The New Reality No.156: Final Roster Spot Management

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of dynasty fantasy football

Final roster spots are the most liquid commodity for dynasty teams. The tide of the weekly churn for those spots due to the waiver wire points to a transient nature. Unlike future rookie picks, which has no limit on the number a team can collect, roster spots are finite. Each week of the regular season and periodically with waiver runs in the offseason these roster spot players will be tested to warrant their spot. With trade deadlines beginning in most leagues starting this week, or the next week or two at a minimum, points to picking a team direction with trades. But final roster spots are pivotal to align with team direction in the closing weeks of the dynasty season as well.

Contending Teams

Insulation and Upside.

These are the tenets for contending teams to maximize their final roster spots. Especially once the trade deadline has passed, the trade value of those final players is not as important. Plenty will change before trading opens up in the offseason and protecting and insulating your contending roster and lineup is paramount.

Truly strong teams I refer to the principle of double lineups. Essentially, you want to get to the point of having a decent lineup on your bench most weeks. If the lineup is 1-2-3-1 with a flex at the skill positions, for example, there would still be a mirror of that which can compete with plenty of teams in the league, on your bench after setting your lineup. This insulates your team, especially in-season and in the closing weeks, from 1-2-3 injuries which could derail non-insulated playoff teams at a critical moment.

The other tenet is upside. The What if? of one thing occurring (typically an injury) on the player's depth chart and your stash player surging to prominence. You want a shot-in-the-arm type appeal from your bench-stash spots to both aid your own team pushing for a title but also play keep away as this type of player on the waiver wire means they could be picked up by your competition in the playoff push or the postseason itself.

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