O)8 $7

McDonald, Vance SFO TE8 $2

Henry, Hunter SDC TE (R)11 $1

Gostkowski, Stephen NEP PK9 $2

Vikings, Minnesota MIN Def6 $1

Total $200

Overall Thoughts:  

I really like this team and think Dan built himself a contender. Although I don’t personally love every one of Dan’s running back choices, I have to applaud the overall construct of his RB roster. He could have five legitimate starting running backs if things break right. No one else in the league can say that. Dan’s also got a terrific mix of WR talent with three studs and three legitimate upside options behind them. The only fly in Dan’s ointment is the tight end position given the uncertainty of Tyler Eifert’s injury.

  • Best Value: Eli Manning ($7) and Jameis Winston ($5) are a phenomenal combined value. Dan drafted two of my top 12 fantasy quarterbacks for a total of $12.

  • Worst Value: Tyler Eifert ($17) is actually a value if he can give Dan 12+ games at last year’s productivity level. But, the injury risk is very real and I would rather have seen Dan reallocate some of those dollars to a better running back.

  • Biggest Asset: Dan built phenomenal depth. He’s got two potential QB1s, five potential starting RBs, three elite receivers and three other receivers that could be flex options.

  • Biggest Risk: While Dan’s running backs could be a cornucopia, they also could flame out when you consider Arian Foster’s health, Carlos Hyde’s health and system, and Rashad Jennings age and health.


Player / Bye / Drafted

Brady, Tom NEP QB (S)9 $9

Garoppolo, Jimmy NEP QB9 $1

Ryan, Matt ATL QB11 $1

Bell, Le'Veon PIT RB (P)8 $30

Stewart, Jonathan CAR RB (P)7 $9

Riddick, Theo DET RB10 $7

McKinnon, Jerick MIN RB (P)6 $3

Prosise, C.J. SEA RB (R) (P)5 $3

Draughn, Shaun SFO RB (P)8 $1

Hightower, Tim NOS RB5 $1

Watkins, Sammy BUF WR (O)10 $27

Cobb, Randall GBP WR (P)4 $21

Decker, Eric NYJ WR11 $19

Sanders, Emmanuel DEN WR11 $19

Gordon, Josh CLE WR (S)13 $10

Mitchell, Malcolm NEP WR (R)9 $1

Gronkowski, Rob NEP TE9 $35

Brate, Cameron TBB TE6 $1

Vinatieri, Adam IND PK10 $1

Bills, Buffalo BUF Def10 $1

Total $200

Overall Thoughts:  

This isn’t a team I would’ve constructed, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a potential title contender. Jeff struck a good balance between proven veteran value and high upside lottery tickets. This is a roster built to either win the title or finish well out of the money – and that’s the right way to approach an auction. What’s the point of building a team you think will finish 3rd or 4th? There is some risk at the running back position given Bell’s suspension and injury history combined with Jonathan Stewart’s injury history. Jeff’s decision to pair Gronkowski ($35) with Cameron Brate ($1) was smart; Brate looks to be the starter in Tampa Bay over Austin Sefarian-Jenkins. Generally, I’m not a fan of rostering three quarterbacks but in this case Jeff added Tom Brady’s fill-in for $1 and another quarterback (Matt Ryan) who was a fixture in the Top 10 until last year for another $1. That’s smart auction strategy.

  • Best Value:Matt Ryan ($1) is being treated like a leper this year yet the guy was a fixture in the Top 10 throughout his career until last season. For $1, Jeff has given himself all of the upside of a return to form with none of the risk.

  • Worst Value: Emmanuel Sanders ($19) is overpriced given the state of the Denver quarterback situation. Plus, Jeff didn’t need to pay for Sanders given the quality of his other receivers.

  • Biggest Asset: Jeff’s receiving corps has the potential to be the best in the league, particularly if Emmanuel Sanders can perform close to his 2015 level and Josh Gordon pans out in his return from suspension.

  • Biggest Risk: Although Le’Veon Bell and Jonathan Stewart are a potent starting tandem, both have higher-than-average injury risk.


