Least-Favorite Player to Draft in Round 4

The Footballguys staff lists the player they least-like drafting in the fourth round

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We got together with the Footballguys staff members and asked a simple question: Which player -- generally taken in the third round -- do you least-like having on your team?

Here are their answers.

Jordan McNamara

My least favorite right now is Chris Carson. We do not have enough information on his hip to be comfortable drafting him ahead of Devin Singletary or David Johnson for example. If we learn Carson is on schedule prior to the season, I will feel more comfortable.

Jeff Pasquino

I would be skipping over tight end in this round, as Baltimore's passing game is improving and Mark Andrews seems very overpriced. Zach Ertz is a stronger option, but Dallas Goedert and the rest of the receivers in Philly (who were all sidelined early last year) will eat into Ertz's numbers. I'd have to say that Andrews is my least favorite pick for both risk/reward and value in Round 4. If I am spending a Top 40-45 pick on a tight end, it better be Kittle or Kelce.

Jeff Haseley

It's just too early to pull the trigger on Singletary in the fourth round, not with David Johnson or Jonathan Taylor still on the board. Singletary could develop into a more productive back in 2020, but he also could take a step back due to the presence of Zack Moss in the Bills plans. The uncertainty there is enough for me to look elsewhere, especially in the fourth round.

Jason Wood

I'm with Pasquino and Haseley in that my least favorites are Mark Andrews and Devin Singletary. Andrews was a crucial part of multiple championship teams for me last year, but that's because he delivered TE1 value at a late-round price. This year, he's going after Kelce and Kittle, but before Ertz. That's ridiculous. If you're not going to grab one of the two elite tight ends, you can wait. And if you feel compelled to take a tight end in this range, Ertz is the better play regardless. As to Singletary, he's talented and will have a role, but his size and durability are still a concern. Plus, the Bills gave a ton of red zone touches and goal-line carries to the other running backs last year, and that role will be beautifully filled by rookie Zack Moss.

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