51 Reasons Why the Draft Dominator Helps You Win

With the Draft Dominator FREE for 2019, there's no excuse to not try it out. But here's 51 more reasons anyway!

The Draft Dominator is now free to use - there’s no excuse not to try it! If you’re still on the fence, here’s a list of 51 reasons why it’s a must-use tool:

  1. It adapts rankings to your league’s scoring, roster settings, and number of teams...

  2. … and it does so using the industry-leading VBD (Value Based Drafting) algorithm invented by Joe Bryant of Footballguys - the Draft Dominator’s implementation is the most advanced, flex-friendly, and adaptable out there.

  3. There’s no need to spend hours tediously entering your league’s scoring, keepers or any other settings. The Draft Dominator imports them automatically; all you need to do is log in to your league provider from within the app.

  4. Unlike many other tools, the Draft Dominator is only built only for football. It’s not a generic fantasy sports drafting tool, and you won’t see it reskinned for baseball in the spring. From the ground up, the focus has always been on points-per-week fantasy football.

  5. Whatever device you’re on, the Draft Dominator works. Start a sneaky draft on your computer before you leave work, and then continue that same draft on your phone on the train home.

  6. If that train goes through a tunnel, the app will keep going as no internet connection is required. The browser version for desktops uses cutting edge technology so even the website version can be loaded from every bar and basement of the country, even if you don’t have an internet connection. Yes, that is possible!

  7. For nearly 20 years now, our Draft Dominator tools have been continually crafted and battle-tested to produce the best results. We don’t release the same tired app each year. Like a fine and well-rested bottle of wine, the Draft Dominator has matured to perfection.

  8. For first-time users, the interface is easy to use. We’ll get you set up with your leagues quickly and straight into a draft.

  9. In recent years we’ve added a live draft pick entry system that means you can enter other picks with just one tap per pick, making it easy to keep up with drafts. If you make a mistake, it’s simple to get back on track by inserting or switching out players.

  10. This is the only drafting application that has four sets of projections that are paired with your league settings to produce rankings. The result is a balanced and considered ranking on every player.

  11. Those projections are updated extremely quickly to breaking news, all the way to the opening weekend of the NFL season. No matter how late or early your draft is, the Draft Dominator will be up-to-date.

  12. In addition to those four sets of award-winning projections, this is the only tool that also has a full set of best-case, upside projections. These are used with increasing importance as the draft progresses. The result is we don’t recommend the “Brian Hartlines” of fantasy football in later rounds - instead, upside will recommend players with a genuine chance of transforming your fantasy roster later in the year.

  13. Speaking of upside, that’s just one of the many ways in which the Draft Dominator adjusts to your draft as it progresses. Cheatsheets or static rankings apps can’t do that and will always read exactly the same as they did at the beginning of the draft.

  14. Another example is positional need. Have you ever stared at a cheatsheet later in a draft and not known whether to take the best player available or to address your desperate need at wide receiver? The Draft Dominator does all these calculations for you, automatically, on the fly - so whatever your roster, and in whichever round, you’ll get a bespoke rankings list for exactly that situation.

  15. Automatic bye week monitoring means you don’t need to worry about bye week clashes. Red warning alerts tell you of players you’ve already drafted at the same position who are missing the same week.

  16. The Draft Dominator predicts the draft into the future, but it does so while considering all the other rosters. If a team already drafted a quarterback early, it knows there’s next to no chance of them taking another in the later rounds. You’ll always be like a chess player knowing your opponents’ next moves.

  17. That prediction information is applied to your own rankings too. If the app thinks that no quarterbacks will be drafted between your current pick and your next pick, it will move quarterbacks down your own rankings and encourage you to grab another position now, and address quarterback with that next pick.

  18. The app has the most extensive league support in the industry. IDP, keeper, auction - we love those leagues because we play in them too.

  19. After the draft finishes, our world-famous Rate My Team gives you feedback on your draft and analyzes your roster, letting you know what to do to improve as the season starts.

  20. Our fantasy points projections are more detailed than anywhere else, split down to every week of the fantasy season based on bye weeks, strength of schedule, and individual player concerns like suspensions, or rookies who will play more as the season goes on.

  21. This weekly breakdown is used in a few ways to help you draft better - the first is the Complementary Players feature, which helps you find players to fill out your roster who have a great matchup when your starter has a tough opponent or a bye.

