Lineup Dominator Classic

The Classic version to determining roster starters and strength.

Lineup Dominator Classic for Windows


Note: To get the latest projections data (as of 12/15), click File -> Get New Data

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If you have a Draft Dominator file... open it with File-Open and browse to your C:\Program Files\DraftDominator subdirectory. You can also copy all of your League Files (*.ddf) from the C:\Program Files\DraftDominator subdirectory to the C:\Program Files\LineupDominator subdiretory.

The Lineup Dominator starts with a default league called MyLeague. To customize it to your league, click File-Setup and enter your league variables, team names, schedule, scoring system, pick order.

After setting up your league, be sure to save it. Click File Save As... and give it a new name that corresponds to your league.

Use the mouse Right Click to add players to teams.

The LD and TD are native Windows programs. You can run them on a Mac, but it requires virtualization software like VMWare Fusion or Parallels and a copy of a Windows Operating System.

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