Why You Should Play Fantasy Football This Year

Why we love and need fantasy football

Howdy Friend,

Can we talk?

How are you?

Hang on. Let me say that better. How are you? Really?

2020 has been a ##### for a ton of people. In all sorts of ways.

I’ve been as fortunate in this as anyone I know. But I’ve found myself more irritable than I should be. Tenser than I should be. Little things that shouldn’t bother me seem to be way more annoying than they should be. It feels like a “weight”.

My guess is you feel it too.

It’s easy to identify the source for lots of this. It’s right there in front of us.

But I believe there’s a big factor that’s harder to see. I think a ton of this “weight" has been one thing: Less positive human interaction.

With an emphasis there on “positive”. I’m not talking about arguing on Facebook or Twitter. That sucks. I’m talking about positive interactions with people you know not living under the same roof as you.

So here are three thoughts. From a 40,000 foot view down to something practical.

1. I see you.

Not literally. Computers are rad but we’re not quite there yet. But I want you to know I understand this is about way more than emails. This is about community and being part of something bigger than me. And you. It’s all of us together.

And we need that. If these last six months have taught me anything, it’s we need each other. We need community.

2. Be kind to each other.

Empathy is vastly underrated. When you’re interacting with another person, you rarely know the full story. You may think they’re being rude or not paying attention. And they may be. They may also be worried about a child that’s acting differently. Or a parent that’s aging. It’s so much better to assume the best of that other person and show them extra grace. Lord knows I need it too. Be extra nice.

And here’s a thought on being kind and empathetic. It’s proactive. Meaning you make the first move. Get out there. Get in the game. Send the text. Open the door. Say something kind. It’s those kinds of things that set things in motion and allow you to continue those positive interactions. They won't just fall into your lap.

Which leads me to the last point. The real live rubber meets the road level:

3. I think you should play fantasy football this year. Even if you’re not feeling it.

Is that self-serving? Sure it is. Fantasy Football and Footballguys is how I make my living. It supports my family and the families of quite a few other people at Footballguys. It allows us to do the things we do for my local community.

But you can play Fantasy Football without Footballguys.

  • Find a free league and have at it.
  • Have the Draft. Virtually if need be. Might be the best thing you do on Zoom all year.
  • Talk the Smack.
  • Work the Waiver Wire.
  • Set the Lineups.
  • Crown a Champion.
  • Celebrate.
  • Make the last place GM walk down the street in his underwear. You know what to do.

You already know this but I’ll say it anyway. It’s not really about Football.

It’s about living your life. And being in community with other people.

That’s what I’m talking about and that’s why I love Fantasy Football so much.

That’s it. Get out there and play Fantasy Football.

Your friends at Footballguys.

Joe Bryant

PS: Playing Fantasy Football is all I’m asking you to do. You don’t need Footballguys to play. Without question though, I believe with all my heart you need Footballguys if you want your best chance to WIN.

That’s different. And more fun. And to make sure everyone feels comfortable, we have a Money Back Guarantee including a plan just in case there was some sort of interrupted season. See it here.

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