Troubleshooting MyFBG

Simple steps for resolving issues with MyFBG, and contact information for support in case they fail.

So you've bought a Footballguys subscription. Congratulations! As a long-time subscriber, I believe you have made an excellent choice and look forward to working hard this year to prove it to you.

And you're especially excited to check out that MyFBG feature that you've heard so much about, perhaps from some overzealous carnival-barker of a writer who can't shut up about it. (Hi! It really is amazing, I promise— you won't regret it!)

You log in, follow the instructions to set everything up, and then... something goes wrong. Horribly, catastrophically wrong. First off, I'm sorry— tech failure is the literal worst. It's frustrating, and we know it. The more cool features and interactions there are, the more likely one of them is going to go wrong somewhere and ruin your day. We want to be day-makers here, not day-ruiners, and we're truly sorry. Truly.

But, while apologies are nice, what you really want is a fix. Preferably a fast one so you can get back to something really important, like rocking your fantasy leagues.

How to Get MyFBG Fixed... Fast

To begin with, MyFBGs is actually two separate systems that communicate with each other. The first is my.footballguys; if you are on any page that has a blue menu bar on the left side, this is a my.footballguys page. To make things easy, we'll call these "blue pages". Here's what a blue page looks like:


The other system is MyFBG Classic. Any page that has the standard Footballguys navigation system is part of MyFBG classic. Again, for the sake of simplicity, we'll call them "classic pages". This is a classic page— note the navigation bar at the top:


Of course, tech being tech, blue and classic pages both have different development teams, so who you need to contact is going to vary based on where you are when you encounter problems.

If you are ever on a blue page and receive an error message— not that something isn't working properly, but you're receiving an actual message that an error has occurred— you will want to email Simon Shepherd, the lead developer, at Send him a quick note detailing where exactly you were on the blue pages, what you were doing, and what the error message says and he'll help you resolve it as quickly as possible.

If you are on a yellow page and receive an error message, you should contact the guys in charge of the Classic pages. The email account has been created specifically for helping resolve any MyFBG Classic issues, and will reach the proper people at once. Again, include a brief note on where you were, what you were trying to do, and what the error message says.

Sometimes when things go wrong, though, there won't be an error message. Sometimes the site might for one reason or another think that things are going just fine. If that's the case, here are a few steps that will hopefully resolve any issues.

If Your Team Is Not Showing Up Properly on a CLassic Page

  • Go to your MyFBG Classic home page and click the link at the top that says "Sync rosters for [League Name]"
  • If that link doesn't exist, or if clicking it doesn't correct the situation, click the "to edit settings..." link. This will take you to the blue pages where your league settings are stored.
  • On the blue pages, find the league in question, select "Teams and Rosters", select your team, and verify that your roster is correct.
  • If the roster is accurate there, then email and say, "My rosters are correct at my.footballguys but are not correct at MyFBG Classic. In particular, the league that is not syncing properly is _________."
  • If the roster is not accurate on the blue page, then hit the red 'sync' button.
  • If the roster is still not accurate on the blue page, you can try unlinking and re-linking via the blue page.
  • If none of the above works, then email and say "Mike, syncing my roster via the red link at does not accurately update the roster. I have tried unlinking and re-linking, but that didn't work either."

If Your Scoring System Is Not Accurately Reflected on a Classic Page

  • Go again to the blue pages. Either follow the "To edit the settings..." link on MyFBG Classic, or simply click this link.
  • Select the "Scoring" link and verify that your scoring system is set up correctly.
  • Once your scoring has been updated, return to MyFBG Classic and see if the results are now correct.
  • Please note that if your scoring system awards bonus points for touchdowns of a certain distances or players who reach certain yardage thresholds, these bonuses will not be reflected in MyFBGs Classic. The blue pages at my.footballguys have been built to handle the increasing complexity in fantasy football, and any recommendations made on those pages will factor in these performance benchmarks.
  • If following these steps doesn't resolve your issue, and you aren't using a scoring system with distance or threshold bonuses, email Be sure to include a detailed description of your problem.

If the MyFBG Classic Recommendations Look... Off...

By "look off" I don't mean "I can't believe this guy has David Johnson as the #1 running back. What a hack!" Instead, I mean more along the lines of "I can't believe MyFBG is telling me I should be drafting quarterbacks in each of the first three rounds in my 10-team league that only starts one quarterback." Usually, when something like this happens, it means a scoring or starting lineup setting is entered wrong on a blue page.

Go to the blue pages and double-check all of your league settings. If you find a problem, fix it, save your settings, and reload the yellow page to see if the recommendations still look off.

Also, please know that one of the most amazing parts of fantasy football owners is how passionate they are. This passion has led to an explosion of increasingly complex fantasy football leagues. The new my.footballguys, (aka "the blue pages"), was built in large part to address this increasing complexity. It features the most cutting-edge algorithms to handle the most cutting-edge leagues. If you're playing in a 16-team league with 53 roster spots and five flexes, the yellow pages might struggle to keep up. The blue pages will give you recommendations that better account for all of this complexity.

If updating your settings doesn't fix the issue, and your league is relatively typical, (8-16 teams, 0-2 flex positions, etc.), then email with a brief description of your problem and he'll help get it squared away.

If You're Having a Problem that Wasn't Covered

If you encounter any issues at all, most of them will fall into one of these broad categories. Either your league isn't fully synced or there's an error somewhere in the settings. If you've followed these steps and a problem still isn't resolving, or if you run into any issues that aren't covered by this guide, you can always email Footballguys' editor, Clayton Gray, at

In fact, any time you have an issue with anything at Footballguys and aren't sure where to go with it, Clayton is a pretty good place to start. There are a lot of different moving pieces being operated by a lot of different people, and Clayton's job is keeping everything straight. I don't envy it, but I do admire the efficiency with which he keeps all those plates spinning.

For most users, MyFBG will be a fantasy marvel that runs seamlessly from the start. But for those of you who do experience hiccups, hopefully this article is useful in resolving them quickly so you can get back to the important things, like Complete and Total Fantasy Domination(TM).

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