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Discussing strategy on drafting in 12-man leagues on the Underdog Fantasy platform

Best Ball drafts on Underdog Fantasy have changed the way I now play fantasy football. They offer up all the aspects that we all love about the great game of fantasy football. We have the chance to draft a team in the offseason up until kickoff in September and can draft as many teams that we can fit in during that time frame. The beautiful thing about best ball is that we don't have to manage our rosters once the season kicks off as the Underdog site does it for us, inserting our top scoring players at the eight different positions each week:

  • QB
  • RB1
  • RB2
  • WR1
  • WR2
  • WR3
  • TE
  • Flex

Underdog uses 0.5 PPR scoring and you have to draft 18 total players which your top eight scoring players each week will automatically be started. Underdog offers all sorts of different types of ways to draft as you can play in 3-man, 6-man, or 12-man. They also offer FAST drafts which are on a 30-second timer in between picks and SLOW drafts which are on an 8-hour timer. For this particular article, I want to focus primarily on the 12-man FAST draft which is in the lobby for $3 and pays out the top 3 spots at the end of the season.

I have currently drafted 170 completed and 10 ongoing drafts for 2020 best ball for a total of 180 drafts on Underdog alone. I have used a lot of the data in my personal drafts to construct some of the main points on how to draft the perfect 12-man team.

The goal is to place in the top three in these 12-man leagues to win money. In the $3 Fast 10-man drafts in the lobby the prize pool is $32 total with prizes as such:

  • 1st = $20.00
  • 2nd = $9.00
  • 3rd = $3.00

Underdog also has a $5 entry GPP called the Bubble and a $25 GPP called Best Ball Mania that you can use all of these strategies for the same way you would the $3 12-man leagues.

Draft, Draft, and Draft Some More

The best way to really know how to beat the 12-man is to practice your drafting skills and to enter a few leagues just to get the hang of it and to learn how the draft room works, get familiar with ADP, know what players might fall a round or two or get drafted a round or two early. My suggestion would be to invest $21-$30 and enter 7-10 drafts without an initial expectation to win all the leagues you enter. You are essentially just trying to try out a few strategies and become familiar with the format.

Here are 10 teams of my own that I have drafted over the past week for $3 each in the 12-team fast drafts in the lobby. I handpicked 10 different teams all with different starting points to give you a sample of where players and positions are being drafted.

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