Player / Bye / Drafted

Wilson, Russell SEA QB5 $17

Griffin III, Robert CLE QB13 $1

Lacy, Eddie GBP RB (P)4 $22

Langford, Jeremy CHI RB9 $14

Murray, DeMarco TEN RB13 $8

Henry, Derrick TEN RB (R)13 $4

Vereen, Shane NYG RB8 $4

Allen, Javorius BAL RB8 $1

Brown, Antonio PIT WR8 $44

Marshall, Brandon NYJ WR11 $31

Matthews, Jordan PHI WR (P)4 $13

Doctson, Josh WAS WR (R) (O)9 $3

Perriman, Breshad BAL WR (O)8 $2

Conley, Chris KCC WR5 $1

Greene, Rashad JAC WR5 $1

Hogan, Chris NEP WR (P)9 $1

Reed, Jordan WAS TE (P)9 $27

Miller, Zach CHI TE (P)9 $2

McManus, Brandon DEN PK11 $1

Seahawks, Seattle SEA Def5 $3

Total $200

Overall Thoughts:  

There is a lot to like about this team. B.J. rostered elite players at every position yet built depth everywhere. That’s not easy to accomplish against a talented group of Footballguys staffers. I’m much higher on DeMarco Murray than most so I love the $8 price point; but the pick is perfected by B.J.’s addition of Derrick Henry for another $4. At receiver B.J. drafted two of the top 5 in my projections and Matthews is a high end WR2 in PPR formats. If I had a nitpick it would be Langford as his RB2, but since I think Murray will outperform Langford (and be a solid RB2 this year), I can overlook the $14 spent on the plodding Bear.

  • Best Value:Chris Hogan ($1)and Robert Griffin III ($1) finish tied here. Griffin is the perfect auction backup as B.J. isn’t counting on him but for a $1 he rostered a player that has legitimate Top 5 upside if things fall into place. Most probably see Hogan as a “meh” pick but I think Hogan could play a massive role for the Patriots this year particularly if Julian Edelman’s re-injures himself in training camp.

  • Worst Value: Jordan Reed ($27) was the top fantasy tight end last year and should be Washington’s go-to guy again in 2016. But I worry about his concussion history and general inability to play 16 games. Reed is one of B.J.’s cornerstones and would be hard to replace while staying competitive.

  • Biggest Asset: Balance. There’s really no glaring weakness on this team, and the roster could survive injuries at every skill position.

  • Biggest Risk: WR health. This auction took place before Jordan Matthews suffered a bone bruise, but as we go to press a lot of B.J.’s receivers have health concerns.


Player / Bye / Drafted

Luck, Andrew IND QB10 $15

McCoy, LeSean BUF RB (P)10 $28

Mathews, Ryan PHI RB (P)4 $14

Jones, Matt WAS RB9 $11

Dixon, Kenneth BAL RB (R)8 $3

Perkins, Paul NYG RB (R)8 $2

Starks, James GBP RB4 $1

West, Charcandrick KCC RB5 $1

Beckham, Odell NYG WR (P)8 $45

Bryant, Dez DAL WR (P)7 $30

Aiken, Kamar BAL WR8 $8

Smith, Torrey SFO WR (P)8 $8

Ginn Jr., Ted CAR WR7 $3

Boldin, Anquan DET WR10 $1

Fuller, Will HOU WR (R)9 $1

Thomas, Julius JAC TE5 $14

Allen, Dwayne IND TE10 $5

Rodgers, Richard GBP TE4 $3

Catanzaro, Chandler ARI PK9 $1

Broncos, Denver DEN Def11 $3

Total $197

Overall Thoughts:  

This roster is a struggle for me. I have no problem banking on an Andrew Luck resurgence, but to not roster a 2nd quarterback – particularly in an auction format, is confounding. I also think he spent a lot of money on running backs that aren’t going to deliver. McCoy is a stud but Matthews (injury and o-line), Jones (talent), Dixon (competition), Perkins (competition) and Starks (Lacy) are all more likely to finish outside the Top 20 than breakout. His receiving corps could be awesome particularly if Dez Bryant can return to his 2014 form. My other issue is the TE tandem. Even if they both pan out, in a 1.5PPR format, John opted for two tight ends that are going to earn their stripes with touchdowns but almost certainly won’t be at the top of the TE receptions rankings. I also don’t understand how one can spend $3 on Richard Rodgers and yet leave another $3 on the table.

  • Best Value:Kenneth Dixon ($3) could be stuck on the bench all year, but I do think he’s the most talented runner on the Baltimore roster and – if talent wins out – spending $3 on this rookie could pay huge dividends for John.

