Normalized SOS: Divisional Round

Teams' offensive and defensive stats normalized based on past and future strength of schedule.

Click on the blue text labels below to mix and match the time frames and data types. Click the table headers to sort by column. High numbers are green. Low numbers are blue. Green is good for offenses but bad for defenses. Normalized data helps identify favorable matchups to research further and potentially exploit.

Fellow Footballguy, Phil Alexander, wrote an article on how to use Normalized SOS as part of your weekly research and created this helpful video tutorial before Week 7 of 2016.

Data Type Descriptions

Raw Averages: Raw per-game stats for each team.

Production Percentages: Average percentages that teams have produced/allowed compared to other teams facing the same opponents.

Strength of Schedule: Average percentages that teams' opponents have allowed/produced compared to other teams facing the same opponents.

Normalized: Past time frames are normalized against past SOS. Future time frames are normalized against both past and future SOS.

Difference: Normalized stats minus raw stats.

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