The FPC and the Waiver Wire

The Footballguys Players Championship Analysis - Looking at the Waiver Wire

By studying the rules of both the FFPC and the FPC along with some of the history and previous performances by FPC players, insights can be found that will help many players to not only compete well in both contests but also to be in a position to win their league and be in the running for a top prize in the championship round.

As the summer rolls on, I will continue analyzing many aspects of the Footballguys Players Championship and the Fantasy Football Players Championship. Through these articles, I hope to provide extra help with fully understanding how to best build a top-notch fantasy team within the contest. As someone who has competed against the best players in the world and in several contests much like the FPC and the FFPC, I fully understand how every possible advantage and extra edge can make all the difference in the world.


Under the microscope this time around is the special Waiver Wire / Free Agent Rules for additional player pickups after the draft. According to the rules of the Footballguys Players Championship, the rules for Free Agents are implemented as follows:

Blind Bid Waiver Wire, with Conditional Bidding Groups – The free agent blind bidding process is the only means by which free agents may be acquired in the FPC. There are no other ways to acquire free agents like ‘worst-to-first’ and ‘first-come-first-served’ or any other waiver methods other than blind bidding as described here and in the official rules. Each team will be given $1000 blind bidding “dollars” (not real money, just bidding dollars) to be used for the entire season. There are two (2) weekly free agencies on Wednesday & Friday, cut off at 10:00 pm Eastern. NFL players whose teams played on Thursday may be dropped from FFPC rosters on Friday as long as they were not in that team’s Thursday’s starting lineup. IMPORTANT: once these bidding dollars are used up, you will no longer have the ability to pick up free agents. Bids will remain hidden from the rest of the league until after all the winning bids have been awarded. Free-agent players will be awarded to the team with the highest bid for that free agent, and the winning bid amount will be deducted from that team’s free-agent dollars. Besides the winning bid, all other bids for that free agent are considered losing bids and are canceled. At this point, the highest remaining bid by any team for any remaining free agent will be considered.

The team with this winning bid will be awarded the free agent and all losing bids for that free agent will be canceled. This process will continue until every remaining bid has been considered. The FPC has extended the free agent time period (for playoff teams) beyond the 11-week regular season into weeks 12 and 13. All teams NOT qualifying into the League Playoffs will have their rosters locked at the end of Week 11 and will no longer have the ability to make free agent moves. There are no free agent moves for any teams in Weeks 14-16.

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