  22. The other way you can take advantage of weekly projections is our weekly weights feature. It may be certain rivalry matchups are more important to you than others - or you are very confident of making the playoffs and want to optimize your roster for the last weeks of the season. Weekly Weights allows you to change the priority of each week of the season to achieve this. We can also exclude Week 17 projections for the majority of fantasy leagues.

  23. Every app publishes ADP, and that’s nice. But it probably means next to nothing for your league. We take ADP and adapt it according to your league settings, for our ADP+ metric. This makes ADP relevant no matter your league settings. Two-QB or superflex league? We’ve got you covered.

  24. Mock drafts are crucial, and they are only useful if they prepare you for every conceivable scenario. Unlike other tools which will show you the same mocks time after time, the Draft Dominator will change it up from draft to draft. Practice makes perfect.

  25. If your league members don’t conform to standard rankings, our rankings profile system allows you to customize how they draft. You can set up one profile for the whole league, or a profile for each individual team - put as much time into it as you wish.

  26. If you just want to check out different strategies for the opening rounds of mock drafts, you can auto-complete drafts to see how your rosters end up, given different early game plans.

  27. Rankings profiles are useful for your own rankings in real drafts too - especially if you want to employ different strategies for multiple leagues.

  28. Handcuffs and depth charts are well covered. At any time check for a player’s backup or for available players with opportunities to start.

  29. No need to set your own tiers - the Draft Dominator will do this for you with a customized clustering algorithm that divides players up into meaningful tiers.

  30. If a player has been in the news recently, a loudspeaker icon on the Players List will make you aware of this - and you can easily check this news before drafting them.

  31. If your league is a best-ball or Draftmaster league, we’ve got you covered. The app will promote players up the rankings whose week-to-week scores are more unpredictable, and it changes its positional need algorithms to ensure you have strength in depth at each position.

  32. Our staff works tirelessly throughout the offseason, writing up our official season outlooks for each player. These are included for free in the Draft Dominator.

  33. In addition to those outlooks, many staff members rank and comment on players. And just like the outlooks, those are included for free.

  34. We maintain an injury watch list with a tagging and commenting system. If a player is injured - or is a high injury risk - you’ll know before you consider drafting them.

  35. It’s a reality of today’s NFL that players miss games through concussions. Where players have a history of concussions, we tag them as such and let you know of this risk.

  36. If you don’t like any of these risks, your in-app cheatsheet can be filtered so none of these players are shown.

  37. Our Matt Waldman’s Rookie Scouting Portfolio is widely regarded as the go-to source for information on rookie players. Where rookies have high upside, you can read Matt’s takes in the Draft Dominator and target these players later in the draft.

  38. It’s good to have favorites and your own picks. That’s what makes cheering for your roster during the season enjoyable. Store those picks on our watch list and you won’t miss them during the draft.

  39. Likewise, if there are some players you just can’t stand, or you think they are too high risk, tag them in your avoid list. You can even then filter them out of your cheatsheet in the app altogether.

  40. For players who you don’t feel quite so strongly about, you can make notes that are shared across all your devices (just like all your settings are). Whether that’s to target them in a certain round, or that they are a favorite of another team... use the notes for whatever you want.

  41. It’s okay to disagree with our rankings. If you do, they’re easy to adjust - both for our standard and upside projections.

  42. More details on each player than anywhere else: projections, rankings, ADP, upside, games played projection, VBD scores, measurements, and career measurements.

  43. We settle for nothing less than 100% full auction support. That’s because many of our own drafts are done this way - including mine! Auction is not a second tier add-on here. We treat it as equally important as snake drafts and support it as such.

  44. To this end, mock auctions are fully supported and customizable. All other teams will bid with a view to their remaining auction dollars and their current rosters.

  45. When you get into your live auction, the app will constantly adjust auction prices according to how much the other teams are under- or over-paying for players, how many total unspent dollars are left in the auction, and the total value of all undrafted players.

  46. If your league likes to trade picks during the draft, those can be entered into the app just fine.

  47. Everything is customizable. We even have advanced support for modifying VBD baselines, if that’s what floats your boat.

  48. If you’re down to a few options on your next pick, use the Draft Dominator’s shortlist to focus on those players with direct comparisons, to get you to that final decision.

  49. Even if you don’t want to use the app during the draft, and want to go Belichick with paper, the app can export the industry’s most structured and readable cheatsheets to print.

  50. If manipulating data further in Excel is your thing, export all our rankings and metrics for your draft in CSV format and go wild.

  51. There's no limit to the number of your leagues you can use with the Draft Dominator or drafts you can run. If you play in just one or hundreds, dominate them all.

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