Random Shots From Week 12

Joe Bryant with the notable and/or humorous side of Week 12

Hi Folks,

Big Announcement.

We've always had a big problem with Random Shots. Our mailing software doesn't allow us to natively embed video. That means when you click on a video, you're taken to another website where the video is hosted. It's a pain and I've never liked it.

But we've fixed it now in our online version of Random Shots. Go straight to it here and get a much better experience.

I'll still do a few blurbs the old way to give you a taste of what's in this week but trust me, viewing this online is a zillion times better. And please note, when you click on the link please give the page a few seconds to load. It's a giant page with a ton of embedded links and can take a few seconds on some connections. But once it loads, you're good.

A few things from this week:

Ken Norton, Jr. is still a gamer.

This hits too close to home...

George Clooney just became my favorite actor.

I so hope this is real.

Ok. If you'd like to see all the rest of this goofiness, click here and see everything online for free in a much better-looking format. Trust me, it's tons better.

Thanks for being part of Footballguys and thanks for being on this walk with us.

Peace and Grace to you.


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