Is Clyde Edwards-Helaire Worth a 1st-Round Pick?

A deep discussion at the whether Edwards-Helaire should be taken in the first

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Clyde Edwards-Helaire is an ADP rocketship! Prior to the opt-out from Damien Williams, Edwards-Helaire was generally taken around Pick 27 or so. And some in the fantasy community thought that was a bit early. Since Williams' July 29 opt-out, Edwards-Helaire's draft stock has soared!

Now, he's often off the board in the first round.

ESPN's Matthew Berry says it's "100%" that Edwards-Helaire will be off the board in the first round.

In a recent Pros vs. Joes draft, Edwards-Helaire was the 1.01 selection. That's first overall.

A rocket ship!

To be completely informed, let's look at the Pros vs. Joes format:
  • The scoring system is the same one used in the Footballguys Players Championship
  • This is a best-ball league with no waiver wire, so this is each player's team for the entire season
  • There is no trading, so if Team 1 really wanted Edwards-Helaire, they HAD to take him at 1.01

So, is Clyde Edwards-Helaire worth a first-round pick? If so, where in the first round? If not, when?

So yes, the official Footballguys word is we say Edwards-Helaire is a first-round pick in most formats.

But we also have lots of Footballguys Staffers with strong opinions. We asked them what they thought about this and here's what they said.

The Short Answer

  • 8 staffers said Yes
  • 7 staffers said No

The Long Answer

Grab a cup of coffee.

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