Dynasty Trade Value Chart: December

Quantifying Player Values for Dynasty Leagues

As we enter December, the trade deadline has already passed in many leagues. In others, there is still time for some last-minute deals to bolster playoff rosters or for non-contenders to further stock up for rookie drafts next spring. For the many leagues with Week 13 trade deadlines, we get a small reprieve with no Thursday Night Football, which extends the window to make trades for three more days.

Short-term player value (the remainder of the 2020 season) is going to be heavily dependent upon each team. The biggest factor in determining how much value a player brings your roster for the stretch run is whether your team is going to make the playoffs and how big your need is at the position. If you think you have a chance to win it all and have a glaring need, it is okay to overpay a little bit.

That being said, the dynasty trade values listed in this article include only player values for 2021 and beyond because those will apply for all dynasty teams, playoffs and otherwise. Plus, the window for trades is either already closed or will be closing shortly for everyone, so most of December the values that matter are what players are going to be worth once trades are allowed after the season. If you are making a trade with the 2020 fantasy playoffs in mind, manually adjust to take into account how much that player will help you in the final few weeks of the season.

In this month’s Dynasty Trade Value Chart, we will detail:

1. Some early predictions on how 2021 offseason player values will shake out.

2. A look at some situations where what we see in the final month of the season is going to have an especially big impact on dynasty values and what to watch for.

3. A way too early 2021 rookie mock draft to start putting some possible names next to picks to provide more context on value if you are considering any last-minute trades involving picks.

The dynasty trade value chart is tailored to 12-team PPR leagues a starting lineup of one quarterback, two running backs, three wide receivers, one tight end, and one flex. It now also includes trade values for Superflex leagues in a separate column. The chart is meant to serve primarily as a guide for trades but can also be a great resource during startup drafts. If the players and picks on each side of the trade offer add up to approximately the same number, the trade would be considered even. If you receive a trade offer that sends you players with a higher total number value than the players you are giving up, the offer is worth strongly considering. Each league is different, so pay close attention to the scoring and starting roster requirements specific to your league.

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