Roundtable Week 6

The Footballguys Roundtable panel discusses Andy Dalton's impact on the Cowboys offense, the trick-down effect of specific injured personnel, receivers our staff is buying-selling, and players they'd prefer for a fantasy stretch-run. 

Welcome to Week 6 of the 2020 Footballguys' Roundtable. Our intrepid and oddball panel of fantasy pundits discuss and debate players who could crash the starter tier of fantasy rankings in the coming weeks, advice on injury-ridden depth charts, the sustainability of certain breakout performers from Week 4, and the continued debate on Clyde Edwards-Helaire's fantasy value.

Let's roll...

Andy Dalton's First Start in Dallas

Matt Waldman: Dak Prescott is hurt, Andy Dalton is the next man up.

  • Does this change the target distribution of the receiving corps? If so, who are you favoring and/or is there a loser from this injury?
  • Does Prescott's injury change the run/pass balance that the team has been using?
  • Where do you rank Dalton as a fantasy QB for the ROS? How much do you bid on him in 1 QB leagues? What about Super-Flex formats?

Andy Hicks: It is hard to base anything on the 11 pass attempts Andy Dalton threw against the Giants. Three each to Michael Gallup, CeeDee Lamb, and Amari Cooper and two to Tony Pollard. Doesn’t look good for Dalton Schultz. Seriously though, Dalton has a good arm and the lack of cohesion on the Dallas defense will see that all receivers will continue to get their share of targets. Any favoring of targets doesn’t change from my preseason impressions and I really do not see a loser here.

Despite the reputation of Dak Prescott being a running threat, he averages well under 20 yards a game. It’s running the ball into the endzone where he excels. Dalton isn’t bad at this himself averaging almost three rushing touchdowns a year. On the whole the run/pass balance won’t change much unless the Cowboys can establish leads. Dalton complements Prescott surprisingly well.

I rate Dalton very highly, a definite starting option. Unlike the mess in San Francisco, Dalton will be the starter for the rest of the year and by virtue of the situation will score heavily......if he can limit the turnovers. In one QB leagues it is worth throwing a good portion of your pot on grabbing Dalton, if your starting situation is weak. In Super-Flex, he is not all or nothing, but I would place a premium on his services. I doubt there was a backup quarterback in a better situation heading into the season and the worst has happened.

My only concern with Dalton is that he won’t be able to keep drives alive with legs and is likely to turn the ball over more frequently than Prescott. In reality Dalton wanting to be in Dallas is a blessing for the team. There are very few backups with his quality and while the offense won’t be as good as if Prescott were under center, the drop won’t be as bad as most franchises losing their star.

Daniel Simpkins: I am not sure it changes the target distribution, but I am certain that Andy Dalton’s limitations in terms of athleticism, arm talent, and off-platform throwing will lead to a passing offense that’s less explosive than the one Prescott managed.

It should cause the team to turn more to Zeke Elliott in the running game, but that assumes rational coaching. Mike McCarthy has not always proven to be rational with his usage of players.

I see Dalton as a top-twenty option on most weeks. I said in Waivers of the Future that Dalton is likely the best dynasty waiver wire quarterback you’ll have access to this year. That speaks more to the truth that it’s hard to find starting quarterbacks in dynasty formats than to a ringing endorsement for Dalton.

In superflex, I think you spend up to 75% of your budget on Dalton if you need quarterback help. Like in dynasty, quarterbacks are hard to come by in these leagues. Andy had a good point about the fact that Dalton will be the starter for better or for worse. You won’t have to worry about him getting yanked as you do in a lot of other quarterback situations across the league.

In redraft formats, I’m a little more tepid on his outlook and what you need to spend to acquire him. I’m seeing better or equal options still on the waiver wire, such as Teddy Bridgewater and Justin Herbert in my more causal redraft leagues. In a redraft league where you’ve lost Dak and don’t have a good backup option available; you should be willing to drop up to 20% of your budget to secure Dalton, but you should exhaust trade possibilities first.

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