  • Worst Value: Julius Thomas ($14) is a massive amount for a guy that never plays a full season and is on a team that is atop the rankings for mean regression. When you consider that Jason Witten cost $1 for another owner, it’s really hard to get excited about spending $14 on Thomas or $3 on Rodgers.

  • Biggest Asset: The WR duo of Beckham and Dez could save John’s season if Dez approximates his pre-2015 self.

  • Biggest Risk: Quarterback. In an auction format you can roster a high quality QB2 for $1-$2, so to not add a 2nd signal caller is very hard to justify.


Player / Bye / Drafted

Romo, Tony DAL QB (P)7 $4

Tannehill, Ryan MIA QB8 $4

Freeman, Devonta ATL RB (P)11 $29

Miller, Lamar HOU RB9 $29

Anderson, C.J. DEN RB11 $25

Ajayi, Jay MIA RB (P)8 $12

Coleman, Tevin ATL RB11 $4

Booker, Devontae DEN RB (R) (P)11 $3

White, Kevin CHI WR9 $17

Hurns, Allen JAC WR5 $16

Brown, John ARI WR (P)9 $13

Diggs, Stefon MIN WR6 $11

Benjamin, Travis SDC WR (P)11 $8

Ellington, Bruce SFO WR8 $4

Bennett, Martellus NEP TE9 $7

Clay, Charles BUF TE (P)10 $5

Walford, Clive OAK TE (P)10 $3

Higbee, Tyler RAM TE (R) (Q)8 $1

Boswell, Chris PIT PK8 $1

Rams, Los Angeles RAM Def8 $2

Total $198

Overall Thoughts:  

Cian’s team is a clear contender. There are aspects of the team that make me jealous this isn’t my squad, while there are other components that make me cringe. But in total this is a well-constructed roster that should contend because it has a mix of sure-fire stars and lots of high-upside picks mixed in. Tony Romo and Ryan Tannehill are both Top 12 quarterbacks and he got them for $8 -- $1 less than what someone else paid for Philip Rivers. I love Cian’s running back stable from top to bottom. Miller will be his RB1 which makes Freeman as awesome RB2 and C.J. Anderson a stunningly good RB3. On the flip side, Cian’s wide receiving corps leaves me nonplussed. Kevin White is unproven, Allen Hurns is ripe for regression, and John Brown is my least favorite of the Cardinals receiving trio. On the other hand, Bruce Ellington and Travis Benjamin are two of my favorite end game choices. I’m not a fan of Cian’s tight end corps but others think Martellus Bennett can be a stud this year. If they’re right, Cian looks set to battle for the league title.

  • Best Value:Tony Romo ($4) and Ryan Tannehill ($4) are astoundingly good quarterback values. Cian spent $8 on two passers that have legitimate Top 8 potential.

  • Worst Value: Kevin White ($17) is crazy money for a guy that hasn’t done it yet at the NFL level. At best, he’s the #2 to Alshon’s #1, so it’s hard to see how he’ll be an effective anchor of Cian’s WR corps.

  • Biggest Asset: The running back stable is awesome. Ajayi as his 4th running back? Kudos.

  • Biggest Risk: Cian really needs Martellus Bennett to hit the high end of upside projections or his tight end production will keep him from finishing atop the league’s standings given the 1.5PPR scoring.


Player / Bye / Drafted

Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB4 $17

Bortles, Blake JAC QB5 $6

Stafford, Matthew DET QB10 $2

Johnson, David ARI RB9 $40

Johnson, Duke CLE RB13 $15

Sproles, Darren PHI RB4 $4

Washington, DeAndre OAK RB (R)10 $3

Blount, LeGarrette NEP RB (P)9 $2

Nelson, Jordy GBP WR (O)4 $34

Thomas, Demaryius DEN WR11 $25

Crabtree, Michael OAK WR10 $12

Thomas, Michael NOS WR (R)5 $8

Jones, Marvin DET WR10 $6

Dorsett, Phillip IND WR10 $4

Sanu, Mohamed ATL WR11 $3

Barnidge, Gary CLE TE (P)13 $12

Rudolph, Kyle MIN TE6 $2

Gano, Graham CAR PK7 $1

Cardinals, Arizona ARI Def9 $2

Chiefs, Kansas City KCC Def5 $2

Total $200

Overall Thoughts:  

