Trapping the Best Keeper

A look at questions to ask before making final decisions on keepers

One of the most common questions of the offseason is “Should I keep Player A or Player B” ?

Sometimes the question is easy to answer on its face, but often it requires more investigation. There is a set of questions you should ask yourself that will make the decision easier.

What are my league scoring and lineups?

Why this is helpful: The simplest way to create an advantage over the rest of your league is understanding how your league’s setup emphasizes and deemphasizes the value of a position. Beyond rules that obviously weight positions heavier (superflex giving a bump to quarterbacks or tight end premium boosting tight ends), looking at scoring gaps between elite options and replacement-level starters and the effect of performance bonuses and large/small lineups can skew the value of players at certain positions.

Quarterback: 5 or 6 point passing touchdowns and 300-yard game bonuses increase the value of Patrick Mahomes II and bring running quarterbacks back to the pack a bit. Long touchdown bonuses generally increase the gap between the top options and replacement-level players. And 14- or 16-team leagues could also increase the desirability of keeping a top quarterback. Look at the per game scoring average for the top quarterbacks compared to wide receiver and running back. Chances are an elite quarterback like Lamar Jackson or Mahomes is worth a keeper spot.

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