Wide Receiver Showdown: Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, CeeDee Lamb

The staff at Footballguys breaks down the Dallas wide receivers corps for 2020

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The Cowboys have a trio of talented wide receivers, and there is generally not much debate as to how they fall in the pecking order. In almost everyone's rankings, Amari Cooper is easily ahead of Michael Gallup who is easily ahead of CeeDee Lamb.

Is there a realistic scenario where this order is wrong? Are you finding yourself getting any of these players often? Are any (or all) of these players overrated? Could they be underrated? When taking ADP into account, who is your most-wanted receiver in Dallas?

Jeff Haseley

I generally do not target any of the Dallas wide receivers unless Michael Gallup is staring me in the face because he is still on the board one round after his ADP. Amari Cooper is too inconsistent to begin with and now that Gallup and CeeDee Lamb are in the mix, it leaves me not wanting any of them unless the value is too good to ignore. Also, the Cowboys will play the AFC North and the NFC West. The NFC East has the worst schedule against fantasy defenses in the league. There are too many factors for me to want any of this uncertainty in Dallas. The Cowboys also play Baltimore, San Francisco, and Philadelphia in three of the last four games.

Chad Parsons

I agree with the consensus-market pecking order with much of a quibble. Amari Cooper is my clear preference of the trio, but I gravitate more toward running backs in his draft round. Michael Gallup is underrated with his historical profile and 2019 breakout season, but situationally it is tough to completely buy-in with the drafting of CeeDee Lamb snipping away at Gallup's upside potential. Also, Gallup resides in an appealing zone of running backs like Derrius Guice, Ronald Jones II, and J.K. Dobbins, strong quarterbacks, and a few select tight ends like Evan Engram and Hayden Hurst types. Gallup is more of a victim of better pivots in the draft range than anything. As for Lamb, I am generally fading rookie receivers this year not named Jalen Reagor for redraft impact. Lamb, outside of Cooper or Gallup missing extensive time, is in a draft range I would not be passing on optimal backup running backs or clearer-path receivers like Emmanuel Sanders if still looking to fill out the position.

Clayton Gray

I'm finding myself drafting none of these three guys for a variety of worries.

When it's time to take Cooper, I decline because I'm worried about his propensity to find injuries. When it's time to take Gallup, I decline because I'm worried Lamb will take too much of a share of the targets. When it's time to take Lamb, I decline because I'm worried there won't be enough targets for him to be a viable fantasy option.

And yes, I know those worries are sometimes in conflict, but that's okay. Such is life.

But there are other reasons to not reach for a Dallas wide receiver. The biggest is that there seems to be wide receiver value everywhere this season. At almost every spot in a draft, there's a feeling that the receivers you can get a round later aren't that much worse. Of course, you can't pass on receivers forever, but this value should keep you from taking a wide receiver you have worries about.

Phil Alexander

Dallas' passing game is going to produce some monstrous fantasy performances, but it won't be easy to predict which wide receiver will make the biggest splash from week to week.

As a result, drafting Amari Cooper -- the most expensive option -- doesn't make sense to me. I'd rather guys who are sure-fire WR1s on their respective teams like D.J. Chark Jr, T.Y. Hilton, A.J. Green, and Terry McLaurin. They're usually available a round or two later to boot.

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