The Gut Check No.516: Rams, Steelers, and Lions RB Roulette

Matt Waldman flips on his virtual projector and tells you the differences between the film and the fantasy with a trio of running back depth charts. 

The Steelers, Rams, and Lions are the epicenter of a fantasy maelstrom for running backs that the herd of suburban, square-haired, golf-shirt wearing, low-key gambling addicts otherwise making up a significant portion of fantasy players and analysts don't want to come anywhere near. Understandable.

For the rest of us plebians who (need to or like to) get our hands dirty, grinding through these backfields gives us knowledge that the golf shirts find inconvenient from their odds calculations. It gets in the way of their planned excursion to Hilton Head where they'll get another family portrait cast in all-white attire.

Isn't that a precious uniform? Jay Gatsby would be proud.

Based on the film, there are three clear fantasy winners from these backfields for at least the next 2-3 weeks and one that I would take the risk to consider long-term bets for the rest of the season. I'll show you why.

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