David has forgotten more about fantasy than I’ve ever learned, so it stands to reason I can’t be too critical of his team. I’ve seen him dominate auction leagues in many different seasons, he knows what he’s doing. That said, Dodds did a few things that have me scratching my head. Why roster three quarterbacks? I personally think Stafford will meet or exceed Bortles’ this year, so for $2 on Stafford, I would rather have seen that $6 on Bortles reallocated to the running back position. I also think David needs some help at tight end because Kyle Rudolph is essentially a non-factor. The good news is David has crazy depth at quarterback and a strong WR/RB starting unit. I love DeAndre Washington, but would like to see better depth at the position because Sproles is an afterthought. The Blount pick for $2 though makes up for the Sproles bid. The receiving corps is the team’s strength, and there’s a lot to like as David mixed proven studs with high upside backups. This team will contend, but it’s not one of my preseason favorites.

  • Best Value:LeGarrette Blount ($2) is healthy while Dion Lewis is not. I could see Blount delivering 800+ yards and 10+ touchdowns this year, but even 75% of that will make the $2 bid seem like a no brainer.

  • Worst Value: Blake Bortles ($6) was unnecessary and overvalued. Consider that another team rostered Tony Romo and Ryan Tannehill for $8 total; there’s no way Bortles can justify the $6 price tag under that paradigm.

  • Biggest Asset: Dodds has compelling depth at most positions. Very few of his picks are complete non-factors and/or need injuries to be a factor.

  • Biggest Risk: The running back position could become a problem if Duke Johnson isn’t the stud we both expect him to be. DeAndre Washington and Darren Sproles need major injuries in front of them to be effective fantasy RB2s.


Player / Bye / Drafted

Brees, Drew NOS QB5 $13

Dalton, Andy CIN QB9 $2

Rawls, Thomas SEA RB (P)5 $18

Bernard, Giovani CIN RB9 $13

Sims, Charles TBB RB6 $7

Smallwood, Wendell PHI RB (R) (P)4 $3

Ferguson, Josh IND RB (R)10 $2

Ware, Spencer KCC RB5 $2

Michael, Christine SEA RB5 $1

Jones, Julio ATL WR11 $43

Evans, Mike TBB WR6 $29

Edelman, Julian NEP WR (P)9 $24

Maclin, Jeremy KCC WR (P)5 $22

Funchess, Devin CAR WR7 $5

Ebron, Eric DET TE (Q)10 $6

Graham, Jimmy SEA TE (O)5 $4

Hill, Josh NOS TE5 $1

Williams, Maxx BAL TE8 $1

Crosby, Mason GBP PK4 $2

Bengals, Cincinnati CIN Def9 $2

Total $200

Overall Thoughts:  

This is another team that has players I don’t necessarily like at key positions, but overall I have to acknowledge that it’s a contender given the balance and strong mix of high upside depth to go with proven starters. The QB tandem of Brees/Dalton for $13 is terrific when you consider another own spent $15 on Andrew Luck alone. Justin’s running backs are a strength. Rawls and Bernard are a potent 1-2 punch and Sims is a viable flex option in PPR leagues. Smallwood and Ferguson are perfect end game choices because both have real shots at being their team’s feature backs later in the season. The receiving corps is jaw-dropping. Consider that even if Julian Edelman is hurt again, Justin has Maclin as his WR3. Maclin is very close to being a WR1 yet he could be the WR4 on this team. Funchess is great value – he could be as good as Kelvin Benjamin for $13 less. Tight end is a potential pain spot. I’m very high on Ebron but want nothing to do with Jimmy Graham.

  • Best Value:Josh Ferguson ($2) and Wendell Smallwood ($3) combine to be great value as I think one or both will be starters by mid-year. If either hits, it’s $5 well spent.

  • Worst Value: Julian Edelman ($24) isn’t mispriced if he’s healthy, but given the quality of Justin’s WR corps, I think his team could’ve entered the season as the prohibitive favorite if he reallocated those $24 to an elite tight end or upgrading the RB spot (imagine going from Sims for $7 to Le’Veon Bell for $30).

  • Biggest Asset: The receiving corps is stunning. He’s got four potential WR1s in PPR formats and Funchess is an ideal low cost, high upside bench option.

  • Biggest Risk: In a 1.5PPR format for tight ends, having Ebron/Graham is a bit too risky for my tastes. Neither are sure bets to be Top 10 fantasy tight ends, much less elite starters.


