Pairing Late Round Quarterbacks for Maximum Production

The best strategy for how to pair two late round quarterbacks in a draft 

Waiting as long as possible to draft a quarterback has become en vogue in fantasy football. The trend is not without merit. There is ample evidence that the edge between a highly drafted quarterback and one drafted in the late rounds is a small enough difference that taking a quarterback early is almost never worth it. Even in superflex leagues, it is still a smart tactic to piece together two later round quarterbacks to go with one drafted a little earlier. There is still immense value to be mined later in the draft – superflex or not.

The main issue with this strategy, however, is that it is easier said than done. What late-round quarterback drafters don’t think about in August that they’ll very much care about in November is that if they are *wrong* on their late-round quarterback shot then they could have a guy who settles in as QB15 and fails to provide starter quality points. There is a way to mitigate the risk that the evaluation of the position is wrong, or just doesn’t meet expectations (usually due to injuries). The way to do that is to pair up two late-round quarterbacks that have complementary qualities.

A quarterback pairing is complementary when they can marry different strengths or qualities. This comes in the form of:

  • Schedules that project to match up strength-wise
  • Combining stability with upside
  • Combining two players with elite potential coming off injury-riddled or statistical outlier seasons

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