The 2020 Road Map To Fantasy Football Success

A comprehensive road map to guide you to success in your draft

“Have a plan. Follow the plan, and you’ll be surprised how successful you can be. Most people don’t have a plan. That’s why it’s easy to beat most folks.” – Paul “Bear” Bryant, football coach, University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide.

I've always loved road trips. When I was seven and we drove across the country, I was the navigator. I stared at the atlas to learn all of the routes and watched the mile markers and exits pass by to track our progress. Our destination is success, defined as getting a player at value, and like a road trip has to have stops for gas, food, drink, and bathroom breaks, we need to make sure to fill our starting lineup and stock our bench with useful and potentially valuable players.

Striking a balance between having a road map built by good research to navigate your draft and seeing how your draft is unfolding through the lens of necessary alterations on the fly to that plan is a difficult task. If you improvise or go “best player available” every round, you could leave weaknesses that are hard to overcome if you don’t draft and manage in a style to mitigate your unforeseen shortcoming. If you stick with your directions through hell or high water, you can miss great values or other ways to exploit the tendencies of your leaguemates.


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