Mastering the Auction, Part 7: Inflection Points

Learning the various inflection points in an auction draft

Note: This series is designed to take auction drafters of any ability and refine their auction skills to those of a seasoned auction veteran. The articles will go from very simple concepts all the way to the most advanced auction theories. Each article is designed to build on the previous articles in the series. For best results read each article before proceeding to the concepts in the next article. For a breakdown of auction mechanics and strategies see Footballguy Jeff Pasquino’s excellent 8-part Auction Primer Series.

Other sections of this series:

By now if you’ve made it this far you’ve read Pasquino’s series and this series, and you’ve been inundated by over 20,000 words on how to craft your auction draft skills. What all of it is leading to is an ability to isolate certain points in the draft when your individual skills come together to allow you to capitalize on opportunities that can make or break your draft, and your season. Those moments are called inflection points. They are best defined as moments when the draft shifts to a different course for any variety of reasons. When those points hit it signals a need for you to shift your approach as well. If you miss them, and you’re falling behind the curve, it will lead to some big mistakes.

Inflection points occur multiple times per auction and can last different lengths of time. In fact, each point can and will last different lengths of time for each auction that you do. When you know you have reached each of these points during the draft you can then bring the rest of your skills to bear while pouncing on the opportunities presented.

Of course, there are many miniature points along the way that still will merit your attention, but in general, these are the major points you’ll see that portend a shift in the draft. If you are constantly behind when those shifts occur then you will not be successful. So bring every skill with you to these moments and take advantage. Here are the 6 major inflection points of every auction draft.

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