Waivers of the Future: Week 3

Your guide to making preemptive waiver pickups in the context of dynasty fantasy football.

Player value in dynasty football reminds me of watching ocean waves. They ebb and flow, always in a state of flux. Competitive dynasty players anticipate these movements before they happen and act by picking up, buying, or selling players as the situation demands. Dynasty general managers have previously been at the mercy of regular waiver segments to assist in dynasty pickups, but these fail to account for the long-term view necessary to dynasty success. This weekly column will focus on identifying assets that will help dynasty teams build for the future, as well as players that may plug a hole at a position of need on an otherwise strong squad.

Welcome to Week 3 of Waivers of the Future! Whether you are a contender or a rebuilder, this article will seek to help you put yourself in the best position to have success in your dynasty league by helping you to make preemptive pickups.

What a rough Week 2! Even after playing fantasy football for 25 years, the writer has never seen a week as fraught with injury as this one. With the lack of football conditioning before the season, it was highly likely for something like this to happen. It may continue to happen at an alarming rate. As always, there are not as many replacements to go around as there are injured players, but do not despair! This article will do its best to help you navigate the battlefield, patch up your teams, and soldier on.

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