The Gut Check No.504: O.J. Howard Is Your End-Game Masterpiece

Matt Waldman profiles Buccaneers tight end O.J. Howard and explains why the Bucs tight end who is undrafted in most leagues is your end-game masterpiece. 

Be it work, love, or deciding to quit eyeballing that autographed Barry Sanders jersey in the display window fives seconds before a grand piano that slips its poorly-tied knots 15 floors up crashes onto the very spot of the sidewalk at the front fo the store, we all get lucky.

This is especially true with fantasy sports.

Like that grand piano heeding the inexorable laws of gravity, luck can carry a ton of weight towards a final outcome. It doesn't mean we rely on it.

It also doesn't mean we should mistake skill for luck. Many fantasy players do when it comes to the final selections and waiver-wire choices of drafts.

These players should be calculated choices based on talent, potential playing-time, and upside. It's difficult for many fantasy players to get a bead on a player's talent. Add this elusive skill to the fact that late-round picks often lack clear-cut opportunities, and it's why many fantasy players attribute successful late-round options as outcomes completely based on luck.

It's the excuse that fantasy players have to avoid cultivating a good end-game with their drafts.

Most re-draft leagues have 20 rounds. Today won't be a discussion about the strategy to take with the final five picks of your draft but a look at Buccaneers tight end O.J. Howard, one player who should be a part of your end-game for your draft plan—and the multiple plans where he's an excellent fit.

This must-have player hasn't been drafted in most leagues. We'll explore why, why it's an error, and how to capitalize.

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