Random Shots From Week 12

Joe Bryant with the notable and/or humorous side of Week 12

Hi Folks,

We do a ton of insightful, thoughtful, and serious features here at Footballguys with smart people thinking deeply for you.

This is not one of those features.

This is Random Shots and it's a few pages of me downloading my goofy and dysfunctional mental hard drive that gets stuffed with way too many random items from too many hours watching, reading about, and listening to football every weekend and throughout the week. It's the only way I manage. Here's hoping it has some value for you.

We'll see. Now let's get to it.


Ken Norton, Jr. is still a gamer.

Arizona for the win. They're not just being a good neighbor and allowing the 49ers to share their stadium and facility, they're winning Social Media at the same time.

The perfect reply...

I'm back to thinking Bruce Arians will screw up this Tampa Bay offense and cost them any real chance of making noise in the playoffs. The hallmark of a great coach is making the most of the talent on your roster. It seems Arians continues to try and force Brady into the deep ball passer he's simply not. I know there's talk about who calls the plays but I think that's noise and deflection.

Meanwhile, Bill Belichick and Sean Payton are schooling the league on how a great coach operates. Sean Payton is 7-0 without Drew Brees. It's ironic that the (inaccurate in my opinion) knock on Brady's been he's a "system QB" and his undoing may well be a "System Coach" unable to adjust to the talent on the roster.

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson explains why your kicker missed...

First, Justin Jefferson is ridiculous.

Second, I think Marlon Humphrey may be right.

Third, Mike has a point.

On that note, hats off to Kendall Hinton. Last Friday, he was a backup WR on the Denver practice squad. Sunday he was the starting QB for the Broncos against one of the best teams in the NFL. Sure, Hinton went 1-for-9 with two interceptions. But he hung in there and competed. Well done.

And remember this the next time your buddy starts talking about how he could do just about anything you see a professional athlete doing on TV. Hinton is likely the best athlete you personally know. And he didn't have a chance at this level with no practice. Professional athletes are just different.

Chad Ochocinco posted this workout video and tagged Seattle WR DK Metcalf.

Metcalf responded with:

I know Metcalf is everyone's darling these days, but do a little more before ragging an All-Timer like Ochocinco.

Houston won twice in 10 weeks. Now they've won twice in 4 days.

2020, Man.

We had TE/QB drama with Taysom Hill available as a TE in some platforms a couple of weeks ago.

Logan Thomas kept the conversation rolling...

Sweet moment before the Dallas game with the Cowboys honoring their coach, Markus Paul who died the day before.

If you, like me, have a tough time watching Alex Smith play, I bet you'll enjoy this excellent article from the Ringer. Alex Smith Is the NFL’s Most Terrifying Miracle.

From the article:

"When Smith entered the game against the Rams, the broadcast cut to (his wife) Elizabeth crying in the stands. She told The Washington Post she felt like she “was going to vomit.” Every time he completes a pass, I want him to smile, wave to the crowd, and walk off the field forever. I want him to think that the incredible thing he has accomplished is enough. But that’s not how football miracles work. Instead Smith will keep filling us with wonder and terror, inspiration and dread."

Music Note of the Week is another band I'm in love with. Dark Green Water is a sweet track from Great Grandpa's album "Four Of Arrows". In my opinion, we've never had a time in history with this much great new music. Breaking down the barriers for recording and distributing has been incredible. It's also made it super tough for bands to make money so if you love stuff, please do what you can to support them.

Fun fact. I'm normally pretty neutral on fantasy team names with puns. Some are fun. Lots are weak. But my all-time favorite team in this category was my 2016 team in my home league, "He Don't Make The Law, He Justin Forsett". Still love that. So I've got a soft spot in my heart for him.

He was back on my radar this week winning the internet with this.

Hat tip to Derrick Smith.

This Washington team is as fun as I remember them in a long while. Any club that goes for the Fumblerooski is all good in my book.

Terry McLaurin with the hustle.

This hits a little too close to home...

So does this.

This was rad. Sarah Fuller became the first woman to play in a Power 5 College Football game.

I think it's rad as I'm about stretching and breaking through and doing new stuff. I'm also a huge believer in bottom-line production. Fuller and anyone after her will succeed or fail based on their performance. This is a results-driven business. If you can deliver, you stay. If you can't, you don't.

George Clooney just became my favorite actor.

I so hope this is real.

Jerry Jeudy prepping for last Sunday's game...


Hat tip to Keith Overton.

We knew going in this would be the most challenging season in maybe forever. Some teams have handled it better than others...

Compared to...

And again, this isn't a criticism of Hinton. He was thrust into a nearly impossible situation and battled like a champ. This is about the teams.

Hat tip to Clayton Gray.


My favorite parts of the games are the little things. I'm guessing if you're reading this, you might feel the same. Ricardo Allen's shimmy was what I needed today.

Some officials are so nice...

I know it's hard sometimes but I tell my kids - Always try to leave a job where you can be welcomed back.

I think I'm buying what Conor is cooking. And I'm with Colin Cowherd on this too as Joe Judge has the 2020 Giants feeling like the 2019 Dolphins. Well coached with the team buying in and improvement each week. Things could get rocky with the Daniel Jones injury but I like how this is going.

Lesson learned...

Tyreek Hill channeled Shannon Sharpe Sunday.

Deebo Samuels is a problem.

Rivalries matter.

Concentration is underrated.

Hat tip to Jared Shane.

If you know me, you know I'm all about Justin Herbert. He's good. But he's not this good.

Wrapping with one of my favorite sports stories. And one I tell here often.

History lesson time. Heading into the last day, a doubleheader, of the 1941 baseball season, 23-year-old Ted Williams' batting average was .39955. He could have sat out the meaningless last two games of the last day and his average would have rounded to the hallowed .400 mark.

From the sabr.org article: "In his autobiography, My Turn At Bat, Williams recalls Joe Cronin telling him, 'You don’t have to be put in if you don’t want to. You’re officially .400.' Ted reports his reaction: 'Well, God, that hit me like a ***damn lightning bolt! What do you mean I don’t have to play today?'"

But you probably know the story. Williams put his .400 mark at risk and played. Both games. And went 6 for 8 finishing the year at .406.

That's badass.

How that applies to you and me is simple. I feel pretty safe in saying we're not going to hit .400 in the majors. But we all get to walk to the plate every day and take some swings. Take yours.

Thanks to Footballguys Keith Overton, Clayton Gray, David Dodds, Derrick Smith, and Jared Shane for the help on this one. If you've got a Random Shot of your own, send me an e-mail at bryant@footballguys.com.

Thanks for playing along and I hope you make the most of whatever you're doing in your life. Love your neighbor and stick together.

Peace and Grace to you.


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