Player / Bye / Drafted

Palmer, Carson ARI QB9 $4

Cutler, Jay CHI QB9 $1

Ingram, Mark NOS RB (P)5 $27

Lewis, Dion NEP RB (O)9 $19

Gore, Frank IND RB10 $13

Abdullah, Ameer DET RB (P)10 $11

Williams, DeAngelo PIT RB8 $11

Williams, Jonathan BUF RB (R)10 $1

Cooks, Brandin NOS WR (P)5 $27

Moncrief, Donte IND WR10 $20

Parker, DeVante MIA WR (P)8 $17

Floyd, Michael ARI WR9 $15

Lockett, Tyler SEA WR5 $15

Shepard, Sterling NYG WR (R)8 $13

Carroo, Leonte MIA WR (R)8 $1

Green, Virgil DEN TE (P)11 $1

Seferian-Jenkins, Austin TBB TE6 $1

Watson, Ben BAL TE8 $1

Walsh, Blair MIN PK6 $1

Texans, Houston HOU Def9 $1

Total $200

Overall Thoughts:  

I’m madly in love with this team…until I look at the tight ends. Dan has incredible depth at RB/WR, but I think in retrospect he needed to give up some of that to add at least one legitimate tight end. As I see it, he has three tight ends that are all going to finish outside of the Top 20. That just won’t cut it in a 1.5PPR scoring format. However, if Dan can navigate his TE-vortex, the rest of his roster looks poised to contend. Dan has five potential starting running backs and six potential starting receivers. No one else can claim 11 potential starters at the all-important RB/WR positions.

  • Best Value:Michael Floyd ($15) should have gone for $20+ based on my projections. He’s Dan’s 4th most expensive receiver yet I see him as the 2nd best pass catcher on Dan’s roster (behind Cooks).

  • Worst Value: DeVante Parker ($17) was an unnecessary and misplaced allocation of resources. Take Parker away and Dan still has a deep, uber-talented receiving corps. Imagine what those $17 could’ve done for him at the tight end position (instead of spending $3 on three players and punting one of the most important scoring positions).

  • Biggest Asset: As I already said, Dan has unmatched depth at WR/RB entering the season.

  • Biggest Risk: While I like most of Dan’s running backs, it’s not out of the question that four of his top five are relegated to backup/committee roles by mid-season. That’s not my baseline assumption, but it’s within the realm of possibility.


Player / Bye / Drafted

Mariota, Marcus TEN QB13 $7

Taylor, Tyrod BUF QB10 $4

Charles, Jamaal KCC RB (O)5 $27

Forte, Matt NYJ RB (P)11 $18

Woodhead, Danny SDC RB11 $10

Yeldon, T.J. JAC RB5 $7

Howard, Jordan CHI RB (R)9 $5

Ervin, Tyler HOU RB (R)9 $1

Hopkins, DeAndre HOU WR9 $35

Hilton, T.Y. IND WR10 $29

Snead, Willie NOS WR5 $10

Jackson, Vincent TBB WR6 $6

Wheaton, Markus PIT WR8 $6

Green-Beckham, Dorial TEN WR13 $1

Smith, Steve BAL WR (O)8 $1

Ertz, Zach PHI TE4 $16

Gates, Antonio SDC TE11 $9

Tye, Will NYG TE8 $4

Tucker, Justin BAL PK8 $2

Steelers, Pittsburgh PIT Def8 $1

Total $199

Overall Thoughts:  

Danny made some bold moves but I fear he took too many risks. Danny needs a lot of things to fall right in order to contend for the title. His quarterback tandem seems fine ($11) until you look at what other owners were able to do with similar or less money. The running backs could be awesome, but Forte (injury/age/committee), Charles (injury), and Yeldon are question marks. Danny’s starting receivers look good but I’m not a fan of his backups (Wheaton, Green-Beckham and Smith). The tight end position is going to be key for Danny and I love his composition. Ertz is going to earn that $16 and then some.

  • Best Value:Danny Woodhead ($10) was a Top 5 fantasy running back last year in PPR leagues by virtue of being such a talented receiver. Even if Melvin Gordon is healthy, Woodhead has substantial upside at this price.

  • Worst Value: Markus Wheaton ($6) is overpriced given his uncertain role. It will surprise no one if Sammie Coates outperforms him this year.

  • Biggest Asset: The receiver tandem of Hopkins/Hilton should be at or near the top of the league standings.

  • Biggest Risk: Overpaying for mediocrity.

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