The FPC and the Tight End PPR Bonus Rule

The Footballguys Players Championship analysis: looking at the tight end PPR bonus scoring rule

By studying the rules of both the FFPC and the FPC along with some of the history and previous performances by FPC players, insights can be found that will help many players to not only compete well in both contests but also to be in a position to win their league and be in the running for a top prize in the championship round.

As the summer rolls on, I will continue analyzing many aspects of the Footballguys Players Championship and the Fantasy Football Players Championship. Through these articles, I hope to provide extra help with fully understanding how to best build a top-notch fantasy team within the contest. As someone who has competed against the best players in the world and in several contests much like the FPC and the FFPC, I fully understand how every possible advantage and extra edge can make all the difference in the world.


Under the microscope this time around is the special PPR rule for tight ends. According to the rules of the Footballguys Players Championship, the tight end PPR rule is as follows:


  • The scoring system gives 1 point per reception for running backs and wide receivers but also gives 1.5 points per reception for tight ends, putting extra weight to the tight end position.

So how do you analyze the impact of this 50% bonus for PPR rule for tight ends? Is it of huge importance or not? We need to dig into some numbers.

Let's start by taking a look at how many tight ends really rack up a big total of catches each season. Looking back at the past 11 years, the following table breaks down the tight ends by the number of players with 40 or more catches, tiering them all the way to 80 or more receptions. The results are shown below in Table 1:

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